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In 1802, Jereboam Beauchamp was born in Barren County, Kentucky. When he turned 18 he decided to study law. This interest in the law soon brought Solomon P. Sharp to his attention. Sharp had been elected to the state legislature twice and served two terms in the U.S House of Representatives. In 1820 Sharp fathered a child, who was unfortunately stillborn, with Anna Cooke, the daughter of a local plantation owner. It was a scandal, but Sharp denied the accusation and he came out of the ordeal relatively unscathed. Anna on the other hand would become a recluse, hiding from society which deemed her a liar. Except Jereboam Beauchamp, he was angered at the way Sharp dealt with the situation, shamed by the former impressive Sharp’s actions. Beauchamp decided to check in on Anna Cooke, and after some time the two would become friends and after some more time became even more. Beauchamp wanted to marry, but Cooke wouldn’t do it. She insisted he first had to kill Sharp to regain her lost honour. Resolved in his task, Beauchamp then spent the next few years trying to arrange an honourable duel with Sharp. Sharp, who was still a successful lawyer, wanted no part of this duel and avoided Beauchamp a number of times. Finally though, in June 1824, Cooke agreed they had tried long enough and the two finally married. They spent the next little while living their lives, until that is, an enemy of Sharp’s brought up the scandal from so many years ago to shame him. Sharp replied that Cooke had actually slept with a slave and the child was half white and half black. This denial was the final, long awaited straw for Beauchamp. Instead of a duel it would now be cold blooded murder. On November 7, 1825 he headed to Frankfort, Kentucky in search of Sharp. Finding him at a hotel, Beauchamp then disguised himself and waited outside Sharp’s home for him to return. When he did Beauchamp knocked on his door, claiming to be a friend. When Sharp opened the door he confronted him then stabbed Sharp in the heart in front of Sharp’s wife. Though she was present she didn’t get a look at Beauchamp, especially since he was wearing a disguise. But the authorities soon found their way to him, over the years Beauchamp had been quite loud mouthed about his urge to kill Sharp. He and Anna had planned to flee to Missouri but were arrested by a posse before they could escape. It took a while, but finally on May 8, 1826, Beauchamp was indicted and sent to trial. It took 13 days for the jury to find him guilty and sentenced him to hang. Anna too was investigated but never brought to trial for lack of evidence. Still though, the Beauchamps managed to stay together as long as possible. She stayed in his cell, bribed guards to try to get an escape plan going, nothing worked out though. On July 5 the couple took a large dose of laudanum in a suicide bid, but it failed. Finally the day of his execution came, and, on July 7, before the guards could come for him, Anna and Jereboam stabbed themselves in another bid for suicide. The guards quickly grabbed him and took him to the gallows before he could bleed to death. He became the first person to be legally executed in Kentucky. Anna soon succumbed to her wound and the two were put in a lovers embrace in their coffin and sent to Maple Grove cemetery in Bloomfield, Kentucky to be laid to rest. Sharp was only 38 when he was killed and he left behind a widow and four children. Pictured above: the victim Solomon P. Sharp, Jereboam Beauchamp, Anna (Cooke) Beauchamp, a depiction of the crime, a depiction of Beauchamps execution, the grave of Sharp, the grave of the Beauchamps and lastly a plaque about the crime.


“GIRL. I need To Talk To You IMMEDIATELY!”

^This was the last known online communication from 17 year old Paige Johnson, who has been missing since September 23rd, 2010. Paige posted this message on her sister Brittany’s (pictured above with Paige) Facebook page around midnight that night. Earlier that evening, she was last seen driving around Covington, Kentucky with 22 year old Jacob Bumpass. Bumpass claims he dropped Paige off at 1am at 15th Street and Scott. She has not been seen or heard from since.

Paige’s loved ones say it is very uncharacteristic for her to simply disappear. She left behind a two-year-old daughter. There are many rumors on the web that speculate what happened to her, and there are two theories that seem to be the most prevalent: one is that Paige overdosed while taking drugs with Bumpass and he panicked and disposed of her body. The other is that Paige rejected Bumpass’ sexual advances and he snapped and killed her. Despite the rumors, Bumpass denies any involvement in her disappearance and authorities have not named him as a suspect—although they do state that he has been uncooperative.

