true brah

Thus the Hamilsquad was born

Laurens : So. This is the future, the five of us. Do we need a name ?

Mulligan : Hunkules and the muses !

Lafayette and Hamilton :

Burr : Eh, I don’t think we need a name.

My dear love…..I swear to never let you go…..

I….I Love you!

* s-senpai! Are you serious!?

I´m never going to let you go……

* oh senpai! 

- I just want to take a moment to aprechead Jerrys romantic comeback. *sob* i-i think he found his true love….*tears up* How wonderful!

 Ninetailed Fox Sans by:  @axayt-thenightsoul-fox   just for you ma frend! I hope you like it! hehe XDD

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Confident in his Sexuality Dex and Never Fallen for a Guy Nursey?

“So, like, I’m pan, right? And that’s chill, I’m totally comfortable in my sexuality. It feels right to identify myself as pansexual. But, like, also there’s this little thing where I haven’t actually ever fallen in love with a dude and it’s kind of freaking me out but like why would it freak me out, you know? It’s like – I’ve always been, like, objectively attracted to guys, right? But now it’s like, this shit is real, you know? Like, I am having a lot of really serious feelings. Like, feelings with a capitol ‘F’ type feelings.”

“Okay, kind of a weird answer to ‘How’s the team doing?’ but I’ll roll with it,” Shitty replies. “Do I know the guy?”

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underfell is meanie for you :')

He CAN be mean, but you know what the people say: Hard on the outside, soft on the inside :D 

Once hes your friend hes always there for you! 

…even if hes beeing an a**hole sometimes XD

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6 shitty and jack. This is probably canon

“Shits. What the hell, man.”

Shitty grins and poses himself so an arm is over his head and his legs are crossed, “What, you’re not going to draw me like one of your french girls, Jack?”

Jack grimaces, “Enough with the Titanic references, Shitty. Is there any particular reason you’re naked in my bed? In Providence?”

“Not particularly, brah. Just missed you,” Shitty gets off the bed and struts towards Jack, “my emotionally stunted sunflower.”

Shitty throws himself into a Jack and squeezes him, ignoring Jack’s petulant grumbling because he knows that’s how Jack shows Shitty affection. He releases Jack and goes to the balcony

“You wanna chill on the balcony? It’s like the new Reading Room.”

Jack smirks, “Sure it won’t be to breezy for you and your.. erm. Friend?”

“True, brah. I’m just gonna borrow some clothes. Maybe we can go grab some chinese or something.”

Jack gestures to his wardrobe for Shitty to open and then leaves for the kitchen to find the takeout menus that he got last time Bitty was over and they ordered in. He’s rummaging through the kitchen drawer when Shitty calls for him,

“Ah, Brah? Zimmermann? Why do you have Bitty’s clothes in your wardrobe?”