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10 mile run today i watched the Ochako vs. Bakugou ep (subbed then dubbed) then Midoriya vs. Todoroki (subbed then dubbed) and i am dead and murdered conclusions are as follows:

  • i love anime physics because if any of this were real i think all of Ochako’s hair woulda been singed off. 
  • like damn japan i admire your insistence that fire attacks are just Big Amorphous Bludgeoning Weapons
  • Bakugou’s…surprised and peeved “she’s not dead” slays me like look i know thats your “thing” but you cant expect her to be fucking dead. scratch that you cant be surprised when shes not.
  • Everyone, up 18 stories high in the high-rise bleachers, watching massive amounts of shrapnel rise into the air until an entire torn up car garage is floating in the sky, “hmmm…..Uraraka really has no plan…she should attempt something but shes not……shame….pity….”
  • i want a gag reel where all the pro heroes in the stands just. continually get smacked by the shit the contestants throw off the stage. people bludgeoned by falling rocks. an entire section frozen over in ice. like that spongebob Frycook Games episode.
  • Kirishima for best 1-A Boy. Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu for best 1-B boy. Combine for the ultimate Best Boy.
  • the phonecall scene. im not crying youre crying,. shut up
  • Izuku, stepping up on stage, doing yoga stretches and drinking Gatorade, “anyway time for a friendly and sportsmanlike game of Let’s Massively Fuck Up My Body”
  • Kissanime has started doing this “im not a robot” feature where it shows you five images, describes two, and you gotta click on those two. Anyway one of the descriptions was boy, injured and the image was fanart of Deku bloody and fucked up like i cannot make this shit up
  • Izuku: has 8 broken fingers and a broken arm. Todoroki: is cold. It’s anyone’s game.


  • Izuku punched him AT LEAST twice and that’s a real damn satisfying thing
  • For real I love that the point of Deku’s whole screaming fit is that he’s offended Todoroki wont beat him up harder. That’s on par with Bakugou being offended that Todoroki declared war on Izuku and not him. 
  • Todoroki offends a lotta people
  • IT’S *Y O U R* POWER”     E  N D   M  E
  • I love when the UA teachers have to play a rousing game of “fuck do we have to intervene before Izuku literally murders himself”
  • Todoroki’s fire side going the fuck up is just???? damn????? DAMN??? THIS FUCKING OP ANIME CHILD WHOMST I LOVE???
  • RIP in pieces Mama Midoriya who no doubt died of 14 simultaneous heart attacks when that final collision went down
  • The dust settles. Izuku wavers, then collapses, out of bounds. Endeavor lets out a whoot of victory. “That’s my boy!” he shouts. Slowly, Todoroki raises his arm in triumph. Wait a minute. Not in triumph. No look at his hand. He’s got his middle finger up. That’s what he’s raising. Damn all the way to the sky. Fuck You Dad he declares, like a true champion. Endeavor smiles but he’s dead inside.
Caring what other people think about you is just part of being young. The sooner you can learn to let go of your attachment to other people's validation, the sooner you begin to live your real life before retirement.

As a shy individual who spends a lot of my time beating myself up, the number one thing I hear from people in their 50’s if I tell them this about myself is this: “you remind me of a younger me”.

Point being, caring what others think is just sort of programmed into the minds of the average young person. But nobody really cares what others think about them by the time they reach their 50’s. They just don’t. They’ve lived enough life to see that it literally serves NO point. But they’re the same person. We are so attached to it that we feel like validation from our peers is literally essential to survival. But it is not, in any way, whatsoever. So many of the older people I talk to just say they feel the exact same as they did when they were in their prime, just now they are in a 50+ year old body.

So, for the love of God, stop caring what others think of you, find something you love, put the horse blinders on, and just do the shit out of what makes you happy. There is absolutely no reason, whatsoever, that you need to care about how other people are perceiving you. It is only causing you unnecessary stress, at which nothing can be gained, even if you think you’re doing everything right to keep others happy. Losing battle.

