true doom

He's our responsibility - OUR abomination

I have to bring this up again because the more I think about it, the more unsettling it becomes.

This whole SepticArt week thing - a majority of us have been theorizing it’s the ritual and that it’ll be the final push Anti needs to show himself. Granted, I do think that when Jack posts the fanart vid, I don’t believe he’d show Anti since it would take the spotlight away from all of our work. If anything, if Anti were to show himself, I think it’d probably be for only a split second - just a quick glitch of the facecam and that’s it.

But the whole overall theory of us all making fanart to summon Anti - this is all going back to the post I had made about us, Jack’s so-called “loyal, loving fans”, being the main villain in all of this!

Anti wants us to give him more attention to give him the extra push to finally show himself. We DO have a choice! No one said we HAVE to do what he says. We don’t need to make any fanart or anything, we can fight back. And yet, we aren’t. We are all so quick to fall and give in because we want to see Anti again.

It’s like October all over again. We know what is coming, and just like before, we apparently HAVE A CHOICE. We can fight back and save Jack and the others, and instead, we’re choosing to give in. We WANT to see Anti - OUR creation, NOT Jack’s - and it’s seriously disturbing when you think about it. We’re basically setting loose a vicious, bloodthirsty abomination on a kind, innocent, completely vulnerable person - who we supposedly love and adore.

By us creating all the fanart - especially the stuff containing Anti - we are only making our creation stronger. We’re doing more harm than good - we’re helping Anti, not Jack. Why do you think Anti never wants to hurt us? It’s because he needs us. We’re the ones who created him, we’re the ones giving him power, and as such, he won’t come after us. Sure, he’ll guilt trip us and remind us of what we did. He’ll kill us mentally, but not physically. Unlike the story “Frankenstein”, we actually love our creation. We say we hate him and we want him away from Jack and the others.

But if that’s really true, then why are we giving in? Why are we deliberately giving Anti more power and actually wanting to see him return?

The answer? Because in truth, being his creators, we want to see what our creation can do and what he is capable of.

I said it before and I’ll say it again:
We all have to face the ugly truth, guys. Anti isn’t the true villain here - we are. We created an abomination and he is OUR responsibility.

True Lightyears (feat. Jay Electronica)
True Lightyears (feat. Jay Electronica)

With every verse I heal the earth, with every line I drop
The tears of man into a cloud, in a fine mist until it bursts
And rain from the brain, snowflakes for the pain
The flow is just so insane, we wondering why you came
Here’s a jewel, son; be yourself
Quit looking like someone else
Get your dignity off the shelf
The true Jedi code is stealth