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How would the Chocobros react to their shy and short beloved, S/O, being a Shiva-like fairy (as well as Shiva's baby sister)?

I got an order of frosty apostles coming right up!

  • Noctis wasn’t quite sure what Gentiana meant when she had once told him that he’d have a fragment of herself to always watch over him. Maybe if she said she was watching over him in spirit but… that’s not entirely what she meant.
  • It was only until much later that he figured it out; a friend, who only very recently went steady with him, had to disappear for just a short while- Only to return and appear out of nowhere, by Gentiana’s side. And only to appear just to freeze a whole squadron of MTs and daemons and without the use of having to toss out a bottle of elements like any of them had to he had to.
  • Noctis is a smart boy, it doesn’t exactly take him long (not even a whole 2 seconds) to realize what this means.
  • The gig is up and they show themselves for who they really are, and Noct has so many questions. Mostly of why they never seemed to be there to help when it counted most- like the incident surrounding Leviathan. “I can not interfere with the plans and wishes of the other Astrals.” Okay, fine. But what about the train then?
  • Maybe it’s a little unfair to be unloading all of those pent up feelings though, even if they do have a relation to the almighty Glacian and that happens to grant them power beyond most anything.
  • But above all else he’s mostly unsure about them just due to this newfound knowledge. Knowing that the Astral’s are tied to his family and his destiny; there is a difference of them being involved in his life and fate, and actually being involved with him. Surely they know what lies in store for him? But if that’s what they want then might as well let them enjoy he ride while it even lasts.

  • The time of darkness came to pass, and it didn’t take too long for Ignis to start getting back to feeling like he had his old life back- as least as far as fighting and cooking went. All that was mostly thanks to Cor and his love for trying to help him get back on that track.
  • But once he had gotten back and was trying to fight on his own again, that was when they started to disappear on him. Even though he was sure they were more than capable of taking care of themselves, this was a world filled with daemons. It was had to not worry. Especially since anymore he hardly got to see them- it seemed like they were out fighting almost 24/7. While that was noble of them… Ignis was ready to plead with them to sit back and take a moment to take care of themselves before they worn down and got themselves hurt- or worse.
  • In fact that’s what he had set out to do when he had Talcott drive him to the destination they were last in. It’ll be the first time in a couple of weeks that he even got to hear their voice in person…
  • Lo and behold, when he found them they were in the middle of a fight. Ronin, Arachne- that’s all the monsters he could hear. But as soon as he stepped up to aid them, throwing his daggers into the spine of Arachne, more trouble came to try and stamp on them. Just from listening he could hear it was a terrifyingly large hoard, and they were closing in around him. But then the air around him turned cold, the sounds of the monsters stilled and quieted, and all of the sudden all he could hear was shattering. What… just went on?
  • “My dear, would you mind filling me in on what exactly just happened? Spare me no exclusion of detail…”
  • First Leviathan was the plot-twist in his life and now… One of the pieces to Shiva? Did the Astrals have it in for him or what?
  • Ignis reserves his belief for a second until a cold palm touches him and icy breath blankets over his jaw and he can feel the shards of ice forming on him already. He pulls back away from their touch.
  • Ignis is skeptic about them now. For what business does an Astral have with him? Any business they have with a human, outside of the kings or the oracles, likely can’t bode well. And if they were here just because they wanted to be with him- what a silly notion; a lifelong relationship to him will seem like a brief summer fling in their life. They’ll outlive him for a good long time, so what were they coming to gain from something that will be so short lived?

  • Gladio thought there was something a little different about them. They always seemed to be up at all times of the day and they never seem to get exhausted. They had knowledge of times that had long since passed that was never in the history book that he knew and it was almost like they were a scholar. Extreme heat didn’t seem to bug them, come to think of it he never caught them really sweating, and holding their hand through the hot and humid streets of Lestallum they still felt relatively cool.
  • All of it he brushed off. Some people needed less rest. Maybe their body was really good at regulating it’s own temperature. And it’s not impossible for people to have read or heard a different (sometimes more correct) spin of history. The only part that started to make him think something was a little different was every now and then their eyes seem to flash another color.
  • What finally gave it away was after Gladio had went through Gilgamesh’s trial and emerged victorious. Wanting to test his newfound strength, they offered to spar with him. They had greatly underestimated him to begin with, so lord only knows how unprepared they were when Gladio hauled off after them and put all of his power into it.
  • Before they knew it they had to hold off his greatsword with their own hands. As soon as cold steel made contact everything in a short radius was covered in snow and ice- and through the cloud of frost that puffed out he could see the glowing of their eyes- they were an entirely different color again- and patches of their skin changed too.
    “The hell?”
    “Far better than I was expecting. O’ shield of the one true king, the true trial of your merit is nigh.”
  • Gladio certainly didn’t expect for them to have transformed on him like they had. But one thing was for sure, it actually explained a whole lot.
  • I don’t imagine Gladio gets himself too excited for it. He’ll prod them over their past, after all who wouldn’t be curious? But he doesn’t make too big of a deal. (Though he is proud of himself for getting a chance to be smashin’ what’s essentially a deity by Eos standards. Who else has that kind of bragging right?)