Maybe your life has become so unconsciously centered around winning other people’s validation, that you don’t even know what I’m talking about. You have a following, and that keeps you going. But you don’t really know yourself that well. You’re going to be addicted to tangible, destructive things when you get older: gambling, smoking, drinking, etc. because you can’t get anybody to care about what you’re doing anymore. Because you’re old now, and nobody really cares about what you’re doing or who you are, minus maybe your immediate family, if you have any (I know that was a harsh sentence but the right people will know what I’m trying to get at). You’re one of the type of person that seriously needs help before it’s too late. What you may think is socialization and healthy conversation with others about your life, achievements, and why you’re definitely going to heaven is just your brain subconsciously trying to get a fix of self-validation off the person: “I’m going to make sure this person knows how amazing I am and then breathe a sigh of relief ” like you just stuck a needle in your vein.

Point in summary: Just about everyone who gets past the age of 50 stops caring what others think about them because they finally see that it serves absolutely no purpose. So, if you’re young, take their advice. Get the ball rolling early. It’s easier said than done, but with a bit of courage, you can make your path by walking. We’re all made of the same thing. So trying to keep everybody happy and constantly gaining reassurance that you’re okay and everybody likes you is an addictive activity that serves zero purpose. The sooner you can legitimately stop caring what others think about you and just listen to yourself and trust yourself and your true endeavors, the sooner you have eliminated a toxic addiction from your body that will have bad long-term effects.

Edit: This was posted due to an epiphany I had recently. I should have specified that this post was meant to be directed to the people out there also like me who have done so much caring about what people think that we’re sick and tired of beating ourselves up and having a gratuitous, illogical and harmful amount of self-doubt. I didn’t say it was easy, but through some epiphanies, I have experienced true freedom from my form of this mental prison before, and from what it felt like, it’s worth it to work towards feeling this way as much as possible as early as you can in life. Just remember to treat others how you’d like to be treated, basically.

Also, it sounds like a lot of you who disagree don’t have the anxiety and self doubt like us, but still are trying to develop sensitivity to other’s thoughts about you to become better people. And that’s really nice to see.

predictions for spielberg’s animaniacs reboot

i foresee three timelines:

  • a witty, well-written show that transitions nicely to today’s modern pop culture and humor style [TRUE END]
  • an endeavor to cling to the past by using stale & played-out jokes and writing, trying to sell the show on nostalgia alone [NEUTRAL END]
  • a foolish hollywood attempt at memes a la powerpuff girls 2016 [BAD END]

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(part 1) yeah! also i imagine someone going "midoriya! you've got all that analysis about heroes and stuff right? what do you think about the new number one?" / *blank look* "the who"/ "you know, endeavor?"/ "oh." *unnaturally long pause* "endeavor is 195 cm tall. that's 25 cm shorter than all might" (and then if they keep pushing) "endeavor's simple-minded dedication to being #1 is unbelievable"/ "don't you mean single-minded?"/ "oh, sorry."

(part 2) though now i’m laughing because i’m imagining a what-if in which izuku tries to dodge openly commenting on endeavor by just stating straight-up objective facts about him. he starts running out of facts and they start getting more and more obscure and then outrageous, but he still sounds totally neutral while saying them. people are convinced that izuku knows A Lot of Endeavor trivia.

(part 3)They’re particularly interested in Knowing Things about the new #1, which isn’t helped when shouto just. never denies anything. Ever. it starts out true like “endeavor weighs 118kg” and then he starts making up little things like “endeavor’s favorite color is actually blue” which leads to “endeavor has to change socks often because flame boots. sweaty feet you know” to “endeavor has a secret passion for entomology” to “endeavor is actually a mermaid. secretly.”

Imagine it’s like the frog-in-water analogy. Izuku edges into more and more ridiculous “facts”, but gradually enough that the change is palatable. Before you know it, things like “Endeavor used to be an expert in international conspiracy theories, and has appeared anonymously in numerous American documentaries” sound pretty reasonable.

In the Wake of Scandal: Factory Reset

This isn’t “canon” to In the Wake of Scandal….more of a …possible resolution with all its own problems. Manga spoilers

Miyaki Ruriko had silver hair like fine threads of jewelry. She tied it loose at the nape of her neck whenever she appeared on the evening news, so that its flawlessness became something effortless. The studio lighting gave it shimmer, a thin band of pure white warmth that crowned her head, bright like the circles of light reflected in her similarly-silver eyes. Those were deeply lined beneath, almost gaunt, yet they stayed lively, youthful, illustrious and penetrating. She was a fill-in news anchor on the most watched network, and somehow she always gathered a greater audience than the anchor she replaced. People were drawn to her bright charm, her wizened face, her shimmering hair, her enchanting eyes. The news station received letters, often, requesting that Miyaki fill in more… 

“It’s…probably time we bring Miyaki in. Let’s end this mess, before we really can’t control it…” Officer Tsukauchi sat slumped forward in his office chair, fingers kneading into his temple, elbows braced against his knees. He looked up and caught Toshinori’s horrified eye.

