true flattery

5 Times Alex learns something about Maggie.

Okay guys, so, this is my first fanfiction ever. I wanted to post one for a really long time but never had the courage or time to do it, university takes up a lot of my time and energy. English is not my first language and I don’t have a beta. Anyway…here it is…Hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think!


Maggie has siblings.

Alex was not stupid.

She was an agent and she was trained to analyse the body language, so she came to understand- in the few months she had known Maggie- that talking about her family wasn’t something that her girlfriend did easily, if at all.

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The Wild Rose Is Blooming

Eomer x Reader

Based on this prompt by @middle-earth-imagines (sorry if I’ve been flooding you with these recently. You just have so many good prompts):

Imagine: Eomer giving you a beautiful flower and saying it pales in comparison to your beauty.

Sequel can be found here

The sun rose high in the sky and off in the distance you could see the knights of rohan riding in practice. You had just come back from a ride of your own, though it was becoming more and more dangerous to stray far alone. Bands of orcs prowled almost unrestrained and King Theoden was growing worse by the day. Dark hours were coming, you could feel it. It was almost as if the very land itself had frozen in a terrible, stifling calm that bode of ill things to come. Feeling a sudden chill, you stopped walking and sat on a small incline of stair nearby. There you breathed deeply and tried to shake the dreadful hopelessness that had been creeping over you. You were so lost in thought you didn’t even notice as someone walked up and sat nearby on the same stair. Finally seeing the newcomer, you started in surprise to see Lord Eomer.

“My lord!” You made to stand and curtsy.

“Peace (y/n). I’m sorry to have startled you.” He gently shook his head and motioned for you to remain seated.

“It’s no matter, my lord. I was simply lost in thought.” You said as you settled back down.

“Then I apologize for interrupting them. What, perchance, were you thinking of?”

“I was simply observing the riders,” you nod toward the still practicing knights, “and was thinking of what the days ahead may hold. As of yet, the future does not look bright.”

Eomer turned his head to watch the riders as well, “That is on the minds of many these days, I’m afraid. Far too many are letting such thoughts drag them to despair. I, myself, am finding it hard pressed not to,” He said with a touch of bitterness.

You looked down and there was a moment of silence as you considered your next words. “How goes the king?” You asked tentatively.

Eomer looked back to you abruptly before looking away, “My uncle is not well. He has taken to listening to ill counsel and can see only darkness for us all. If he can not soon see reason I doubt there will be hope left for any of us.”

Eomer broke off his tirade and sighed, looking at the ground. In the silence, your eyes strayed from the riders and noticed a small clump of flowers nearby. The petals were gently cupped and just at the peak of full bloom. The petals faded from dark pink at the ends to a gently almost-white in the center, where they finally met a rich yellow.

“The wild rose is blooming,” You said suddenly.

Eomer looked up, “What?”

“The wild rose,” You motioned to the fragile clump of flowers. “Ah, it’s probably silly, but it’s something my mother used to tell me as a child. As long as the wild rose blooms, the darkness will not endure.” You shrug, “They are fairly pretty to look at in any case. Even if their blossoming doesn’t mean anything.” You trailed off, feeling slightly embarrassed for bringing it up.

Eomer tilted his head and leaned over to look at the flowers more closely. “In dark times such as these, I welcome any reason to hope. And the old stories have more truth to them than many acknowledge.” Eomer gently plucked one of the many wild roses and turned it over in his hand. “And you are right. They are very fair, but they pale in comparison to your beauty.” He swiftly extended his arm, proffering the flower to you.

You accepted it hesitantly, “My lord, you flatter me.”

He shook his head, “What is true is not flattery. In this time of darkness, that which is fair is much comfort to the race of men. Seeing you, warms my heart and gives me hope of days to come.”

You turned toward Eomer in surprise and with a shy smile, “My lord, I thank you for your words, and … I confess I feel the same when I seen you.”

Eomer looked back to you with light in his eyes, perhaps the first hope he’d felt in a while. Your gazes met and held for a blissful minute. Eomer edged a bit closer to you.

“Lord Eomer! We must depart!” A shout from afar broke your gaze.

