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Hi Mr. Wright! How has Maya been? I heard she performs more responsibilities as spirit medium head than she is getting into trouble...

Dear Anon,

Maya is fine! You’re right, she’s been very busy lately in Kurain Village, but she was free two days ago, so she visited my office with Pearls. We went to her favorite burger place and we chatted a lot, it was very nostalgic.

Something was different from the old times, though. Trucy and Athena were there too. We’re like a big family now, don’t you think?

Athena challenged Maya to a “burger duel”. She wanted to prove he could eat her burger faster. Of course, Maya won, so Athena challenged her again…

Ugh, I wish I didn’t have to pay for all those burgers, but I guess some things never change.

I kept complaining, but when Maya and Pearls left, to be honest I was a little sad. I miss them already.

- Phoenix Wright

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Edgey, Nick how could you? You guys go and set up an ask blog without me?! I thought we were all best bros, you even went so far as to cut me out of the picture on the front page! Waaah I'm never going to forgive you for this! *Larry runs off sobbing*

Dear Larry,

Well, you disappeared for years and suddenly showed up a few days ago to ask for help with your imaginary fiancée… If you wanted to hang out more, you should have asked!

Hmph. Don’t worry, Wright, I’m sure he’ll forgive us. You should give him a free ticket for the next Trucy’s show. Maybe he could even be her assistant. It would be an… entertaining experience.

Her assistant? That’s a good idea, Edgeworth. I’m sure Trucy would be happy!

- Phoenix Wright & Miles Edgeworth


Remember that time Capcom was all, “We totally need to make perfumes based on these lawyers” lmao