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We need more examples of genuinely happy, healthy relationships on TV and in books and in films. No more of this bullshit about how real, epic love is painful and impossible or deadly. Love should not break you! Love should make you stronger. (insp)

Date: So what are some of your hobbies?
Me: Well….

Role Reversal AU

Where Ran is Detective of the East,

Kazuha is Detective of the West,

Annnnd Aoko is the phantom thief.

Anyone done this yet?

When someone walks in on me while I’m in bed with my ikemen

ginny and luna as girlfriends & fwb at hogwarts because i just can’t help myself:

  • luna goes to all ginny’s quidditch teams, lion hat on her head, and makes it roar so loud every time ginny scores a goal. ginny blows kisses & winks to luna before every match, it makes her feel lucky
  • luna’s in all sorts of fringe clubs and organizations too. ginny goes to all of luna’s matches/premieres/etc and cheers as enthusiastically for her gf at this little club as any student does for a quidditch match
  • ginny even makes a little ravenclaw hat for luna’s games, though ginny’s not great at art and she gets really frustrated when her projects go wrong. it’s smaller than the lion hat but it has wings that flap and the eagle noise is super realistic, and luna appreciates the effort so much (she cried when she first saw it). everyone else is very much like, “…..what the fuck?” but who cares
  • luna spends her holidays running around the world searching for mythical creatures, she invites her father and her girl. ginny surpresses her percy-like inclination to denounce it all, and throws herself determinedly into the adventure - they never find a snorkack or humdinger but they do discover a few old artifacts………..luna’s convinced they have Powers. ginny humors her.
  • ginny winning quidditch matches and throwing herself, windswept and sweating and exhilarated, into her gf’s arms in front of everybody
  • luna sometimes cheers against ravenclaw in gryffindor/ravenclaw matches. her housemates are used to how doe-eyed ginny makes her by now though.
  • luna gets ginny, stubborn and set in her ways as she is, to try all sorts of concoctions in the kitchen when ginny visits her on holiday. most of them are pretty good, to everyone’s surprise.
  • speaking of them on holiday: endless sunny days strolling the streets/fields around the burrow and the rook, soaking up the nature, telling each other stories - some true, some fabricated…..ginny enchants the flower petals caught in the wind to dance around them; luna threads daisies into both their braids.
  • meeting the family!!!! some of the weasleys are confused about luna, but they think shes sweet and funny and lovely. xenophilius thinks ginny’s hard-headed but brave, and he loves how she dotes on luna and looks at her with stars in her eyes.
  • ginny sneaks out of the tower most nights, she and luna take moonlit walks around the dark grounds, hand in hand, talking about the stars (it doesnt matter that ginny’s failing astronomy and most of luna’s mythology is made up)

credit to @ginnnyweasleys for coming up with these with me :))) iconic sport gay and art gay girlfriends for life!


This is literally me in EVERY voltage route

Huedhaut MS


I’ve lived a hundred lives, I’ve loved a hundred loves, and I’ve walked in distant worlds… all thanks to Voltage.

Beauty And The Beast Themed Asks

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Princess Belle

Do you have any weird or odd interests, and if so, what? 

What is your favorite book?

Prince Adam

What quality do you dislike the most about yourself? 

Is there anything that you would like to change about your past?


What quality do you like the most about yourself?

Is there anything you would like to happen in your future?


Have you ever had a crush, and if so, who? 

Have you ever had your heart broken?

Mrs. Potts

What is the best advice you have ever been given? 

What is the best advice you ever given someone else?


What’s your favorite childhood memory? 

Would you ever want to have kids?


Are you more extroverted, or introverted? 

What is your favorite food?


When was the last time you broke the rules?

What was your favorite time of your life?


What quality in a partner do you most admire?

Can you speak another language, and if so, what language(s) can you speak?


What is your favorite song to sing? 

Do you consider yourself a good singer?


What is your favorite song to listen to? 

Can you play an instrument? 


When was the last time you were scared?

Have you ever had a near-death experience, and if so, what was it?


What is the last thing you have done that made you happy? 

Do you like to dance?

The Enchantress:

How do you define inner beauty?

Do you believe in the concept of soulmates, true love, and fate?

