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Is there any way to know what type of coat a golden retriever puppy will have full grown? I'm not a fan of the curly coats but love the straighter feathery coats. Can you tell from their puppy coat what it will look like when they are full grown?

Lots of dog breeds are bred in two different lines: show lines & working lines. When it comes to Golden Retrievers, your show line is going to give you a fluffier, lighter colored, and bigger boned dog. These are supposed to be the calmer, easy to train Goldens.

A field type Golden is going to have a smaller frame, be darker colored, have a smoother coat, be more energetic, and are generally healthier. 

Now this isn’t guaranteed. Some field bred Goldens can still produce fluffy, light coated puppers - but those are the generic differences. When it comes to looking at your puppy, the same characteristics hold true. A show Golden puppy with be fluffy and chunky, while a field type puppy with be slimmer and smoother.

There are also American, British, & Canadian style Goldens! 

Never adopt any puppy from a backyard breeder or pet store (unless they are a rescue). Reputable breeders typically do not have to advertise their puppies on flyers. You can also find quite a few Golden Retrievers on There, you can already tell what kind of coat they have!


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