true hijab


Excellent talk. Education is the key.

guys…u do realize…muslims who ridicule other muslim women for not wearing hijab do not fully understand the true meaning of hijab….educate ya selves

True Love

You don’t need a guy who adds many girls on Facebook and finds pleasure to chat with them. 

But you need,,, 

A man who is engaged to his deen and married to his salaah.

A man who loves you for the sake of Allah and who fears Allah in regard of lowering his gaze in front of women who do not belong to him.

A man who would want to complete half his deen with you and not flirt with other girls/women because he respects you at least


@intricatethoughts amazing speech of the hijab *must watch* mashallah

“This is my speech about how the Hijab is an ultimate sign of Feminism. It clarifies misconceptions and paints a true picture.”