  • “I have a secret to show you.” They coo playfully into Prompto’s ear.
    Prompto loves secrets. He likes to poke his nose in where he can, like with how he tried to peek in Noct and Luna’s book or when he was trying to listen in on more of the scoop about the Nifs from Aranea. He often eaves dropped as well, both accidental and purposeful, and it was something he just couldn’t help but to do! Now that they have a secret for him? He was all too happy to let them lead him by the hand just to learn something juicy about them.
  • “Uhh, babe? Why are we outside?” For some odd reason they lead him outside, drawing him deeper into some woods and stopping by the lake. They gave no verbal answer, they only told him to “stay there, and watch” while they stepped closer to the body of water.
  • A polar wind started to blow and a sudden frost started twirling in the air. The clothes on their body had begun to disappear and suddenly their hair and skin started to turn into the colors of an iceberg.
    Were they? No- can’t be? But they are?
  • The lake had gone frozen, and they were standing on top of it’s ice. “Apostle of Shiva” they call themselves and beckoned him over why extended out their hand for him to take. He does- skin felt colder than the dead.
  • Prompto gets struck by wonder and awe first- who would have ever thought someone as cute and as meek a them would have been-
    “Oh. Em. Gee. I need to get a couple shots of this!” He says excitedly as he reaches for the camera. Prompto is a curious one; non-stop clicks of the camera, trying to capture every angle, and as he does so he’s full of nothing but questions. What’s it like? Have you ever shattered anything- a person? Do you cool your own glass before taking a drink? Let’s say if I licked your hand… would my tongue get stuck? What are the others like? What the Shiva herself?
  • But the sense of wonder eventually fades and a sense of unease rests in his belly. Being in the presence of someone who was god-like was awfully daunting, even more so than being around royalty- he feels lowly. And all of the sudden he feels so small.
  • Don’t get him wrong, it’s cool and all, but out of all the people in Eos, why did they choose him of all people? A lingering thought keeps coming back to haunt him of what if this was some kind of even the Gods of Eos were just wanting to use him as some kind of amusement.

Tegoshi Yaya draws: Kishi Yuta

Artist commentary: He’s a handsome guy. I wonder if he’s excited about his bangs? I tried to use the “sha-sha-sha” technique, I wonder if I succeeded. 85 points! The face is nice~ As expected, it’s the hands and legs that’s the problem. No matter what I do it ends up like this. (laugh)

Model’s commentary: Huh? For real? Why did Tegoshi-kun draw my portrait? First of all, I’m happy that Tegoshi-kun drew my portrait! 100% happy! But since he’s my senpai it’s that… To be honest, it’s not very good. (laugh) But the face is nice! (?) But the hair… is not there. (laugh) If I need to rate just the picture’s true merit? (immediate reply) 2 points! (laugh)

Wink Up 2015.07

Wow, Kishi got balls. I like this guy.

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hey, I have a question. so I have a political discourse blog and I'm scared of becoming a radical on either side (I'm a centrist, mostly because I'm undecided on a lot of things) do you have any tips on staying in the middle? I don't want to have a me vs them mentality, if that makes sense. (I'm also worried I'm already too radical, but after seeing fash-metal, I'm not even 1% there.)

Okay, here’s a list of rules that I do my best to stick to. Maybe they might be some help for you, too – although I’m sure that I’ll have forgotten some important ones, so please don’t take this as an exhaustive list by any means.