Enchanted Rose:

Choose two random questions above and answer them.

The reason why I love otome games so much:

Society: You’re socially awkward. You should try making friends. The way you laugh is weird. You need to lose some weight. Get a boyfriend. Don’t spend so much time on the internet. Study more, relax less. Your outfit sucks. No one will ever love you if you don’t start acting friendlier. That test was so easy, how could you fail it? You look so tired, it’s repulsing. What’s wrong with you, can’t you speak properly? Stop complaining about being bullied, there are people that have it worse than you!


Voltage inc. men:


This is my healthy obsession.

Because, each time you make me feel worthless, lonely, abnormal, or insecure, I find relief in these words of comfort. Because, whenever the truth of my existence tries to tear me down, I’ll always have my dreams, my fictional characters, and my little otome world. Because, despite being stuck in this shallow, judgemental society, I know that I can freely swing from a universe to another. Because I am given the opportunity to live inside my head, away from you.

Oh, you think I am detached from reality? You’re wrong. I am deeply, emotionally, and entirely connected to the reality of my own feelings, my own pleasure, my own self… I am blind and immune to your idiotic rules, your typical expectations, your mocking laughter, and your unjustified insults. I choose to  acknowledge the people, things and activities that make me happy. I choose to convert reality as I enjoy it, turning it into my own happiness. I am a human being. I am able to create my own reality.

“Don’t ever be ashamed of loving the strange things that make your weird little heart happy.”

Otome games make me happy. It’s as simple as that. 

This is a post of appreciation. Voltage, thank you for putting a smile on my face, whenever I feel sad. :)

(That ended up sounding more dramatic than I expected. But I hope I am not the only one that feels this way. xD) 

  • Me: no I'm not going to buy that route.
  • Voltage: but you'll love it.
  • Me: no. I don't have money for it.
  • Voltage: *shows me pic of bae all battered and bruised/ pointing a gun at someone/crying*
  • Voltage: guess you'll have to buy the route and find out.
  • Me: .....
  • Me: ........
  • Me: ........
  • Me: Damn it

Look at all these cinnamon rolls.

Langst Mini Fic #8: Ocean

…I saw that it was “mermay” and my mind gave this to me

It was an old tale passed from generations to generations. But just because it was old it doesn’t mean that it was untrue. Just like history, it was a memory from the past to serve as a guide or warning for the present or future.

And Lance wondered, did their kind was already classified as just part of the fiction or were there some people out there who genuinely still believed in them? And he didn’t mean those little kids who wanted to see their fantasy dreams to turn into reality, or those ones who were wishing for adventures and that was the reason why they were actively searching.

No, Lance meant was those people who still believe that they do exist and that they have lives too and emotions just like ordinary human beings.

Maybe there weren’t anymore. They had been forgotten and just became a part of fairy tales. But it still didn’t change the fact that they were still out there. Some may be weak for they rely on the amount of their believers while some just simply continue their lives in isolation and then there were those like Lance’s family who fit themselves inside the humans’ society. It was difficult to hide their true nature but never impossible.

It was indeed an old tale and when Lance found himself in a castle far away from home…he desperately wished that the stories passed down were just a myth. But he could never really lie to himself for deep down he knew all of it was true.

“Earth’s water is enchanted itself. This is the reason why we can live in it peacefully and protect us from humans that might harm us. It gave us the power to control our changing appearance and chance to walk on land. But everything has it cost. Only earth’s water can return us to our original appearance.”


Lance never had gone a full day without reverting back to his merman form. Even in Garrison, for small amount of times, he let his tail just enjoyed the feeling of the water even if it was from a simple shower. Now that he was stuck in space and fighting against an empire that lived for ten thousand years? He would be lying to himself if he would say that it will just take months to finish it.

That was, if Lance had enough time to see the end of the war he suddenly participated in.

He tried the showers inside the castle, he could not force the change. The brief encounter with the Altean pool was not helpful either. Even a planet specifically for the merfolk didn’t helped him in gaining back his original form! His time was running down.

Lance was dying and he knew it.