“Miyaki…? The news anchor?” Toshinori, frail in his true form, sat taller. He still made for an imposing presence when the tension in the air grew thick.

“Yeah,” Tsukauchi answered with a drawn smile. “I’ve spoken with the Chief. She’s probably our best bet now…”

“You called her after my fight with All-For-One… That Miyaki?” Toshinori asked, more fervent, more pressing.

“That, and other times. Usually whenever we need to clean up eye-witnesses who’ve seen things they shouldn’t.”

Toshinori stood with enough force to shift his chair back, a heavy leather-bound thing whose displacement left scuffs in the tile. “I oppose it. You called me in as a consult, didn’t you? I know better than anyone how to handle the public’s perception of the Number 1 hero, don’t I? So here’s my answer: Don’t. You can’t erase Shouto’s accusation from the public…” Toshinori’s hands twitched, anxious frustrated energy tensing them at his side. “You can’t send the message that a heinous crime shouldn’t be brought to light…”

“That’s not what we’re doing,” Tsukauchi answered, rushed, a bit harried. He leaned away from Toshinori’s presence. “It might…be beyond the capacity of Miyaki’s quirk…but we’re not assigning her the task of erasing Shouto’s accusation from the public memory.” He stiffened. “We want her to erase Endeavor from the public memory.”

Toshinori stared, and blinked, and blanched. “She can erase a whole person?”

“We’re not…sure. But she thinks it can be done. We’ll have a team working on it as well. Some specially-quirked people will be erasing message board histories concerning Endeavor. We’ve got another team who’ll work with the people Endeavor’s saved, sewing over their memory. And for the pieces we can’t catch…Miyaki thinks she can spin it so that ‘Endeavor’ was a fake hero coined by a group as a joke, and any reference left of him will look like a reference to that fictional character.”

The color had not returned to Toshinori’s face. “It…seems so drastic.”

“It is, definitely. But things will fall apart if we leave them like this. The unrest is overwhelming. The institution of heroes could collapse if this stress continues…but we can’t put Endeavor back on the streets. It would be easier, of course, to just erase all memory of Shouto’s accusation, and put everything back to normal but…” Tsukauchi paused. “…Having a man like that as our Number 1 Hero…that’s not ‘normal’…That’s the last thing I want to be normal.”

Toshinori lowered himself back into his chair. He clenched his hands around his knees. “I agree…That’s the very last thing I want…”

“Good evening, it’s 6pm and I’m your fill-in anchor for tonight, Miyaki Ruriko. In the wake of utter scandal, Endeavor’s court date has been set for the 6th of June, at which point he’ll be tried for his crimes of child abuse against his own son, Shouto Todoroki. Or…maybe that’s not true?” Miyaki flashed a smile. Her eyes were bright, enchanting, like glitter.

People on the street paused, catching sight of her on the televisions anchored on the facades of buildings. They smiled. They watched.

“None of that…is true. Endeavor was never arrested. Or…maybe Endeavor isn’t even a real person…?” She smiled wider, sweat beaded along her brow, though the studio lighting hid it. Her teeth clenched, her fingers tightened, and after a moment she continued just as illustriously as before. “Oh yes, Endeavor is not a real person. He’s a fictional character. We have no Number 1 hero currently. But ever since All Might’s fall, rumor has it the ranks will be shuffled up. Best Jeanist may see himself in spot Number 1, and how brilliant he would look in that position!”

People nodded along. Miyaki’s eyes were gorgeous, oh entrancing, oh yes… and yes, Best Jeanist would be quite a brilliant fit for the Number 1 Hero. How brilliant he looked in those jeans.

Tension left the air. People felt an unease leave their bodies. There had been an anxiety threading through the atmosphere, furrowing their brows, tightening their lips when the news started. But why? It seemed so silly. The only news was of Best Jeanist. And it was that Miyaki Ruriko speaking again…how dashing she was…how bright and lovely. People smiled.

