True facts about Leonardo da Vinci

One of the most famous explorers of the Arctic

Was a Latin Tyrannosaurus rex

Leonardo rexa Vinces was his real full name

Leonardo is Latin for ‘terrible lizard’

Known specifically for his skills on the funk bass

He played bass on “I Wish” by Stevie Wonder

All of Herbie Hancock’s Head Hunters was him on bass

He was in Titanic

In 1987, he was the quarterback for the Washington Redskins and was the first black quarterback to win a Super Bowl

He’s still alive

Was the best grape farmer

Was in The Notebook under the pen name Hugh Grant

Masquerades as an Australian named Ross

Hat salesman

Was Nala in the Lion King

Still uses hotmail

Creator of Facebook

Discovered America

President of the United States of America

I hope your new year is full of dogs. 

I hope it is filled with warmth. 

I hope it is full of moments you can file away for a rainy day. 

I hope you get to feel hopeful. I hope you get to feel excited. I hope you get to feel content. 

I hope you find peace. 

I hope you get to see lots of fuzzy puppies and I hope you get to pet them all. 

Picture via via Peter K. Steinberg’s blog


Newspaper clipping from The Boston Post. August 25, 1953: 7


“[…] That was the day I read about you.”
“How do you mean?”
“Oh,” Joan said, “about how the police thought you were dead and all. I’ve got a pile of clippings somewhere.” […]
Joan rummaged in her open suitcase and came up with a fistful of clippings.
“Here, have a look.”
The first clipping showed a big, blown-up picture of a girl with black-shadowed eyes and black lips spread in a grin. I couldn’t imagine where such a tarty picture had been taken until I noticed the Bloomingdale earrings and the Bloomingdale necklace glinting out of it with bright, white highlights, like imitation stars.


The article under the picture told how this girl had disappeared from her home on August 17th, wearing a green skirt and a white blouse, and had left a note saying she was taking a long walk. When Miss Greenwood had not returned by midnight, it said, her mother called the town police.

(The Bell Jar, Chapter Sixteen)