It might be a slow process but it was happening. It felt like each day he was walking on the desert with needles under his feet. He missed the feeling of the salty waters of the ocean against his skin. He missed his tail that had different shades of blue as it went further down from his hip. He missed his friends in the ocean as well as his family. He missed the days that he would just simply swim along and against the current or exploring the sunken ships.

Lance was dying and he knew it but he never said a thing to his teammates.

He knew it was a stupid decision. What was stopping him from telling the truth to his friends? To his second family? Lance has a lot of things in his mind that would always stop him in telling them the truth.

One, even though they saw a lot of things there was this voice on the back of his mind that tells him that no one would believe him. It was common for humans to deny what they considered as not real in their eyes. His friends were too logical and the Alteans didn’t really know anything about the earth’s merfolks. It would be hard to convince Allura and Coran that their kinds were real on earth if he would be contradicted by four other people. At least that was the scenario that his mind came up with.

Two, Lance didn’t want to be a burden. This was a universal fact. His family knew this, his ocean friends knew this, Hunk knew this, and Lance was pretty sure that Pidge knew this also. He might be annoying but he never wanted to be a burden. He wanted to be the opposite of it. He wanted to be remembered as someone who contributed something and if he needed to fight a war to be useful and protect those who were important to him at the same time then so be it.

Third, saying the truth and assuming that they would believe could have two endings. One, they will go back on earth and this might lead the Galra in their home planet which means that they would drag the lives of humans in a war they were not aware of. Or two, going back to earth might mean that the other merfolks will not let him out of the ocean anymore, and that’s a possible thing to happen considering the overprotectiveness that runs through their veins. Either of the two choices was not really something that Lance wanted to happen.

So he just remained in silence about the issue where his life was literally at stake.

Lance was very aware that he was dying. The dryness of his skin was proof of this and no amount of his daily routine could hide it. No matter how much moisturizer he applied the fact that his skin was drying due to being exposed outside of earth’s water for too long was there. Being outside in space was similar to consuming daily poison for Lance. When he decided to be a pilot he thought he would never be far away from home for too long. How wrong he was for thinking such naïve things.

He was dying and he was still pushing himself to fight.

At least he was fighting until the day that Pidge was reunited with her brother. Lance was really happy for her, for all of them. There was hope for the future, there was hope for everyone.

But Lance silently accepted that this hope was not for him to touch.

The last things he remembered was falling asleep in his room and then screaming the next. From who was the answer that Lance really didn’t know.

“Hunk, do you believe in mermaids?”


“Aren’t mermaids just a myth?”


“No they are not, silly!” Lance laughed and Hunk, who was trying to finish his assignment inside their room, stared at his friend with amusement. Lance knew that Hunk still didn’t believe him but has enough respect to let him continue, “They are out there, groups of merfolks out there. Who knows, you might already met one, my good friend!”

Langst Mini Fics:

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Look, look, he *cares*

“This is a terrible idea,” Dorian says, squinting at the monstrous beast sprawled carelessly in the valley below. “Absolutely terrible. The worst idea in all the history of bad ideas. Corypheus must be taking notes, somewhere.”

“You wanted a dragon tooth,” Herah snickers, one eyebrow arched in an expression that would normally make Dorian threaten violence, but then, he loves her so. “We’re getting you a dragon tooth.”

“Could do without the rest of the dragon, though,” Dorian mutters, taking a deep breath. “If I die, I am going to be the crankiest, bitchiest arcane horror in the world.”

“Don’t joke about that,” she says, sobering a little.

Dorian snorts and refuses to back down, if only because he’s very likely about to commit suicide via dragon, and even in his wildest fantasies, he never quite envisioned himself capable of this.

“I can and will joke about that,” he retorts, grip on his staff tight enough it hurts. “If I’m going to go down, I’m going to leave a goddamn crater in my wake.”

“You’re not going to die,” Herah insists, grinning wryly. “You’re gonna kill a dragon and make Bull cry.”

“He will, won’t he?” Dorian marvels, looking up at her with a delighted little smile tugging at his lips. “He absolutely will, the great big sap.” And then, “I’m not going to ask if you’re ready, because no one is ever ready for fucking dragons, but thank you for indulging my terrible self-destructive urges. I sincerely appreciate it.”