And somewhere off in a holding cell of a prison people paid little mind to, Endeavor no longer existed. A man named Enji Todoroki sat there instead, no more or less known than anyone else in that prison. A man with a name, and a crime, and a court date, and nothing more.

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Can we talk about Endeavor? Like how he probably raped his wife whenever a kid did not have that powerful quirk. Kids were spoiled up until their quirk showed then he just stopped paying attention to them. His wife was probably releaved when Shotos quirk came but was probably forced to be with him more than the other kids. Imagine the hell the first born must have witnessed in that house. Do you think any of Shotos sibling resented him because he WAS the favorite?

I already wrote a little about Endeavor in this post, where I compared Bakugou to him and how they could have ended up the same if Bakugou had kept an unhealthy mindset about being number one without anyone being at his sides he could consider as an equal and as a friend. Endeavor must have had a prodigious childhood; he has the power to control fire after all, so he could probably see himself as the top hero since he was young and everyone around him must have admired him greatly. His family must have had quite the authority if he could force an arranged marriage with Todoroki’s mother, so he was probably a spoiled child with a strong sense of entitlement about everything. But, there are a small number of panels where we can see Endeavor looking at All Migh’s back and seeing an impassable pit between them, a place he could never reach no matter what he did, which screwed his whole mental state. 

I’m not making any excuse for Endeavor, as all the things you said are unfortunately most likely true. Endeavor was so dead set on being better than All Might that he messed up a whole family and several lives for his selfish desires. He was so obsessed about being the best he became an abusive person. We immediately understood why Todoroki’s mother threw boiling water right on her young child’s face; Todoroki himself understood it was his father’s fault for abusing his mother and messing her mentally speaking. So far no one said a thing about Todoroki’s burn on his face, which I find pretty great given how keen people can be to mock others. The only terrible thing about this burn is the traumatic past there’s behind; his own mother threw boiling water on his face because he reminded her of Endeavor. That’s how much he inspired her terror. You’re right about the others siblings ; once Endeavor found out about their quirks, he probably didn’t pay attention to them any longer and concentrated on… Making another attempt for a perfect successor. We don’t really know what happened to all the siblings ; Todoroki’s older sister seems to be quite alright. While they were totally ignored by their father, they weren’t abused like Todoroki. But that’s why Dabi ended up being Todoroki’s brother would be interesting, because it would show another outcome possible for an abusive childhood during which he was denied and saw his mother and brother abused, and show just how much Endeavor messed up. I don’t think it would make sense for a sibling to resent Todoroki, given how hellish was his childhood. Todoroki’s older sister for example became a teacher, and Hori wrote she choose this path out of guilt for not protecting her younger brother earlier. It wouldn’t make sense for that reason but we never know how a character might have lived an event from his own perspective, so but it could be another possibility after all, it’s up to Hori to decide that. 

So, about Endeavor still being a hero. We must consider that all of this was happening behind closed doors. Endeavor probably saved a lot of lives during his hero activities and people must have been really glad he was there, so while he’s a terrible person, he’s also a great hero; Todoroki admitted so as well. You evoked Stain ; while he was resented by Shigaraki, he also inspired a lot of others villains. Dabi and Spinner for example joined the League of Villains because they wanted to carry on his will. So yeah, people end up being torn because of that aspect. It illustrates reality as well; sometimes, people are not the same person they are in their private life and professional life, and have multiple sides of them, like how Stain has understandable ideals but very wrong methods ; so what do we have to keep in the end? How can we condemn someone given these multiple aspects? It’s not an easy question, and the right thing to do is probably finding an adequate punishment. I believe that in the end, Endeavor’s punished in the sense where he’ll never be what he craves to be; the true top hero of society. Someone who abuses his family can never be a true hero in heart and inspire others; even Inasa who found him cool was totally terrified when he met Endeavor. So even if All Might met his end, Endeavor will never truly be the Number One Hero because he got the title by default, and he’ll have to live with his wounded ego for his whole life. He was clearly shown being completely disappointed and angry when it happened. 

