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"#all books in this series are centered around resolving one character's pivotal flaw" ooooo can you talk more about this and how you think it will be applied in trk?

Oh sure. I hope you don’t mind my posting this publicly, but it’s always good to have these things for reference in case I ultimately end up being right. 

I have noticed that at least in this series, Maggie ends up being very intentional in terms of her narration. “The Raven Boys” opens up with Blue’s thesis statement, which is that she has always been told that she will kill her true love, and how she has stayed away from kissing and boys all her life in an effort to prevent that. She’s also very prejudiced against Aglionby boys (she has her reasons, they seem to be mostly trashy privileged dudes), and she wants to be something more. She wants to be someone who is more than the amplifier of someone’s powers. 

In TRB, she sort of starts overcoming all of that, or at the very least, at the end of the book she has broadened her horizons in regards to “staying away from Aglionby boys” and she realizes that there’s a different kind of magic in her raven boys’ quest. She still wants to be “something more” and wants to recreate that feeling she gets when she looks at the stars, and sort of feels it in companionship of her friends. The book starts developing something critical in her and by the end, the road to change has started. 

“The Dream Thieves” is in all stretch of the concept, Ronan’s book. Once again, he’s the first narrator, and the thesis of the book has to do with the secrets he keeps and how he works them out. The whole book is a thesis of how Ronan comes to terms with what he’s capable of, and what his limits are, and how he slowly learns to accept his identity and everything that it entails. Kavinsky exists in the book to show him the alternatives and show him his options so that he can decide what to do with himself. What he’s going to choose. 

“Blue Lily Lily Blue” is actually Adam’s book. He doesn’t open the narration because this book is simultaneously made of plotty things, and also extension for the conclusion of the story. But the second chapter actually starts out with “Adam Parrish was lonesome”, which is the thesis statement of his book. He is lonesome because being Cabeswater’s hands and eyes has alienated him, yes, but he is also a one-man army who has to learn how to trust and that accepting help isn’t always charity. You have his struggle with his court case and how he doesn’t want to tell any of his friends but feels alone when push comes to shove, and how relieved he feels when he realizes that he actually would have liked their standing beside him at that time. The book helps him with that arc so that Chapter 51 of BLLB is actually “Adam Parrish was awake”

and… going back to your question, 

“The Raven King” is going to be Gansey’s book. 

We already saw the first line of the first chapter, and it’s from his POV, and he is the only character who hasn’t been explored yet. Gansey believes that when you have a knack for finding things you owe it to the world to look. He has built his life around this premise and he measures himself and his worth and his second chance at life as valuable depending on whether or not he finds Glendower. He’s not in it for the wish; TRB told us that much, he’s in it, in a way, because he needs to feel that having been brought back to life meant something. He needs to feel like his life is worth something, that his privilege has been used for a purpose more grandiose and bigger than himself. Which is why it’s a cruelty that this is the book where he’s going to die. I think in a sense, this book is going to explore him realizing that it’s not necessarily about assigning value to his life because of his accomplishments (Gansey had forgotten how many times he had been told he was destined for greatness”), but rather by the people that are around him. That it isn’t Glendower what makes his life worth living, but the fact that he managed to build himself a family who loves him and cares for him (”they always seem to walk away from him” imagine the Gansey who thought that seeing all his friends there when he’s about to die). Gansey still needs to work out a lot of things in his character and in terribly heartbreaking Maggie Stiefvater fashion she’s probably going to have him reach the pinnacle of his arc right before he’s dead. 

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(no i didn’t get it, facepalm tumblr cut your shit)

“TO REAL CHILDREN” this is funny bc i had this headcanon of blue telling gansey she’s pregnant and

  • his answer is wide eyes, blinking, a lot of staring then “with a real baby?”
  • blue just stares blankly and says nothing and he winces
  • “pretend i didn’t say that”
  • but he’s overjoyed of course and does that dumb thing where he kneels down and kisses her stomach as she tries not to laugh and maybe even spins her around a bit until she demands he put her down
  • he talks to the baby sooooo much like all the time, just reads to it continuously and plays soothing music and talks about how he can’t wait to meet them and all that stuff
  • blue draws the line at him reading aloud passages about glendower so he starts doing it when she’s asleep
  • he cries when the baby’s born i mean duh do i even have to say this
  • it’s a girl!!
  • everyone agrees that she’s the cutest little baby they’ve ever seen and gansey knows every parent says this about their kid but she really is the cutest baby ever
  • though the first pregnancy wasn’t planned the second is bc they both agree that they want her to have a sibling
  • and it’s a boy this time
  • and gansey still cries when he’s born
  • oh the girl would have his allergy but they don’t find it out until she’s like 3-4 years old and it results with a very unpleasant hospital visit and gansey insisting on her sleeping in their bedroom for a week
  • he’s extra protective of her after that to the point where blue has to tell him to cut it off and the little girl, who actually loves his daddy and is totally a daddy’s girl, is annoyed by him and the little boy feels left out
  • gansey feels guilty and plans a weekend where it’s just him and his son to make up for it
  • they go fishing or something idk man, what is it that fathers and sons do??
  • he teaches him how to catch fish and proudly takes picture of his first catch
  • he takes a lot of pictures of the kids in general and insists on family pictures every major holidays and birthdays and everything
  • their house is full of them plastered on the walls and everywhere
  • he started this tradition of game night where the four of them sit down and yeah you guessed it, play every kind of games
  • he always lets the kids win
  • blue doesn’t though and their daughter gets her competitive streak so that results in some interesting game nights and in the end the boy climbs into gansey’s lap and they always just end up watching as the girls face off
  • and sometimes they end up dozing off together so blue takes a lot of pictures bc they look so cute together

