true noon

I know. Everybody knows you lead an abnormal sex life. It seemed to me that more than anything else you were very unhappy. I’m very stupid and I laugh a lot. There’s nothing but dumb ideas inside my head, but since I met you and I heard people talking about your habits, I’ve been thinking that people who have loathsome habits, like you - it’s probably because they’re in pain.
—  Georges Bataille. Blue of Noon.
Ireland Gothic

A tourist begins to speak to you about the magic of fairies. You nod along but hope they do not speak ill of the little folk. People who scorn the fairies never last long.

Your mate offers to buy you another drink. You already have another drink. You all do. Where did they come from?

“Don’t forget to bring a coat with you in case it rains,” your mammy tells you. It doesn’t matter. They always disappear when the rain arrives.

It’s a scorching day and you are drawn outdoors. Suddenly the smell of slurrey hits you. The farmers are sending a warning.

A visitor is in your house. You offer them tea. You don’t know why.

You finish a phone call and the words are dragged out of you “Bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye.” It’s an ancient chant. Hopefully it will be enough.

The briars snatch at you as you walk down the path. You don’t know if they are trying to pull you into the undergrowth to devour you or to save you from whatever lies at the end of the path. You don’t want to know. You begin to run, sending up dirt and stones behind you.

You are told that an animal was sent to “the farm.” You know nothing escapes from there.

You can hear the noises outside your window as you try to sleep. The screams of animals fade to the background know. They’re accompanied by the rain on the roof. Or is it rain?

Old houses stand empty in the fields, their mossed stones weatherbeaten, the tatch a distant memory. They have stood empty for years. Everybody sees the faces where the windows used to be. Nobody mentions them.

You speak in Irish to your friend from down the country. They speak back to you. Neither of you understands the other. They’ve been trying to seperate the people for as long as you can remember. Only the native speakers know who they are.

You are sent to the Gaeltacht to learn the language. Nobody mentions those summers again. You wonder if they happened. What did they teach you there?

You can hear a kettle boiling in the kitchen. Did you put it on? You thought you were alone.

They were talking about “yer man” but never specified who exactly they were talking about. All you know is that yer man is next.

When somebody asks where you come from you automatically say near the closest big town. Noone must know your true origins. Noone must speak of the town. Those with loose lips never return.

Myth says the sky is blue, but when you look out your window you only see an expanse of white. You can’t remember seeing anything else.

You find the immersion left on. You don’t know how long it has been on for. Everytime you turn it off the light comes back on. You know that their wrath is coming.

The Leaving Certs apply to the CAO. They tell you it’s the Central Admissions Office. They don’t tell you where you’re being admitted to.

Exam season comes around. The salt in the tears of students keeps the country afloat. You look in at the schools and thank them for their sacrifice. What’s a couple of students?

You’ve been warned about the bogs. We’ve all been warned about the bogs. Their hungry, damp holes waiting to swallow us and take revenge for the stealing of the peat. We find the occasional mummified corpse. Bord na Mona will take care of it.

You are stuck behind a tractor. It turns into a field. Another tractor appears from a country sideroad. And another. And another. Each one replaces the last.

Time has a different meaning here. You never know if it’s actually five minutes or an Irish five minutes.

Somebody wishes the luck of the Irish on a person. They seem delighted. You know what the power of that curse really is.

“this point ain’t big enough for the two of us”

lmfao sure McCree.  There’s four people standing on the point, but yeah sure it can’t handle the two of us okay.

step off i’m not playing quick draw with you

that aside… i can’t believe this, the first serious paint job i do in literal years and I spend all this effort on Jesse “nerd cowboy” McCree

he’s not even my favourite overwatch character i should have put this effort into drawing Hanzo i’m so mad

also i worked way too hard on his face and gave up for the rest of it lmfao i hate painting

Character Trivia #4 :
*Shirota Mahiru*.

Birthday 7th July
Age : 15 (First Appearance)
16 (Current)
Height 5'5".
~favorite color is orange
~He was nicknamed MahiMahi by Kuro in the Drama CDs.