It reminded me of Bakugou refusing his medal at UA sports festival because he wasn’t satisfied with the way he won. Their egos are totally frail because they convinced themselves the only way to get recognition was by being number one and outclassing anyone else. But while Bakugou is still fifteen and won’t go down the same path, Endeavor is a grown adult who’ll never feel satisfied his whole life and will never find gratification in anything, because he’ll realize his son doesn’t have the same objectives and won’t fulfill it for him. In a way, Endeavor already carries the same misery he inflicted to his family and unlike them, probably won’t heal for that, while Todoroki, his siblings and his mother will stick together and grow happier despite everything that happened. Never finding happiness nor gratification, and feeling miserable your whole life is quite the punishment for someone aspiring to be the greatest of all time, don’t you think?


like deja vu

louis/niall, ot4 & ot5 | ~104k

Niall knows if he turns, Zayn won’t be there. He doesn’t expect Zayn to be there, but he should be. He should be next to Niall, looking out at Dubai and smiling and bright and happy and with so much awe that he can’t hide any of it. He should be here next to Niall. They should be sharing this moment.

Zayn isn’t here. Zayn is gone. He’s not letting Niall into anything anymore.

Niall’s afraid the space next to him will never stop feeling empty.

a canon compliant magical realism au that follows niall and the boys while they try to navigate a post-zayn world. written for round 4 of the @1dbigbang

the stunning art above is by the superbly talented amanda @becomewords. she also made an absolutely incredible mix for this fic that can be found below! make sure to go and let her know how truly beautiful all of her art is!!!

read on ao3 | listen to the mix | thank you post

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"The dust settles. Izuku wavers, then collapses, out of bounds. Endeavor lets out a whoot of victory. “That’s my boy!” he shouts. Slowly, Todoroki raises his arm in triumph. Wait a minute. Not in triumph. No look at his hand. He’s got his middle finger up. That’s what he’s raising. Damn all the way to the sky. Fuck You Dad he declares, like a true champion. Endeavor smiles but he’s dead inside." youve killed me; im dead inside



There are moments
Existence overwhelms
A web spun of doubt
Juxtaposed with understanding

Small things collect at the bottom
Slow entropy
I clamor to realign circuits
Balance the quickness evading pretension

Involve myself in her roundabout ways
This day
Pressed upon the earth’s timid brow
A late flurry east
To settle a higher canopy

Suppose one cannot know
The heart’s true endeavor
But navigate the border
Tenacious and empassioned

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im friendless, jobless, in debt, and my face is breaking out but for some reason i feel great

You ever feel the need to be with you! ☚(゚ヮ゚☚) Ѱζ༼ᴼل͜ᴼ༽ᶘѰ hit it with football? everywhere you go, football! go there, football! football football football! like what the fuck? sunday football, monday night football, thursday football, football on christmas! and out but not quite and its giving me an isopod plushie and i shallwilldefinitely be happy thank u for ur time,

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So.. this ask is a little bit personal for me. Not TOO personal! Just.. I need protective/supportive skells in my life. ~_~ Kay. Soooo. Red, Edge, Sans, and Stretch have an s/o who's super nice green soul, and they don't like asking about getting paid for anything they help with, because it'd make them feel bad. How would these guys help their s/o out?

Mm. I have the same problem. I feel ya. Enjoy these protective and murderous skellies!

     ~ Underfell
Sans (Red)

Red doesn’t understand how you can be so nice. Underground, everyone made sure they got paid, even if it meant dusting someone. You’re too kind for you own good, though that’s one of the things Red loves the most about you. Red makes an effort to learn about all of the things you do for others, under the guise of wanting to know how much work you’ve done and how much pampering he’s gonna need to give you.

Shortly after you got together with Red, things started appearing on the front porch with thank-you letters. Nothing ever seems to indicate why they suddenly want to thank you for the things they’ve done with gifts and/or money. Nothing ever tells you, either.

Oh, well.

Papyrus (Edge)


True to his words, Edge begins to join you whenever you agree to help someone out. If it’s a spur of the moment thing, surprise, Edge has appeared. You get the feeling that he’s glaring down whoever you’re helping, but whenever you turn to him, he’s merely staring off into the distance and tapping his foot impatiently. From then on, people insist that you let them thank you in some way. If you don’t accept it, letters appear in the mail. Even when Edge isn’t there, they still insist on rewarding you.

rumors about him have spread. please don’t let him terrify your friends

Undertale Sans (Classic/Sans)

Classic sort of understands. He doesn’t want to force you into trying to get payments. Your SOUL shines brightest when you’re helping others - even if you don’t notice it yourself - so he would hate to do something to dull that brilliant shine. Instead, he gets off his lazy tush to comfort you whenever you’ve helped someone. The more work you did, the more pampering you’re gonna get. And, if neither of you are in the mood for super active pampering, he’s cuddling you extra hard and telling you all of things he loves about you, including the beautiful green of your soul.