  • Stop and think about what you’re saying, what you believe and why you say and believe those things and do it regularly.
  • When you see a group’s name, if it’s a label that they can’t help, if you catch yourself automatically feeling anger, disgust or revulsion, then you need to step back and remind yourself that they’re people.
  • The reverse is true, too. If you see something that paints another group in a negative light and your gut reaction is to want to defend them and prove others wrong, then check that. You’re not supposed to be about demonising/defending “just because,” you’re supposed to be sticking to nothing but fairness.
  • Individuals, no matter their labels, are innocent until proven guilty.
  • When you see something that you think could be offensive, think about why it’s offensive and how it would actually affect someone. Try to avoid things like, “I’m offended on behalf of X-group” and think about how actions/behaviours/words could actually hurt real individuals and keep it on that very simple level, because generalisations about offence tend to mean that you’re more open to vast swathes of things being offensive when they’re really not.
  • If you see what could be a tasteless joke on either side, remember the full context. If it’s wrapped in actual hatred, then criticise. If it’s someone just being dumb or overly edgy, it doesn’t matter.
  • Double-standards never work. If you see something that you think is acceptable one way, but unacceptable the other way, then you have a problem. Hypocrisy needs to be avoided at all costs.
  • If you see something that’s sourced from a website you’re not sure about, or if it’s heavily-biased, take the time to Google the story from other angles.
  • News has broken about something that makes you furious, but there’s not much information? Wait until the full facts come out before you rush to judgement.
  • Take the time to read and do your best to understand the opposite side’s point of view. 
  • Remember that, for the most part, even bigoted people have an underlying point that could be true or have some merit, even if they’ve blown it out of all proportion to whatever political end to spread hate. You don’t have to agree with the bigotry to understand that there are layers to information and arguments.
  • If there’s a situation that really tests your principles, then that’s the most important time for you to stick to those principles, no matter how difficult it is.
  • If you have accusations or want to show people something that’s going on, always have examples, proof and context to give so that others can make their own minds up freely and you can show that you’re happy to be transparent.
  • If you make a mistake, don’t hide it or dismiss it. Embrace it. You’re not perfect and nobody that matters will think that you’re perfect, either.
  • If you’ve done wrong, apologise and mean it. Apologies are important. Everyone makes mistakes, everyone has times where they behave badly or regret something that they’ve said or done. It’s not a character flaw to recognise mistakes and apologise for them, it’s a character strength.
  • If you criticise your enemy for something, but give your friend a pass when they do the same thing, you don’t care about fairness, you only care about feeling superior, and that is never good.
  • Never be afraid to say what you really believe, even if you think it’s “unpopular.” 
  • If you believe something, but someone else comes in and has evidence or reasonable arguments that could change your view, embrace it. It’s a good thing to be open-minded, and it makes you look weak if you refuse because you don’t like the idea of being swayed. That doesn’t mean that you should change your views on a dime, but it does mean that you should always be willing to revisit your thoughts.
  • Changing your opinions over time is fine. Having a reasonable discussion with someone else and not agreeing with them when you both have valid points is also fine. It totally depends on the situation.
  • At no point should you ever think that it’s okay to send abuse, threaten or doxx someone else, no matter how vile a person they are.
  • If you’re really not sure about something, then just leave it alone. 

But I think, basically, that you should be able to look at yourself in the mirror and be the person that you strive to be. Do your best to be a person that you’re proud of being. That’s all that I can really tell you.

reunion falls full script

so…. i think it’s about time to face the music that there is no way in Heck im ever going to be able to draw out all the stuff i have written for rfalls. i mean, there is boatloads of dialogue here. i dont even have the time right now to work on my own webcomic, let alone a fancomic. but i figure, hey, this silly little thing has a lot of fans, maybe they would appreciate seeing the drafts i had planned! and maybe they’d even like to take a crack at drawing some of it themselves!

and this isnt me giving up, either! i’d still really love to draw a ton of this. when i can find time, i’ll totally try! and i’m still going to finish sock opera and the backstory comic. but yknow. the people have been waiting long enough. so here’s a comprehensive list of all the notes and dialogue ive written so far, organized by “episodes”.

(it’s long. really freakin long)

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Donald Trump’s Fictional America
I grew up surrounded by Chávez’s alternate reality. Now I’m watching one consume the United States.

(We) assume that the scientific understanding of the world is somehow the natural route—the obvious one, the longstanding one—when in fact, blind faith was until very recently the unvarying constant of civilization. For most of our human history, we lived to survive, and when faced by doubt we were not embarrassed by beliefs that required no verification. But now, late in the age of Google, we are led to believe that that which cannot be verified is somehow immediately worthless. As if we really live in the complex world of facts, and not the more human world of belief.

