true love waits marriage

this is so painful, but sweet time with God. Patience to wait on The man of God He promised to send you!! He will be all that is promised… Godly, Loving, Caring, Humble, Kind, Honest, Wonderful, Faithful, Blessing, Compassionate, Passionate, Romantic, And Handsome! trust God, your true love is worth it! Don’t let simple guys come in your life and take what belongs to your true love. The lonely, tiring, and wasted years it seems to feel God will give back to you and bless them multiply. when you’re with someone you love from top to bottom. When their heartbeat and soul means so much more to you and them close to God is more important than their fashion taste, and looks are a great answer from God that This is His Love building into two people that love each other the way lovers should! Praise be To God!

I think what always bothered me about the Victor/Victoria pairing in Corpse Bride is that they barely know each other yet he’s convinced that she’s his true love. With Emily it’s slightly different, due to the “curse” (self imposed or not) of waiting until her true love asks for her hand in marriage, she naturally assumes that that’s how the world worked and the man who very intentionally and confidently placed a ring upon her finger was being serious (admittedly that’s pretty faulty logic but she was murdered by the man she eloped with and was stuck under a tree for roughly a decade, so I think there’s definitely an element of “FINALLY!!!” in this decision). But with Victor and Victoria, there’s no mitigating circumstances behind them wanting to be together other than they’re both the first actually nice human beings the other has met apart from people like Mayhew or Hildegarde. I know that love is odd and unpredictable, but their pairing would make a LOT more sense if they’d grown up together and been childhood sweethearts and THEN Emily stole Victor away, rather than having never met until the day before the wedding.

Butler Oral Sex Headcannons

I’ve never done headcannons before and may never do them again, but this was something I found myself thinking about and decided to write down. Not sure if it’s been done before though. WARNINGS: SMUT, KINK

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