true 90s kids only


Guys, it’s that time of year again…where we lose another game.

My Forged Wedding Party is ending meaning we get no more events and updates. I sort of knew it would end soon but at the same time I am surprised. I know nothing lasts forever but I was low-key hoping for many more years to come. This hurt me almost as much as when Be My Princess Party was discontinued.

Let’s have a moment of silence for the
ICONIC games:

-My Sweet Bodyguard***
-Celebrity Darling***
-Be My Princess Party*** (old and new versions) - still mourning this
-Sleepless Cinderella Party
-Gossip Girl Party

And now My Forged Wedding Party

Hopefully, Samurai Love Ballad Party has a long run…

***Only true 90’s kids remember when My Sweet Bodyguard, Be My Princess (first version) and Celebrity Darling existed.