true queen of bollywood

  • November 2, 1965

Happy 49th Birthday to the true Indian lover of Bollywood & The King

Aishwarya is the queen & you the King! You are the epitome of the charm and charisma, you are my first crush, my first love with India, one that makes me dream, even fantasize. You are the uncontested king of Bollywood! Thank you for everything Mr. Khan, thank you. Nobody can dethrone you in my heart and at Bollywood. You were the first, you are the first and you will always be. Happy Birthday my Baadshah, love you. 

               SHAHRUKH “KING” KHAN

Interviewer: There are more and more films that have women as the main character, like Queen, Kahani …

Aishwarya:  Well, you know, I think it is time that the films are seen as films. I wish we did not have to define … you know what I mean? We are forced to do this because of marginalization or preconceived ideas, these little quiet revolutions or rebellions that people keep talking … but I look forward to the day when we no longer have to speak of  " subject feminine “ as a genre. This should just be the film, a film that must be seen. For example, Queen was a movie itself enjoyed by everyone, not just women. Kangana has received praise for his performance, and the director, who is a man, was applauded for the film he did and that’s all, that’s how it should be!