I’m from Kentucky, and I can confirm we have our perfectly chilled meat with a side of bourbon while we watch the derby in our big, fancy hats.

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9717/16                       Pselliopus cinctus

Class Insecta (Insects)
Order Hemiptera (True Bugs, Cicadas, Hoppers, Aphids and Allies)
Suborder Heteroptera (True Bugs)
Infraorder Cimicomorpha
Family Reduviidae (Assassin Bugs)
Subfamily Harpactorinae
Tribe Harpactorini
Genus Pselliopus
Species cinctus (Pselliopus cinctus)

Explanation of Names Pselliopus cinctus (Fabricius 1776)


12-13 mm(1)
Dull orange, marked with black and white, especially legs and antennae (1). P. cinctus and P. barberi are the two widespread eastern species.
e. US (MA-FL to WY-TX)(1)
Found on vegetation, often where other insects visit flowers

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Is he known for his kindness in hollywood

Short answer? Yes
Long answer? Let’s google it!

  • Johnny Depp Charity Work, Events and Causes [x]
  • Johnny Depp visits kids at a children’s hospital in Brisbane.
    He spends time talking with his fans. He seems to be very respectful to his fans by greeting the fans and signing autographs in full Jack Sparrow costume. [x]

That from someone who doesn’t like being a celebrity. PR some may say. Does it matter if it brings happiness to his fans?

  • After 9-year-old Beatrice wrote to Depp asking him to assist in throwing a mutiny over her teachers, the actor showed up to the London primary school to do just that. Only he told the kids to stay at school and learn. [x]

Maybe we shouldn’t mutiny today ‘cos there are police outside monitoring me.”’

  • Back in 2009, Season 2 of the popular TV show This American Life approached Depp to voice the thoughts of an American male who was unable to read them himself. [x]

“Who should we get for your voice?” he said, “Ed Norton or Johnny Depp.” It was kind of a throwaway. But Norton was in New York, and I figured he was a good guy, so we went to him, and he turned us down cold. [Laughs.] Three weeks before filming ended, the network president, Bob Greenblatt, said, “Have you tried Johnny Depp?” And we said, “No, no, no. Oh my God.” We didn’t think we had a chance. … But we got his manager’s number, called and heard back in five minutes. I explained it as easily as I could and pasted [Mike’s lines] into an e-mail. And I made it clear we weren’t doing the sad cripple story. That made sense to Johnny; it took him all of 5 or 10 minutes to do the lines. It was the easiest “get” ever.“

  • Sixteen-year-old  Courtney Crowell meeting Johnny Depp and Tim Burton due to Make-A-Wish Foundation [x]
  • After the production staff were affected by cold weather while filming at Buckinghamshire’s Pinewood Studios, Depp stepped in to provide waterproof hiking jackets for everyone, The Sun reports.A crew member said: ”Johnny paid out of his own pocket for all 500 of us to have a nice warm waterproof.“It’s a great morale boost and another example of why he is one of the nicest people in Hollywood.”  [x]
  • Johnny and Eddie Vetter at the Voices for Justice rally in LIttle Rock, Arkansas, Johnny was trying to bring attention to the wrongly imprisoned men known as the “West Memphis Three” Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin, and Jessie Misskelley.  [x]
  • Hollywood star Johnny Depp has paid tribute to the London hospital that saved his daughter’s life - by donating a massive £1 [some sources say it’s 2 million in total] million out of his own pocket.  [x] &  [x]
  • Johnny donated a guitar autographed by Captain Jack Sparrow for little Gray! The boy Grayson Alexander Arroyo, now 16, was born in 2000, and in 2006 was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  he and his family struggle against the disease.  [x]
  • Johnny Depp, has brought cheer to the final days of a young boy’s life.  [x]

Mr. Depp actively supports the Children’s Hospice and Palliative Care Coalition (CHPCC) as well as the Helen & Douglas House.  Both of these UK organizations provide respite for children and their families as they live through difficult times and the journey of losing a child.  In 2006, Depp was honored by the Children’s Hospital of in Los Angeles with a “Courage to Care” philanthropy award.  He donated $2 million [see above] to the Great Ormond Street Hospital after successfully treating his daughter Lily-Rose for an Ecoli infection threatening to cause her kidney damage.  Depp’s sincerity in charitable acts inspired a group of fans to establish “Johnny’s Angels” in 2007.  The group is dedicated to raising awareness of child health issues and they raise funds for CHPCC.[x]

  • Johnny Depp recently [2013] donated $25,000 to the Navajo Nation to be used for college scholarships.  [x]

“Mr. Depp’s generous donation is anything but paltry, since it can assist the cost of post-secondary education for many, many students. It is a very kind gesture from an unselfish individual.”