Indeed, these essays completely ignore the true merit of post-truthism: Its narrative coherence—an easy consistency that the behemoth of data spouted at us by the mainstream media frustratingly lacks. It is precisely this coherence, this simplicity in a world of complexity, that makes fiction in the eyes of many worthier than reality.

As former President Barack Obama said in a recent New Yorker interview, “The new media ecosystem ‘means everything is true and nothing is true.’” Consider wealth inequality. Depending on where you read about it, and often simultaneously from the same source, you will discover that the Gini coefficient has been steadily rising across the developed world, though specially in America, because of—what? Robots? Trade with China? Reaganomic deregulation? Sheer financial depravity? Illegal immigration? Taxes? Even for an economist such as myself, the answer is unclear. (And so, then, are the solutions.) It might be all of the above, but one cannot know for sure: The question remains open. And so the truth then becomes that all of it is true—but also maybe none of it is true.

But then Trump says that the explanation is much more simple: It’s NAFTA, and China. “We’re living through the biggest job theft in the history of the world folks,” he says. We can fix it easily. In terms of conviction and coherence, who can beat such clarity of vision?

some drarry (kinda) headcanons
  • draco has ocd,has since he was a child. but, the war only increased the intensity of it. 
  • both of them have ptsd, because how could they not? they both suffer and have nightmares, flashbacks, things that still tear them apart inside. 
  • draco refuses to let his hair grow long lest he look in the mirror and suddenly see his father
  • harry isn’t some kind of hunk, he’s not buff or super chiseled or handsome. but he’s got such a presence about him. people LISTEN. he has learned to take up space unapologetically. 
  • he isn’t super handsome but, his eyes are his greatest feature. his hair is still always a mess, he doesn’t really care about what he wears but he wears his status as a hero like a second skin. 
  • harry still hates his fame but, he’s learned it won’t go away. he uses it to help people, never just for himself. he vouches for charities and important causes. he tries to make sure that the justice that is merited is true. he is kind to those who are kind to him, to others…
  • draco still has the secumsempra scars, since they are curse scars and those don’t just go away. even with the strongest dittany
  • he still has the dark mark, but it remains faded and red. he hated it for so long. searched for ways to get rid of it. tried to literally scratch it out of his skin, to burn it away. while drunk he seriously considered cutting his own arm off
  • but, now he is used to it. he thinks of it as a reminder of what he has done. a scar for all intensive purposes. and he tries to accept it. in opposition to its darkness, to the fact that his choices were never really his choices…he marks himself. he gets tattoos around it. he picks flowers, lillies and narcissas and moon flowers and roses. he decorates his arm with constellations. 
  • draco isn’t handsome. he isn’t chiseled. he used to be pointy and sharp and so harsh he was almost ugly. but now…now he’s no longer so dark inside. it shows on the outside. now, he’s just beautiful. soft and fair. 
  • harry wanted to be an auror. and when the time came he wasn’t sure if he still did. he spent so much of his life, hunting dark wizards…and it made him miserable. but it was also the only true purpose he ever had. it takes him forever to struggle through that, to realize that if he does become an auror…he’ll probably die for real, this time. because he’s so reckless, he’s so READY to do whatever it takes to take down the bad guys…that it puts others in danger
  • so he quits and goes to teach DATDA at Hogwarts, the place he called home for so long. he remains as a consultant if the ministry needs him, but he is suddenly ten times happier. seeing children, seeing them learn, teaching them that the world isn’t black and white, but shades of grey…it brings him more hope and satisfaction than looking into the face of evil and spitting in it. 
  • harry has so much power within him, so much magic. it crackles around him, within him. there is a reason that he COULD have been like tom riddle. they were the same in so many ways. but, unlike riddle, he never seeks anymore power than what he has. he never does anything more with it than what he has to do. he uses it to save people, to helps people, he uses it to teach, and to do things that he is too lazy to do by hand. 
  • he still loves his wand, but he often finds he doesn’t need it. he is able to concentrate easily enough to do whatever he wants without it. 
  • draco spent so long wondering what he was doing to do. after living two years with a madman under his roof…after living next to murders and being threatened, after being constantly afraid, of being torctured and being made to torture…after he spent so many nights, watching the door, wand drawn and unable to sleep…of hoping sometimes that he just would fall asleep and not wake up…after being pushed forward into a role that was picked for him, that he never truly understood…and seeing what true hate and death and terror MEANT…he doesn’t know what to do. 
