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Conversations with fic writers
  • Me: Sis, I need medical advice.
  • My Sister MD: ... for fanfiction?
  • Me: Yup!
  • My Sister MD: *sighs*
  • Me: So, listen - I need a body part that, when shot, will bleed lots, and the guy may even pass out from it, but other than the blood loss he'll be alright.
  • My Sister MD: I take it the penis is out of the question?
  • Me: ... the penis is still necessary for important plot reasons later in the story.

Fun Ghoul Aesthetic - Danger Days

Have you had enough? // Are you tough? // Are you broken? // Hit me where it hurts // Don’t just curtsy and sulk //  I know I deserve every elegant word that you’re hurling at me

Others: Poison (x) // Kobra (x) // Jet (x) // The Girl (x)

WORDS FAIL (Bellamy Blake x Reader)

A/N: ok so if you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll know I’m freak I’m obsessed with musicals & dear evan hansen has had me singing all week so here’s a oneshot based on one of the songs

Song: Words Fail - Dear Evan Hansen cast

Bellamy stands. It’s not his usual pose. You were to used to seeing him standing tall and strong, watching over everyone with his arms crossed. He was a leader. He was meant to be strong. But now, he just looks broken. Bellamy opens his mouth but the words that come out sound different. 

 "I never meant to make it such a mess.“ He admits, his chest rising and falling unsteadily. The trees on the ground surround you, almost as if protecting the two of you from the rest of the world. "I never thought that it would go this far.”

His head is hung in shame, he can barely even look at you. You’re shocked. You’ve known this boy all your life, you were in love with him for gods sake, but for some reason he resembles someone else. 

 You watch him as he wipes the tears from his eyes, “Bellamy, what did you do?”

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Another good scene. Look at David’s facial change before and after Roman yells at him. He was teasing the doctor because he knew he was going to rile him with that and it worked. Roman takes personal offense unlike the times someone insults him.