true professional series

mieochan  asked:

How do you do this? I try to fan fic but it is horrible and your just great .... What's your secret ?

My secret? Well, mieochan, it goes a little like this:

Step 1: Procrastinate. Go shopping. Watch some Scandal. Maybe go to the gym. Clean your room. Do everything you have ever been putting off doing instead of writing. Trust me on this. Its an integral part of the process.

Step 2: Eat a snack. In particular, ice cream.

Step 3: Try and think of good ideas.

Step 3 Continued: If head banging doesn’t work, maybe acting like a velociraptor will. Try it and see.

Step 4: Got ideas? Great! Sit down with said ideas. Write them down. Get a few paragraphs in and then…

Rinse and repeat.

But don’t tell anyone. Remember, it’s a secret.