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Can we talk about Aoba's powerful affection towards his twin, whom he didn't even know existed for over two decades? If that's not evidence of twin-ection, I don't know what is.


I mean like not only did Aoba not want to destroy Sei, but in true route, both Ren and Aoba are so thankful for Sei’s gift that they hold back showing physical affection for Sei because they didn’t want to disrespect his memory. 

Moreover, probably the part of the series that gets me the most is how in Vitri’s Re:Connect route, Aoba - even though he’s being mentally and physically tortured - still has the capacity to still perk up at Sei’s name when Vitri talks about him. He still expresses sorrow for the life his twin led, despite how (in this route) he hadn’t formally met him yet. He wishes to have been able to meet him, and it’s so heartbreaking to know that Aoba has that kind of want of connection for someone he was separated at birth from, his own brother who he knew deserved a better life than with Toue. 

Other than through the games (which Aoba didn’t know were from Sei at the time), his first interaction with Sei was when he found him huddled in an alleyway, and that right away creates an image of someone Aoba wants to help. AND I CRY because you KNOW Sei recognized Aoba and KNEW that his savior was here and KNEW that Aoba felt their connection when they locked gazes with each other and UGH.


Bury me in designer babies feels

Writing Prompts #1

You can use this as an askbox meme (put a character(s)/pairing and a fandom) or simply for your writing exercise. Have fun!ヾ(^▽^)ノ

Based on color idioms and expressions:

~ Red

  • “to see red”
  • “to paint the town red”
  • “like a red rag to a bull”
  • “to catch someone red-handed”
  • “red herring”

~ Black

  • “black & white”
  • “pot calling the kettle black”
  • “blacklist”
  • “black tie event/affair”
  • “black out”

~ Blue

  • “out of the blue”
  • “blue blood”
  • “feeling blue”
  • “true blue”
  • “talk a blue streak”

~ Brown

  • “browned-off”
  • “in a brown study”

~ Green

  • “to be green”
  • “green with envy”
  • “green thumb/finger”
  • “green-horn”
  • “going green”

~ Gray

  • “gray area”

~ Pink

  • “tickled pink”

~ Silver

  • “born with silver spoon in one’s mouth”
  • “to be given something on a silver plate/platter”

~ White

  • “white heat”
  • “white knight”
  • “white list”
  • “white out”
  • “raise a white flag”

~ Yellow

  • “yellow-bellied”
  • “yellow streak”

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think abt someone finding ganseys journal and in it is like blue hearts everywhere and it will be a page abt glendower and then in the margin it will be like "some conculisve facts about blue sargent: tries to part her hair to the left but it always turns up a middle part by 4 in the afternoon. 90% of the time i get the yougurt fruit but if its peach bits i have 2 fight for it, always opens the door w her left hand even tho shes right handed?, she has a birthmark on her butt (seen w permission)


okay, but can you imagine them fighting over the peach bits? like “no gansey you can’t have the peach bits, go buy your own richie rich” and he’s all “but :((((((”  and then she agrees to give him a little and feeds him some from her spoon and gansey’s very “o_o more???”

also consider: doodles of her. everywhere. in his journals, in his notebooks, and it’s so precise and carefully done, you can just see how much thought and energy he put into it, how important it was to get her right. akgndjsxhk, im so fucking

also: blue finds it after he dies and spends the whole afternoon crying about the drawings and notes in his journals which are half facts and half just things he loves about her, like “the colorful clips in her hair, the look she gets when i occasionally call her by her real name, the combat boots, the way she can eat an unreal number of pancakes, the way she will not cry at sad movies but gets upset if an animal dies in it, when she calls me on the phone just to talk about nothing, the longing i can feel echo in her when i take her for a drive, the way she hums under her breath when she knits, her sense of humor, the way she stands up for herself and everyone she cares about, the way her left hand is bigger than her right, the way she can’t resist swaying to maroon 5′s sugar but claims to hate the song, the way her voice feels like home” and blue reads it all and just curls up in his shirt after and cries bc he’s not here anymore and she can’t tell him all the things she loves about him… im??? im sorry i didn’t know why i turned this into sad… let’s just imagine he comes back to life after and she hugs him and calls him cheesy for all the things he wrote but doesn’t let him go for a week