Underswap Papyrus (Stretch)

Stretch takes the most active approach of the skellies, especially surprising considering his title as the laziest of them all. No, he sees how emotionally and physically exhausted you are after helping a lot of people, and he hates seeing you so tired. plus it cuts into your cuddling time So, he decides to do something about it. Making it so you couldn’t help anyone would be the worst fate for you SOUL, and he knows that. Feeling like he only has one option left, he helps! In order to lessen any and all exhaustion you might feel, he appears whenever you’re helping someone. Prepare to have all of your stress lift away with his well-timed jokes and light touches. All the reward he needs is getting to cuddle you longer at night. Seeing your smile directed at him makes is own SOUL soar.

True Friend Poem

True friends are by your side through it all. True friends are there to catch you when you fall. True friends give your life a happy lift. True friends are a most precious gift.

True friends will care about you forever. True friends want to be with you on every endeavor. True friends can make you laugh and cry. True friends can be girls or guys.

True friends can get mad at each other. True friends can be your sisters or brothers. True friends will never truly leave you. True friends will love you no matter what you do.

True friends really know you but love you anyway. True friends are those who are always asking you if you’re okay. True friends know that hate is a very strong word. True friends don’t believe every story they’ve heard.

True friends will tell you the truth, even if it’s not what you want to hear. True friends are always there with a hug and a listening ear. True friends will tell you things that are true. True friends will do anything they can to help you.

True friends love to spend time with you. True friends love to tease you too. True friends tease all in good fun. True friends don’t care if you’ve lost or won.

I will love you forever, my friend. I will stay by your side until the very end. You’ll be in my heart, as I pray for you each day. You are my truest friend in every way.

@pastelsweetheartgirl @ihaileysenpai @phoenixmeeka 


Aries- Expressing emotion, especially rage, but others too, very impulsively. Although I’d recommend no other way, for this is the natural Aries expression. For this I suppose, it can appear as more of a vice to the ones around them, but over time, the Aries expression becomes one to aspire to, rather than keeping it within to rot. Yet it can be explosive at times, irrational. 

Taurus- Over indulgence, especially for a sense of comfort. This can be drink, food, anything that takes them away from the practicalities of life to a place more enjoyably sensual. Yet, it starts off enjoyable, then can turn to a rut before they feel they have control over it. Gluttony and Greed can occur, needing physical valuables to make a sense of safety lacking elsewhere.

Gemini- The Gemini personality often takes flight even when the other person has already fell in love, leading a mess of tears and bandaged knees for the people behind them. Gemini must live a life of curiosity, wonder and stimulation, and similar situations often cannot do this. They mean not harm, and sometimes, the pain of others may not even resonate until it is too late.

Cancer- The feeling of crawling in their own skin can come from a sense of shame forced upon them for expressing any kind of feeling too overtly, whether that is sadness or something more positive like joy. Yet this is societies standards internalised, not a natural trait they were born with. The cancer individual can feel like the Lunar mother herself as a human charade. 

Leo- The need for unconditional love, though not often considered a vice, can lead to displays of pride, egoism and demands from Leo, yet this all comes from a pure place of wanting to belong in the heart of another. Leo wants to radiate light out to all they touch, yet can feel ignored and abandoned incredible easy, much like a child. 

Virgo- The pursuit of perfection can feel like a never ending, torturous game for Virgo, seeing every reflecting surface as some kind of reminder of the imperfections of humanity. It can take Virgo many years to understand that anything pristine is likely inauthentic, even if this gives them the butterflies of nerves in their bellies. They do rise above it though, finding comfort in kindness.

Libra- The identity of another can feel immensely satisfying for Libra, at least for a while, but then often the niggling complaints begin to rise from within themselves, a sense that they are sacrificing more than they can give at times. The pursuit for peace and belonging can lead Libra down romanticised paths with dangerous individuals, ones that do not think so purely as they do. 

