true beige

coldcatcowboy  asked:

So I have a suggestion for you. It would seem that anything you mention somehow tangentially becomes a popular thing to send you/gift you with, which is clearly not easy when you travel. And seriously, what are you going to do with hundreds of pot plants/cans of ravioli? My advice is to sing a song about gift cards to restaurants/shops you love.

I’m working right now on a high energy dance EP called “Treasure Troll” the track listing is:

1. Wigs By Vanity (Best blonde ever remix)
2. True Beige (Dermablend cover creme mix)
3. Gillette me live my life (Mach 3 remix)
4. Take me to Dinner (Olive Garden gift card remix)
5. Jelly of my boogie (size 10 remix)
6. Donatella me to wear designer clothes (discount universe size 8-10 depending on the fit and always long sleeves thank you remix)

Bonus track: CA$H IS COOL ( PO box extended mix)

moonyadii  asked:

Is the new naked basic palette look good on warm/olive skin tone? I'm thinking of buying it for my birthday. 😊


The newer Naked Basics is slightly more cool toned than the original Basics which is more neutral. Technically speaking, the Basics 1 would go better with warm/yellow skin tones but both are excellent palettes for an every day look or just to have all your blending/transition colors in one palette!

The Basics 1 (on left) has more yellow beiges and true browns while the Basics 2 (on right) has more taupe browns and cooler browns.