  • he spent so long, only wanting to die and only wanting to live. he wanted his mother safe. he wanted his father not to die. he was forced to try and complete an impossible task on this threat. 
  • and when it’s all over, it isn’t really over. because what can he do now? an ex death eater? someone whose entire identity was modeled after a man who he no longer wishes to be anything like. 
  • draco malfoy rebels. 
  • he keeps his hair short, he dyes it and keeps dying it. streaks of red and blue and purple and pink and green. its not what a pureblood does. and its perfect. he gets pieircings and tattoos. he reclaims his body first. 
  • then he tries to reclaim his mind. he’s terrified but he loses himself in muggle london. he learns them, learns they aren’t so terrifying, so worthy of being hated or pitied. they do not have magic. but, they are incredible in how they live without it. 
  • he does his best to learn everything he can about them, even goes to some college classes and meets some very nice people who think he’s pretty weird but also witty 
  • he goes dancing with some of them and the clubs, the dance floor are NOTHING like the stuck up balls and functions he was used to. no one cares who he is. and the music is so loud and heavy, it shakes his heart and he dances, next to and with muggles
  • draco wears muggle clothes, and finds that they are quite comfortable. he suddenly finds that comfort is ten times more important than how thigns look on him. but, he still likes to look GOOD. and he enjoys expensive fabrics and rich colors. 
  • draco never went to azkaban. but, he did serve house arrest and he did community service and his magic is constantly monitored. but, he’s okay with that. it is TEN times better than what he was expecting and secretly what he feels he deserves. 
  • harry potter is bisexual. his preferences tend to lean more towards women but, he has never really deigned to care about what gender someone was if he really found them to be funny and smart and kind. he never had much time to date, to find out things about himself. he liked cho chang, he liked ginny weasly and looking back he realized that he also liked cedric diggory. it was just that it had never been something he thought about, no one talked about it. about romance, about being gay, about not being straight. the dursleys had lots of backwards ideas about sexuality and that more than anything, cements in harry the idea that what he feels for men and women and hell, maybe some people (like luna) who are neither or both, is okay.
  • draco malfoy has always been gay. it just never mattered. he always knew he would marry a woman. and if he was lucky she would be kind and strong and awesome like his mother. if he was lucky their relationship would be equal and loving like how his parents’ were. he always knew he would have children, heirs. and he was OK with it. 
  • except now that he’s been through a war and that his father is in prison and the malfoy name means literally NOTHING anymore….well, he’s less okay with it. 
  • and now he is torn in two once again the way he always seems to be. between a duty, a loyalty to his name, to his parents, to his entire lineage…and to himself, to the deepest desires in his heart and dreams. things that used to be seen as an inconvience, something to be hidden and pushed away, lest he drive himself crazy.
  • and his mother holds his hand as he tells her this and she smiles and tells him that she loves him and that nothing should prevent him from being happy. 
  • harry potter loves ginny weasley. and everyone thinks they’re going to get married. they will have many children and name them after the dead and everything will be perfect, happily ever after. 
  • but, harry loves ginny like a sister. because the weasleys have always been his family. molly like a mother, arther like a father, all of boys as his brothers…and they see him the same way. 
  • and after the war, ginny and harry are so different. they went through so many awful things. death and torture, near starvation and fear. and they love each other. they lean on each other. they are close but, not close in the way that molly and arther are. the way that ron and hermionie are. 
  • they went through such awful things but, they were different things and changed them in ways that make it so they aren’t the same harry or the same ginny who fell in love (a soft, young love like bubbles or puffy dandelions)   
  • so they break up, because they know they won’t get married. Ginny loves her mom, her family but she wants to play quidditch, she wants to travel, she wants to be herself, be free. and harry has so much he needs to work through. they break up but, its not harsh or angry. they don’t yell. they hold each other and cry together a bit. they know they will always be close. 
  • draco knows that no one will hire him. but, he continues to learn. he studies potions, leafs through his godfather’s old textbooks, learns by his mistakes…he takes his NEWTS and then tests for his masters in potions. 