Eomer turned at the interruption to look once more to the riders below. They had stopped their practicing and were now riding into formation. Eomer stood hesitantly, “I… fear I must be off. The orcs have rampaged far and must be stopped. I do not know when I will return.”

You looked down before lifting your eyes as you had an idea. Swiftly, you stood and pulled a fine chain necklace from around your neck. At the bottom of the necklace was a round charm carved with curving designs and a white horse.

“My lord!” You called as Eomer began to go. He turned back to you and you continued speaking, holding out the charm. “This has been passed down for generations in my family. It is supposed to bring protection and none have died while wearing it. It would be my honor if you would take it with you into battle.”

“Nay, the honor would be mine.” Eomer stepped forward, taking the charm, clasping your hand as he did so.

“May it bring you luck in the shadow to come.” You step back, looking down shyly.

Eomer gently lifted the chain and put it around his neck, “It will be a reminder of home and of why we must succeed. Thank you.”

“Eomer!” The voice called again, more insistent.

Eomer sighed and turned to walk to join the men. As he began walking, he turned back over his shoulder, “I will return as soon as a fortnight, though it will most likely be longer.”

You nodded, “I will watch for you.”

Eomer smiled and turned back to his men in the distance. You watched as he walked down to join them and as he mounted his horse. In a great rush the riders were off, but you remained still, watching until you could no longer see them on the horizon.


brief excerpt from one of kazuma’s subevents in kamieni

Kazuha: You’re really loyal to Ane-sama, huh? I mean, I guess that’s natural.
Karuha: Since you’ve worked with her the longest out of all her current shinki.
Kazuha: And you’re her guide.
Kazuma: That’s because she’s such an amazing master. Of course she’s powerful as a war god, but that’s not all.
Kazuma: I’m sure you see what a beautiful figure she cuts. And not just her hair, or her skin, or her voice, either. What’s truly beautiful about her is how noble she is…
Kazuha: …You really love Ane-sama, don’t you, Kazuma-san?
Karuha: Yeah.
Kazuma: …Hm?
Karuha: Ane-sama!
Bishamon: …Somehow it is fairly embarrassing, to overhear yourself being praised behind your back…
Kazuma: …V-Veena…
Kazuma: Well, it’s true, and not mere flattery either… But it’s a little embarrassing to have it overheard, too…
Karuha: It’s pretty rare to see them this flustered.
Kazuha: Yeah, really.

an elegant escapade

part 3 - begging and pleading

Tracy Island, 2060

Wherein posted warnings are ignored and Scott Tracy obligingly flings himself on the floor.

An Elegant Escapade Masterpost

There’s a sign on John’s door, and all it says is, DON’T

Scott’s always been the sort of person who considers posted warnings to be taken as suggestions rather than the subjects of strict observance. Still, he knocks softly the first time he knocks. When there’s no answer, the second, third, fourth times are all a crisp military tattoo.

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you have married an icarus, she has flown too close to the sun

you sit on the bed, twisting your wedding band around your finger, around and around, mindlessly. how has it come to this, you were happily married, you thought things were going great

your tablet lies on the bed next to you, still open to the gossip slash news parentheses mostly gossip website. the headline blares on the homepage:  immigrant mayor embezzling government funds! mills’ career is done

ok, so embezzling is bad enough. actually no, embezzling is pretty awful, but the contents of the article are even worse

wait for it

mayor embezzles funds to support her mistress


you decided you were going to marry regina the first time you laid eyes on her. you were pretty drunk at the time. no, to be honest, you were very drunk at the time. you dont remember exactly what you said, it is kind of a blur. but youll never forget the first time you saw regina’s face. you also will never forget your friends dragging you out of the bar after making a drunken fool of yourself. you remember fighting to get out of their grasp, to no avail. hand over your mouth, another on your arm, pulling you to your room, sitting you down on your bed, handing you a glass of water. as soon as your mouth is free, you start screaming again.

did you see that? did you see how they looked at me? they looked at me like i was stupid, im not stupid.

no emma, youre not stupid, just drunk, calm down and go to bed

no im not, no i wont

emma please, when you hear the story of tonight youll be embarrassed enough, please dont make it worse

that’s about all you remember. way to make a first impression. you go, emma


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