true love music video

“There’s 2 incredible things that are close to magic in life and that’s when people get together for sports and when people get together for music. I think you know like people look at a concert as something very simple in life but think about it: there’s gonna be 10.000 people in this room tonight, who know all the lyrics, who love the music for the same reason, it makes them all feel good at the same time and that doesn’t happen unless it’s in music and that’s very special because to get that many humans all together singing the same song, feeling the same way is very rare”

This is what concerts are about. This is what they SHOULD be about.


I tuoi capelli rosa, le mie insicurezze sotto pelle e tutti gli altri vuoti di memoria
Agganciati al tempo stesso ad un piccolo universo


“Robbers’ is a love song, it was originally inspired by my love of the Quentin Tarantino film ‘True Romance’, the story of an Elvis obsessed loner who falls in love and marries a prostitute. In the movie the couple run away to California after killing her pimp and stealing his drugs to start a new life financed by a once in a lifetime drug deal. It’s the sentiment behind the film that appeals to me, the hopelessly romantic notion that two people can meet and instantly fall in love, an escape story where love is the highest law and conquers all against the odds. Characters like Bonnie and Clyde always appealed to me as a teenager - couples so intoxicated with one another that they fear nothing in the pursuit of the realization of each other, actions fueled by blind unconditional love.”
-Matthew Healy, the lead singer of The 1975.


Kagamine Len: True Love Restraint

life, may or may not be about finding true love 

but, it’s certainly not about begging for it from someone so 

i’ll keep doing the things that i do 

late nights, fat blunts, pizza pies with my crew 

driving home from whatever bar’s half-off after two 

while i’m blasting my favorite tunes and 

seeing my favorite local bands at whatever venues 

while you keep doing the things that you do, shifting blame, and twisting truth 

and making absolutely positively sure that everybody in the room is certain 

that the victim just had to be you

I would liked to have met you at another time, in another life maybe. When our hearts be larger and with transparent souls. At a time when life allows us to meet again and fall in love with a new you, and you of a new version of myself.
—  my life

Shannon tweeted this music video saying “This made my heart happy❤️.” Please watch! It made me feel so much better, so it will definitely make everyone feel better. I promise -Courtney 💙