Watch Her

I’m encouraged to watch, but to be honest I can’t look away. I’m so lucky that they let me sit near them to be apart of their pleasure.

I’m aloud to touch my own tits but not hers, so I fondle my size B’s as I stare in agony as Daddy gropes his prize.

“Look at these little girl” Daddy moans, never taking his gaze off her as she rides his big cock like a pro. “Fuck… I love her long hair too. Now, pinch your little nipples and stay over there. Watch her move you little slut, isn’t she memorizing? I know you get so wet watching me satisfy her, don’t you?” He starts laughing. Daddy is so funny.

“No cuming till your birthday, remember that.” He says as his laughs turn to loud explosive moans. He’s cuming. ❤

Only nine more days to go.