Can we celebrate November 20th as the airdate anniversary of the greatest webseries episode ever (or at least ONE OF the greatest ever, even if you don’t love AoJE)? Personally, if I ever had to pick a “Webseries Appreciation Day”, it would be then. Not because there weren’t more significant dates prior and not because it’s the most dramatic and not because nothing since has had any significance. But because I legitimately believe that “Kidnapped” marked the new ways in which webseries could go. They could go outside. They could go “off plot”. They could realistic without sacrificing interest. They could introduce music in a way that was significant to the story and significant to the viewer. They could show off a specific landscape/cityscape (not simply through transmedia).

Basically, “Kidnapped” was and remains revolutionary in the field and I just want to remember it always.

In only moments, she [Elena] has been in that hazy, euphoric state where it seemed as if Stefan’s soul and hers were melting together. She had kissed him passionately and then arched her head to bare her throat.

But now it wasn’t about passion, Elena was thinking, knowing that Stefan could hear her thoughts and rejoicing in self-revelation. Good chemistry - the sea-storm and violet sparks of mad attraction - was only a part of it. The other part was the timeless, unquestioning knowledge that Stefan was hers and she was his, and that this had ever been so since the first light had broken through the darkness of the Universe, and that it would still be so when the last light of the Universe quietly faded.

—  Evensong: Paradise Lost by L.J. Smith

Here’s the thing about opinions – they’re great, everyone is entitled to them, but so long as you don’t actually back them up with indisputable facts, they’re still only opinions.  And when you use your opinions as a means to antagonize someone with differing opinions as though your opinions are fact, you aren’t being intelligent, you’re being an asshole.  

I get it, some people like being assholes.  It makes them feel like big people in their small lives, but the terrible thing is it makes other people – good people who’ve done nothing wrong besides hold a different opinion; people who don’t deserve your assholery – feel legitimately victimized.  Because you’re not aiming to inform with your opinion; you’re aiming to insult and belittle.  You’re aiming to frustrate and poke and wait for a response to laugh at.  

But here’s the funny thing: you’re being a bully.  Except it’s not all that funny.  It’s not funny at all.  And when you do it under the guise of trying to somehow convince people an opinion is fact, you’re actually being manipulative and inevitably emotionally abusive.  You’re hoping that by continually telling someone their opinion is false and stupid while your opinion is somehow true and smart, you’ll either chase differing opinions away, or convince everyone that your opinion is fact – without the presence of actual factuality.

I try to respect the opinions of others, even when I vehemently disagree; I try to respect the rights of others to hold opinions that are different from my own because I learn something in not outright dismissing these ideas.  Discussions of these opinions can lead to an immense amount of insight.  Discussions can bring understanding, for everyone involved, about all of our opinions.  And it’s not necessarily that we might change our opinions, but that we come to some common ground about them – mutual respect earned through an intellectual discourse.

So if you find yourself stating an opinion with no true merit other than your own interpretation, and you find yourself repetitively doing this specifically in an arena where an opposing opinion is held – you need to ask yourself why you’re doing so and if there’s possibly a better way to achieve some sort of common ground.  Are you trying to have a discussion, or are you just being an asshole?

A Message from Your Galentine.

I’m an advocate for romance as much as the next girl, but there’s only so much frivolity and fluff you can take as it’s openly pushed in your face via social media. Amongst the beautifully crafted Instagram photos of roses, chocolates and pretty pink things you have to remember look beyond the filter and see things for what they are:

Whether we choose to admit it or not, in some way, shape or form we’re constantly trying to grab hold of it. The only problem is once we have it, we pick it apart. It’s never grand enough… So we try to reinvent it. And if we can’t, then we avoid it all together. Because who needs love right?


From one single gal-pal to another, I just want to share this: Yes, today is Valentine’s Day, and a good percentage of you won’t be receiving a bouquet of flowers. You won’t be engaging in witty banter with someone who you’re not embarrassed to make goggly eyes at. You may not even be told that you are loved. But I’d like to hopefully assume that in some capacity, you are not alone. And when you evaluate the current state of your love-life (or lack of), be reminded that love is as much of a choice as anything else. When you choose to let yourself allow for it, things will change. They won’t change rapidly or grandly because life isn’t like a Nicholas Sparks movie and love isn’t as sweet as Hershey’s Kisses. 

Love also isn’t effortless, and that’s why there is true merit if you choose to wear your heart on your sleeve.

But with that choice, comes time… So if you’re not ready, or your heart is aching that’s OK too. At the end of the day, all we can really do is try living and loving in the moment. 

Your Galentine,

RS x


What are your thoughts on romance vs. love?     

