true king and queen

That’s all that matters to me. - Cal Calore 

Victoria Aveyard, Glass Sword (pg. 240)

Quote is from the scene where Mare Barrow woke up after being tortured by the King of Norta. The images are suppose to represent memories.

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Top colorspread is from One Piece Chapter 699

Bottom colorspread is form the Jump Festa in Japan for the 20th anniversary of One Piece (most likely coming out with the One Piece Chapter 850 or 851)

Luffy sits on the throne and Nami is the ONLY ONE to sit right beside Luffy on one of the ledges of the thrones.

Luffy’s left arm is around Nami in the Bottom colorspread❤️

They both look like a true Pirate King and Queen 👒+🍊=❤️


The only Patrick + Elisa wedding pics on the internet!!!!

Sept. 29, 2012. Chicago. It looks like Elisa had a black and white motif. Bridesmaids wore variants of a short black dress. Bridesmaid bouquets were green and white, but Elisa’s bouquet had little touches of pink flowers. And of course, Elisa’s gown was fantastically fluffy – a modest yet elegant, fairytale-esque princess gown. She pulled her curls up in an updo and wore a white flower in her hair, topped off with a long, cascading veil.

My goodness she was gorgeous. I wish we had photos of Patrick in his tux, but who even cares about him?? 😂

Just imagine Patrick bawling the moment he saw her. Pretty sure he did. Because I do 😝