true confessions of an english major


Been tryna maintain professionalism at my workplace with this new shawty that came strollin through like 3 weeks ago. She seem real cool, body tight, single, an English major, works hard at her job, radiant and firm personality the whole 9. Almost too good to be true

Now over most of that time frame we’ve talked briefly in passing here & there. But recently over the past few days that gear has suddenly shifted. Now conversations are quite longer, more frequent, a lot more giggling with some flirts & light touching sprinkled in. So the sexual tension has started to rise to the point that even other coworkers are noticing & asking me questions.

Normally, in any other circumstance I would’ve just exploited the chemistry & asked her to spend some personal time with the kid, but on the other hand….I’ve done this before with another coworker which eventually ended unfavorably (putting it lightly). Albeit when I was a handful of years younger (19) & more naive bout how to handle such situations. Nonetheless, whenever you get involved with workplace relations you run the high risk of completely souring your job experience.

If shit don’t workout as planned & some nosy envious coworkers start shit, another nigga who works with you gets the drop on her, drama sparks or things just don’t click…whatever the reason is, you’re going to dread coming into work everyday facing that awkwardness with the failed significant other & perhaps those y’all work with who may got the tea on the whole ordeal (assuming their Intel is correct in the first place) just bad energy all around. Worse case scenario losing your job altogether. So in theory it’s never really a good idea to shit where you eat.

Still though….I got a good feeling about her, make a nigga wanna risk it allllll. Regardless of what happened last time I submitted to my lower chakra in a place of business. 

A nigga vexed


A Murder That Shocked Britain

In the small British town of Reading, just half an hour from London, was about to awake to one of the most horrific murders in a long time. On the 7th of May 2005, 16 year old Mary Ann Langehan and her 18 year old friend were kidnapped from a pub car park. The girls were taken to a local motel in which they endured hours of rape, torture and forced to smoke cocaine and heroin. The ordeal didn’t end there, the girls were taken to a playground with thier heads covered, and Mary Ann was stabbed multiple times whilst her friend was shot in the head. Miraculously the friend survived and got help but it came too late for Mary

The Trial

Adrian ‘Redz’ Thomas a 20 year old gangster and his 5 friends received jail terms between 23 and 27 years

Early Life and Gang Initiation

Mary Ann Langehan (b. 1989), was born into an average family home, but when she was young her father left leaving her and her older sister to be brought up single handed. Friends and teachers described her as a delight and popular girl with a passion for art, this was different from a girl brought up in an area known for drugs and prostitution.

Things changed when Mary hit year 11, instead of preparing for exams she was hanging around with Redz and playing truant. Mary became his carrier, selling drugs for him at school and hanging around with the 18 year old victim. Redz was violently attacked in his flat, he claimed the door was left open for rival dealers by Mary and her friend. Just days before her brutal murder, Mary confessed to family she was scared for her life.

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