Hanny Tales part 11: In defense of the procedural

This is an aspect of the show I’ve never really talked about; it’s also, logically enough, an aspect of fairy tales I’ve never really talked about. We tend to treat the more procedural parts of Hannibal like a necessary evil–even if they were entertaining at the time, they’re not really what the show was ever about, not really important to the show’s ability to say what it wants to say. This post exists to suggest a different way to understand, and hopefully to value, those procedural structures as they function specifically within this show, rather than as a symptom of network TV’s procedural addiction at large.


Many fairy tales are concerned with need and fulfillment: there is a lack that must be addressed. Hunger for food (Rapunzel’s mother’s rampion, Hansel and Gretels’ parents’ starvation), desire for a child, the need to marry, the need to grow up–in stories of this kind, fairy tales involve overcoming obstacles to reach the state of the world as it must become; transforming an insufficient present into the whole and fulfilled future for life to proceed. Food and sex intertwine through symbolism and spells (for example, usually the cure for childlessness involves eating something esoteric), weaving in and out of power relations along the way to resolution. Curses are cast and broken, entrapments escaped, children gained, the future secured. As Kristina Willsey puts it, “Food, sex, and power are wrapped up in conflicting rules, like the beautiful and the ugly twins, the mother and the witch, the prince and the dragon, two edges of the same knife, cutting both ways.” I would imagine it is obvious where resonances are to be found with Hannibal and why fairy tales would provide a useful way to talk about it, but I would add that the show begins with one central, gaping lack: Will and Hannibal’s respective lack of intimacy and understanding. (Of this, more later.)

At other times fairy tales center more on justice, though not in any legal sense. Fairy tales often start from a place of imbalance or corruption in the world–whether it’s Fitcher’s murders, a threatened kingdom that requires that someone go questing for a sword, the wolf’s predations–and then correct it. Here we are overcoming obstacles to restore the state of the world as it ought to be: we are not transforming the present to the future, as with lack and fulfillment, but rather returning the broken present to its past state of wholeness. Fitcher’s Bird resurrects her sisters. Cinderella escapes her degradation to rise as high as possible. The wolf is cut open to restore Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother, and punished by having his belly filled with rocks–prevented from repeating his violations. Allerlairauh escapes her father the king’s inappropriate interest in her and becomes a queen somewhere else. Little Hans is rescued and his vitality regained. Snow White is revived, unpoisoned, and the witch is forced to torture herself to death at the wedding. Again, Hannibal began with a central imbalance or corruption: Hannibal Lecter’s very existence.

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thehomelessone  asked:

It's just that all your theories have true merits and I'm genuinely dreading what may happen to small Dipper

I am too. I wouldn’t be making all these theories (though technically they’re analyses) if the show didn’t keep on bombarding us with all these symbolism. At first, I was kinda just pointing out some small stuff for fun but the possibility seems to increase in every episode. But.. but who knows? Maybe we’re wrong. Maybe the next episode will feature a happy family reunion and the twins don’t fight and everything’s okay??

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A colon filled with faces of unknown circumference … a circumference that pleads for isolation and unbridled loneliness ..

We are blessed to be where we are in what we are … many are not and they leave us early and dearly ..

A message for the Air Force … the Indian Air Force .. to greet them for the Air Force Day and to wish their families the brightest of times .. they are the ones that make the maximum sacrifice .. our soldiers make the sacrifices .. and we breath in peace and comfort .. 

May those that protect us be ever happy and filled with the joys and happiness that we all so enjoy .. may the Air Force fly higher in the skies and conquer greater heights …

Idleness is a curse and unwanted luxury … work is its adrenalin and substantial cure .. working the body signals a luxury in our countenance .. why would we not indulge in it each day .. why ..?

Excessive meetings have a tendency to be complacent in all matters .. including the true merits ..what are true merits really ? Merit to one is a demerit to another .. feel it and present it and ye shall see the factual truths of the matter ..

We sympathise with the pain of another, but do we really ..? I think we rejoice in the fact that the pain of the other is not ours .. we are distressed in the other, but of the same dimension ? Doubtful ..

I shall cut my limb and feel the pain of mine own .. I shall see another cut themselves and feel the pain of its happening, not the physical ..which then needs greater attention ..?

OH … this is a depressing Blog .. its writing is not within the walls of its oneness and love .. it is one that is distracted and runs in on vacuum … perhaps the reason is a vacant mind .. circumstances do this to one .. I am one such ..

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