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Could you write a little blurb about one of your friends letting it slip that you had a crush on Niall before you started dating Harry? Or vice versa?

I hated it when he was mad at me.  It was akin to when my father was “disappointed in my life choices” and giving me “the look”.  It made me feel useless.  Especially when I knew it was my fault.  And this one?  This one was most definitely my fault.  There was no getting around that fact.

I always meant to say something, but how do you bring up that kind of conversation on a date?  Or when he’s become your new boyfriend?  “Hey, the day we met?  I wasn’t there to see you.  I wanted to see him.  Ooops.  Sorry.”????  That seemed painful and unnecessary.  

So I kept my mouth shut.  Which…ok, it wasn’t the best decision.  I had no reason to believe he would ever know.  Why would that conversation ever come up?  No one was going to tell him for me, I was sure.

But I shouldn’t have been so sure.  Everyone has that one friend.  You know her.  The one who can’t ever keep her mouth shut about anything.  She is one of those people who spoils the ending of movies or tells you what happened on the last episode of Game of Thrones.  Well that friend for me was Serena.  

Serena’s boyfriend had broken up with her so in grand Serena style, she got drunk.  Very drunk.  Piss drunk.  

She tipped the beer bottle up as the final remnants of her Bud Light deposited onto her tongue.  She laughed out a giggle, shrugging as she threw the bottle at the trash can and missed, sending the bottle crashing to the ground,

“Ooops.” She said with her hand over her mouth while our friend Mike shook his head.

“Hey Serena…could you maybe not wreck my house?”

Niall’s bandmate Harry quickly knelt down to clean up her mess,

“No worries.  I’ve got it.”

She lifted her hands up in a shrug,

“Wasn’t my fault.  Trash can moved.”

Niall snickered and shook his head.  He was sitting in the chair, I was half on his lap, half on the arm rest.  Both of us were sipping the same beer we’d had for the last hour, not even approaching drunk.  I could feel her eyes on us, but I tried to ignore it.  I hoped that if I didn’t pay her any mind she’d turn her attention towards someone else.  

Just then the party that had shifted into the kitchen came marching into the room where Niall and I had been quietly talking amongst ourselves.

“Truth or dare.” Travis yelled out as he flopped onto the couch across from Niall and I.

Niall laughed out loud,

“Are we in high school again?”

“No.” Kim yelled as she sat down at the coffee table, her best friend Danielle sitting next to her.

Niall was finally home after months on tour.  Our plan was to hang at the party for a few hours and then come home and spend the rest of the night tangled in each other.  The last thing either of us wanted was to get stuck playing this game.  

Niall looked up at me, letting out a gentle sigh before shrugging.  He winked and mouthed the words, “Just for a bit” to me.  I nodded finally.  He jerked his chin forward.  It was a clear sign for me to lean down and brush a kiss against his mouth.  

I did so gladly.  It had been a long time since we’d gotten to be intimate and even a small kiss was enough to set my heart rate on fire.  

It was a harmless game of Truth or Dare.  What could go wrong?

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Aaaaaawwww I just can’t get enough of these two!!! #Sorry #Notreally ;)

Too cute for words, I can’t handle this… ♥ They’re PERFECT for each other ♥!!!!

…And I  must confess I may have a problem, I’ve always been in love with Adam!!! and of course I wanted to marry him, but Bee is just… the cutest, coolest, sexiest, funniest and most adorable girl on earth!!!!! now I’m not sure whether I’d like to be in her shoes or in Adam’s XD hahahah…