All of Johnny’s fans […]will be delighted but not surprised to hear that he’s just about the nicest guy on the goddamn planet. He’s generous, considerate, modest, brave, intelligent, good-hearted, creative, funny, gentle, wise, loving, loyal, hard-working, and almost unbearably cool.
Gregory David Roberts

“No less important, it seemed to me, was the way that he brought so much affectionate communication to every other actor in each scene, and extended that warmth to every member of the crew. It was a happy, positive set, and I put that down to Johnny’s art, and his good heart, and to the sensitive brilliance of his friend, the wonderful Tim Burton.
Gregory David Roberts

“We were like kids on the beach. Johnny gives a lot, and he knows how to listen. I really had his eyes, you know. Very pure, very special.”
Geraldine Pailhas

“If you talk to the people who work with Depp—like Marc Forster, the director of Finding Neverland, Kate Winslet, others on the small-budget British movie The Libertine in which he plays the mad, bad Earl of Rochester—they will all say the same thing. Depp is quiet, kind and funny. And he hates being a movie star[…] He strikes you as a very gentle soul.
—Martyn Palmer
journalist, in a 2004 interview

“He’s the star, but he’s always running around asking if you need water or anything. And not just with me, but with the crew. He asks them if he can help carry cable.”
Sarah Jessica Parker
Ed Wood costar, Los Angeles Times, 1993

He was so concerned that I was all right with it, he would ring me all the time and say ‘Would you do this or would you say that?’  And then when it was finished he refused to go and see it until I could go with him.  Most actors wouldn’t care; they would just grab the money and run.  But he’s not like that.”
Joe Pistone
the real Donnie Brasco, Boulevard Magazine, April 1997

“Johnny developed a strange empathy for my position during filming. I had a trailer that was a lot smaller than his. He demanded that I would get one that was at least as big as his. I was lying in the back of an ambulance that took me back to the nearest town, when I saw an incredible convoy with their headlights on: it was the trailer.”
Jean Rochefort
The Man Who Killed Don Quixote co-star, 2003

Someone like Johnny is a great team leader … it’s great not to have a diva. It’s great to have someone who’s very laid-back, very playful … he’s probably the only person who dares to ad-lib. A lot of what he throws in makes it into the final mix. Jack Sparrow is some crazy part of Johnny’s brain.
Geoffrey Rush

“Johnny was doing two other movies at the same time, but he showed up in the middle of all that. And, he wouldn’t let me pay for anything, either. I mean he worked for free, and he said just put it on the screen.
Julian Schnabel director Before Night Falls

“On set, Depp projects a warm, gentle kindness and accessibility that mark him as the true Kentucky gentleman and terrifically devoted family man that he is. His natural charisma also illuminated the proceedings with a special light that created a unique atmosphere whenever he was working. Or, is that Captain Jack Sparrow’s charisma? Because in the middle of a workday, it was impossible for anyone—perhaps himself least of all—to know where Johnny Depp ended and Captain Jack began, and vice versa. For the nearly two-year period between the start of production on Dead Man’s Chest to the final wrap of At World’s End, Johnny Depp’s smile was the same as Captain Jack’s, with the character’s trademark gold and silver teeth bonded onto his own.”
Michael Singer
Unit Publicist for the second two Pirates movies, and author of Bring Me That Horizon

“Johnny is so totally different from most actors. He really likes who he is, and he is really secure in that. He treats people the way he wants to be treated. That’s why we all stay with him.”
Kenn Smiley
Don Juan deMarco wardrobe person, Vogue, September 1994

All quotes from HERE Go to read more.

So, yeah he’s known for his kindness in Hollywood.

This was a quick research. Anyone interested will be able to find much much more about Johnny Depp’s kindness.

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omg zayn's carved the Mona Lisa and Liam did KFC ahahah you're amazing and your art is so cute!!!

eehehehehehehheehheheheheheee cause Zayn is an artist and Liam’s one true love is Kentucky Fried Chicken OuO