true identity athena




         GODDESS OF WAR.  beloved and favored child of zeus.  wisest amongst all else.  that was athena.  given life straight from the god of the skies.  she was created to be a warrior above all else.  known to be ruthless and unforgiving  ,  she was also a goddess of the people.  her accolades were great and her triumphs were greater.  but like all things in life  ,  changes take place.  the gods which once were worshiped by many civilizations were not put on the back burner as the new world began to unfold before their eyes.  gods of media  ,  distractions,  and lust taking the forefront as those of noble bearing were shoved into the shadows.  and athena herself was one of them.  having to hang up her sword and shield and step into a new kind of battle field.
         in order to thrive through the ever changing world  ,  athena had to quickly take over the identity of octavia blake.  calling her home an apartment with many large windows to allow the lights from the sky above to illuminate the rooms within rather than the beauty of olympus where she once hung her sword.  but it was more than just a change of home and change of name which came with the new world.  but her battle field no longer was that of a blood covered field with bodies lying at her feet.  now her battle ground which she dominated was within the court room.  her grand wisdom being used to aid those of mankind’s worst.  it had become her career to defend those most if not all deemed as un-defendable.  cases they felt were vastly a lost cause.  but to octavia  ,  she knew how to talk  ,  how to use her knowledge and her history in getting those who were facing death a sentence lower sentencing.
         but her life did not solely revolve around the court room and her law office  ,  who she was still had a glimmer of the person she was.  but rather than picking up her sword  ,  octavia on the daily visited that of her dear friend roan’s gym.  wrapping her knuckles and releasing her anguish of the new gods  ,  the overwhelming stress of her career  ,  and any other topics which would arise throughout her day on that of a punching bag or a gloved up roan in the ring opposite to her.  it is within the gym can she shead her human identity and step into the god form she holds close to her heart.
         octavia may have hung up her sword  ,  shield  ,  and armor long ago  ,  but she is still a warrior.  each day octavia rises from her bed ready to bring justice to humanity.  however ugly it may be.  because while the new gods rein high in the modern world  ,  even she knows they will not last.  she has seen it with her own eyes.  the lusts and gluttony of the new age will pass.  and they will perish into history.  and the old gods  ,  such as athena and her siblings  ,  will continue to rein supreme once again.


JASPER  ( HADES ) - @crimiinalchemiist - uncle
BLISS  ( PERSEPHONE ) - @decayedstardust​ - aunt
JUSTIN  ( LEPRECHAUN ) - @wormkilled - best friend / drinking buddy
RAVEN  ( HEPHAESTUS ) - @greaseveined - longest best friend / sister
CAED  ( GOD OF REWARD/HUBRIS ) - @leyosgona - friend / almost lover
ROAN  ( TYR ) - @icebuilt​ - best friend