Scorpio- Secrets for Scorpio feeds their internal desire to understand the universe on an intimate level, asking more than the universe is sometimes willing to provide. This can damage them though, knowing that darkness is here as well as lightness, finding daggers in things best kept locked away. But for Scorpio this is more than some eager hobby, but a part of their transformative personality. 

Sagittarius- Being committed to something, anything, a person, a subject, a job can lead to that feeling of failure for Sagittarius, that life should be much more than that, much more invigorating and exciting, so why must they limit their choices. They may choose somewhat reckless behavior to retain a part of themselves that needs to fly, needing their hearts to relight. Abundance is sought through adventure. 

Capricorn- Distraction for Capricorn can make them face themselves forward, never stopping to face the collected baggage of emotions that they can feel will weigh them down, cloud their judgement and prevent their endeavors. It’s true this could be in the form of work, but also could be much more, anything that gives them tunnel vision and a crystal clear mind with objective. A glance back could completely alter their course of action. 

Aquarius- Chaos can feel electrifying for Aquarius, where there is no more freeing feeling than watching established systems, especially corrupt ones, fall and crumble to the ground. Yet they forget that for others, there is many emotional ties to tradition, even if they are outdated. Aquarius definitely have an anarchic streak, where out with the old and in with the new can trample others routes at times. 

Pisces- Comfort in the traits of others can prevent Pisces from having to face up to an identity that is ever changing, shifting, mirroring, maybe making them feel at odds with a world that puts emphasis on individuality and independence. Their vice can feel like that of a vampire, sucking the life force from those around them, yet this happens unconsciously, taking both the best and the worse from an eclectic collection of people. 

Yoarashi Inasa’s story

Spoilers for Chapter 111

Inasa doesn’t have to have a “meaningful backstory” in order to justify his dislike for both Shouto and Endeavor. People don’t always have huge or deep reasons to justify their actions — a lot of times people act based on their emotions and thoughts, it doesn’t matter if it’s right or wrong or meaningful to you or to anybody else, what matters is it was meaningful to that person.

In this chapter, it was shown that Inasa’s source for his grudge against Endeavor was refusing to sign his autograph and setting him aside, telling him to move, “you’re in the way”. Endeavor pushed Inasa out of the way enough to cast him on the ground.

Endeavor, who Inasa looked up to as his Hero role model, put him down and rejected him.

It’s not just a matter of not getting his autograph or getting ignored. Inasa idolized him and had expectations of him to act “like a Hero should”. Getting treated that way was enough to ruin that image from Inasa’s mind that he might’ve thought, damn, this guy’s an asshole after all. And he’s a Hero? Is this how Heroes are?

But Inasa tried to think positively somewhat and attempted to befriend Shouto too when he saw him at the UA Entrance Exams. I guess it tells a little that somehow, even by just a tiny bit, Inasa has hope that maybe Shouto is different from his asshole father (and the fact that he perfectly knew Shouto is Endeavor’s son was a bit of fanboy moment for him I think, it is kind of adorable).

“Move out of the way”, Shouto had told him then. Inasa’s hope shattered. Like father like son he concluded. It might’ve been a rash conclusion on his side, but you have to consider that Inasa, as shown multiple times from the past chapters, acts on impulse and is very hot-headed. To get to a quick conclusion like that is very much in character for him.

I guess in the end it all points to Stain’s values, as mentioned in the previous chapter regarding Shiketsu High students. Inasa probably has the same thoughts like Stain regarding what it means to be a true Hero. Endeavor has a huge list of accomplishments as a Hero but based on Stain’s philosophy, that kind of attitude and personality is not deserving if your intent and goodwill is truly lacking. If Todoroki Shouto or Todoroki Enji were produced by UA High, then he didn’t want to be in the same school that doesn’t teach its students on what it means to be a Hero.

Also I have to mention that Inasa doesn’t even hate Endeavor or Shouto that much, in the sense that he’s out to defeat them or it’s his life goal to take them down etc. He doesn’t seek them out to antagonize them. He just dislikes them and prefers not to associate with them, which, I think given the points above, he has valid reasons not to.

It’s just that there’s always a time and place for everything and clearly both Shouto and Inasa were wrong for getting in an argument at a crucial time. They both deserve to be reprimanded by Izuku.

