true beauty

He didn’t respond

He read your text. He ignored your call. He opened your snapchat. He stopped liking your pictures. He didn’t respond, but you didn’t need him to. You didn’t need him to because you are a strong woman worth so much more than the rubies and diamonds he can try to buy your love with. You don’t need that attention from that boy because you have the affection from a Man who died so you would love Him. You don’t need shallow, superficial, forced compliments like “sexy,” “hot,” and “pretty” because you have the joyful praises of “BEAUTIFUL,” “LOVELY,” and “ADORED.” You don’t need to be approved by worldly standards because you are defined by His Heavenly grace and never-ending love. You don’t need a temporary affair with a pathetic excuse for Prince Charming because you have an eternal relationship with the greatest King there ever was who loves you more than you could ever love anyone. You are a princess, a jewel, a treasure, who is held close to the heart of He who is greater than any man in this world, and don’t you ever let a man treat you like you are any less.