*White and Black* :
Mahiru’s name contains the Kanji for “true” (真), “noon” (昼), “castle”(城) and “rice field” (田).
“城,” can also be read the same as the Japanese word for “white,” which is meant to contrast Kuro’s name, meaning “black”

*Nice and kind*
~Mahiru is nice to everyone, since the beginning he was aiming to avoid any fights and get into a peaceful settlement. He has a down to earth personality, he even tries his best to save his enemies.

*Hardworking and serious *
~He likes taking matters into his hands and pushes himself to do everything like it’s his obligation. Once he tries to do something, he gives his all to make it work
He gives everyone a chance and tries to befriend them, however if anyone harms those he befriends he’s willing to take a serious stand.

Testsu refers to him as a big brother, with sakuya bonding over missing parents. Other friends are Ryuusei and Koyuki. Another one is misono, mahiru happened to be misono’s first ever friend.

*Unknown Father*
There was a mention of his mother passing away though mahiru’s father has not been mentioned yet.

*Simple is the best!*
He likes to keep things simple…from making cookies for school festival to his over optimistic beliefs regarding peace with tsubaki “Simple is the best!” ~Mahiru.

*Reaches out*
Kuro and mahiru didn’t get along in the starting however eventually they became closer and involved though they’d still mess with eachother while giving off an old couple’s aura. That is because mahiru reaches out to people, it was same with misono. Though he certainly sucks at doubting people but this doesn’t stop him from reaching out.

*Hotblooded and worrywart*
He has a hotblooded and serious personality and easily gets angry or stressed out. He doesn’t hide his emotions or feelings and prefers to say everything straight out like he did with Tsubaki, implying he’ll give tsubaki a name.

He can manage all the housework on his own which is why kuro even nicknamed him ‘housewife’. Moreover he is somewhat of a cleanliness freak. Sometimes kuro has to remind him to relax a little
He might even be a catlover since he picked up kuro and decided to keep him a pet even if out of his own reasons.

*Promising and Trust worthy*
With sakuya, he promises to stop tsubaki for the sake of keeping their friendship. His trust in others and himself is far too optimistic
With kuro, he promises to face kuro and be an eve worth for kuro to rely upon, he doesn’t backs away on kuro’s past. He even cried when kuro turned into a ball in apology

*You’re not alone!*
Even if a bit of hot tempered, naive and an idealist, he simply is too kind and stands for everyone. He is the one who’s keeping everyone together so far and he repeatedly assures many around himself ‘you’re not alone’

Seiyuu : Takuma Terashima (also did snake in black butler , Shima kaidou in super lovers, Harue Wataru in princess princess and so on)

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Family meeting. ♡ M&M

It was after the WrestleMania 33 and Maryse and Mike finally had some time to spend with the ones they cared about but haven’t seen for a long time. That was the life of a WWE superstar, you had to sacrifice a lot to do the job but since for most it wasn’t exactly a job, it was a dream come true, noone really minded. The two of them were just on the way to the house of Maryse’s parents. As exciting as it was, the drive wasn’t exactly a short one, so Maryse soon found herself in need of coffee. “Babes, could we stop at the nearest gas station? I’d get myself coffee and something for you to eat, bet you must be hungry by now.” She told him with her French accent.


anonymous asked:

do you think you could tell people to stop spreading rumours about taehyung's grandma? there is no source for the information, it's a rumour that came from people's speculations on facebook but people on twitter took it as a fact and now they're flooding bangtan's mentions on twitter with stuff about his grandma, when in reality it's not true and noone knows anything, the fan didn't come forward about what happened,i feel bad for tae if he sees this and has to wonder huh what happened to grandma

Everyone please don’t spread rumors about what happened at the fansign yesterday with taehyung. There were photos of him crying and he had to step out a bit. But no one really knows what happened.

Please, let’s respect their private lives. If there’s really something and taehyung wants to share it with us he will. Let’s not spread information that doesn’t have a definite source. Especially when it’s about their family.


October Skating Gif Challenge

9: Favourite Olympic Champion - Yuzuru Hanyu