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Imagine some old wild god appearing in Beacon Hills one day just as Stiles and Derek are about to go on their first ever date. Then imagine said god offering Derek the chance to have his family, Boyd, and Erica back BUT there is a catch. If Derek chooses his family and his lost betas, he has to give up any romantic attachment to Stiles. (1 of 4 )

And Stiles, well he just knows, just KNOWS that his time with Derek is now over before it’s even begun because he knows how much the chance to have his family and the betas back means to Derek. And really Stiles’ own father has chosen things far less vital, like drowning his own grief, over Stiles. There’s no way Derek will choose Stiles over family.

EXCEPT Derek does. He tells the old god to go fuck himself. Because as much as he misses his family and the betas, as much as it’s a constant scar on his heart, they’re already gone and he’s walked a hard road to accept that. A long hard road that he only survived because STILES was with him.

Like fucking hell he’s going to turn his back on Stiles and all Stiles has done to help him grieve and heal. He’s finally accepted that he has a right to seek happiness for himself and he’s not tossing away his chance at it for the sake of the long dead.

I have my inbox open for five days and this is what I get? I AM POSITIVELY HEART BROKEN BECAUSE DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH IT WOULD HURT DEREK TO SAY NO TO THAT? 

The thing is, I am not so sure Derek would say no. He’s loaded with guilt, Derek, and I am not so sure he wouldn’t bring them back. Not for himself but because they all deserved to live and he feels like it’s his fault they never got that chance. Stiles will find someone else, he thinks; he was never good enough for Stiles anyway. So he chooses to bring them back, chooses to let Stiles go because even though it devastates him to let Stiles go, he knows Stiles will eventually be happier with someone else, that he deserves the chance to love someone who can be everything Derek can’t be for him. Someone whole and less broken; someone who doesn’t have so much baggage and nightmares and regrets.

And look, I know, I know, but listen, I am a believer in fairy tales and true love and so maybe five years go by and they are still friends because neither of them can bear to move on, not really, even though they can’t be together. Stiles understands Derek’s decision, understands so much, even if it left him heart broken too. If he had been in Derek’s shoes, he’d like to think he’d have done the same. So he stays, is Derek’s friend, his best friend. The curse means Derek can’t love Stiles in that way but Derek still loves him more than anything, still cares for him immensely, and even though the curse tries to sever their love, it doesn’t stop Derek from loving him. And maybe one day Derek leans in, because even though he knows he can’t feel what he felt before, he doesn’t care. He’ll be with Stiles for the rest of his life, marry his best friend because that’s all he wants, and so he leans in, kisses Stiles even though it won’t feel like it once did, but just like that…something lifts and the curse breaks. BECAUSE TRUE LOVE BITCHES. And they get to live happily in love ever after and they are stronger for it because despite everything, despite it all, they still chose each other when they could have chosen something easier, something happier, because they meant that much to each other.


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