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apparently the blue of your eyes gets more pale the richer you get

(this post is an excuse to talk and think about ishgard’s high houses and their sons 24/7 even in the face of stormblood hype being the current fandom mood)

  • Wolfgang: *kills dozens of people without hesitation* *kills his cousin and uncle with excessive force* *is willing to crash a car into a helicopter rather than risk being taken alive* *is introduced to the audience by pissing on his father's grave at his grandfather's funeral*
  • Someone: wolfgang is the sort of 'token evil' character of the sensates, he's the most ruthless and vicious of the group and the biggest criminal of them
  • Me: excuse me, that is my SON, who has never done ANYTHING wrong, EVER, in his LIFE-

David Berkowitz + arrest 

When they investigated his car parked on the street outside his apartment, police found a rifle in the backseat. They searched the vehicle and found a .44 caliber Bulldog pistol, along with maps of the crime scenes and a letter to Sgt Dowd of the Omega task force. When he emerged from the building hours later, Berkowitz was arrested outside his apartment in Yonkers, New York on August 10, 1977. His first words upon arrest were reported to be “What took you so long?”

Newt isn’t even dead

It was just another test

And then one day, a flat trans opens up and…

Reunion!! everyone’s happy the end


Bryan in background: “Quiet over there, we’re taking pictures!”

The Hollywood Reporter Photoshoot - Behind the Scenes

anonymous asked:

I love the things that you mentioned in your meta and there's another thing I would like to add, if Rhaegar and Lyanna didn't marry, then Sansa and Jon's marriage will fulfill the Pact of Ice and Fire formed during the Dance of the Dragons.

True! I don’t know if we’ll ever kind out if he’s Rhaegar’s bastard or true born son. The fact that he’s a Targaryen will either force people to be prejudiced against him or clamour for him to take the Iron Throne from (at the moment) Cersei.

Marrying Sansa might even strengthen his claim over Daenery’s. He already has a pretty strong claim because (1) he’s Rhaegar’s il/legitimate son (2) Sansa would be the Queen in the North (since he loses the claim by being a Targaryen) and Regent to the Vale if Littlefinger dies (3) he was born in Westeros, which may have people wanting him as their King compared to a Queen who grew up outside of Westeros and (4) he has made it clear that he is concerned about the fate of humankind against the Others. 

I know this is reading too much into it, but in the books it’s pretty known that Sansa loves to sing and is good at it. She is the fine Lady sometimes called Little Bird and Little Dove. I can imagine that if she’s really important to the endgame of GoT, it makes sense that “pact” is interchangeably used with “song” ;)