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True Trans Achillean Facts
  • The misconception that gay boys are ever secretly straight girls comes from a phenomenon where pessimists refuse to believe something as wonderful as boys being both gay and trans could ever be real, and hide themselves from the truth.
  • The union between two trans men is so miraculous, every time two trans men start dating. a random species somewhere in the world will stop being endangered.
  • Meteors nearly destroy the Earth on a daily basis, but each and every time we are saved when a trans man kisses another man, and the power of their love protects the Earth once more.


anonymous asked:

If ur so gay y don't u date a girl then??

gender identity: trans masculine and/or gender fluid, pronouns are he/they

biological sex: female

sexual orientation: bisexual

dating: cismale

fun fact: bi people can say they’re gay af