The one thing I wish someone had told me about creative ability

There’s a surprising little–but remarkably powerful–thing about being creative that I wish someone had told me when I first started researching the subject.

It’s the importance of having confidence in your ability to think you can be creative. It sounds like hot air, but science has proven the valuable importance confidence plays in creativity.

Brothers Tom and David Kelley wrote an entire book on this very subject, called Creative Confidence, in which they not only explain the real science behind the role confidence has in creativity, but they also go into vivid detail as to why creative confidence matters and how to incorporate it into your life or work.

No matter who you are or what you want to do, you can be more creative, the Kelley brothers explain, but that’s only true if you first believe that you can be to begin with.

“Believing you can,” they explain, “is like having your shoes on and laces tied before the race.”

The Kelley brothers highlight the psychological research of Stanford professor Albert Bandura, who helped define the term directly impacting our perceived confidence: self efficacy.

Self efficacy is how much you believe in your ability to change and succeed in certain situations. If you’re terrible at math, your self efficacy will be lower in situations where you have to solve mathematical formulas, for example.

Bandura tells us that simply believing you will fail at something leads you to more than likely fulfill that belief. Believe you might succeed, research finds, and you just might. Even if you have little experience in the challenge or task in front of you.

When it comes to creative thinking, self efficacy plays a tremendous role, particularly as we look at the common myths around creativity. The most notable myth being: only certain types of people are born with the ability to think creatively.

If you believe that only certain types of people can be creative, or that creativity is a trait you must be born with, or that creativity cannot work in certain situations or for particular types of work, you’ve already set the bar as low as it can go. In those instances: the myth prevails simply because we’ve let it.

On the other hand, those who are more open minded about what’s possible are much more likely to reap the benefits of those positive beliefs. Tom and David Kelley tell us:

“Start with a growth mindset, the deep-seated belief that your true potential is still unknown. That you are not limited to only what you have been able to do before.”

If you don’t believe you can write a book, you’re not going to. It’s that simple.

However, if you believe you might be able to write a book, you suddenly open yourself to the possibility that you may be able to write a few words a day, a few chapters a week, until after a few months of diligent writing you have a full draft completed. With a draft you can pass it off to an editor, who can correct any errors you may have overlooked. Just like that you could have written a book.

So why do we so often limit ourselves to what we’ve done previously, closing our minds to new possibilities?

The common reasons we doubt our creative ability stem from our fear of failing or, more importantly, simply not understanding what it means to be creative.

David Burkus explains in his book, The Myths of Creativity:

“In many domains, such as the traditional fine arts, we can easily mistake domain-relevant skills for creativity itself. If we can’t imagine being as good as the composer, then we assume that the composer is more creative than us. What we typically don’t imagine is the years of deliberate practice required to gain such expertise.”

Nobody is born a prodigious musician. They might be born with a keen ear and develop remarkable muscle flexibility to play an instrument, but everyone has to learn to play.

The same is true of any endeavor: sports, artistic pursuits, public speaking, design, writing, dance, leadership. And, of course, creativity.

Unfortunately many of us are conditioned out of this belief, that we are capable of remarkable and truly creative things. The Kelley brothers continue:

“When a child loses confidence in his or her creativity, the impact can be profound. People start to separate the world into those who are creative and those who are not. They come to see these categories as fixed, forgetting that they too once loved to draw and tell imaginative stories.”

The problem is not that we have lost our ability to think creatively, but rather, we have lost our belief in ourselves and our incredible ability to learn, adapt, and grow.

You don’t have to believe that you can be the next Steve Jobs, Ansel Adams, Johann Sebastian Bach, or Elon Musk. You simply need to believe that you can take small steps toward creative greatness.

Start now, right now, with whatever you have in front of you. If you’ve ever dreamed of writing a book, start writing a chapter right now and don’t stop until you’ve hit 700 words. If you’ve dreamed of inventing the next great energy solution, write down your craziest ideas right now. If you’ve wanted to start a business, become a photographer, or inspire others, take one small step toward those things right now.

Share what you create on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, or anywhere else. Let the world know that you believe in your ability to be creatively successful. All it takes is the belief that you can be, then taking one small step.

The Kelley brothers tell us:

“Creativity, far from requiring rare gifts and skills, depends on what you believe you can do with the talents and skills you already have.”