Just when the Engineer thought his beloved has returned, he slipped from his grasp again, like a greasy arm wrestling contest. “Please.. protect my–” The Engineer coughs once more, removing his hand to find it covered in his blood. The Sniper stoops lower, concern and fear lining his face. “My… dispenser…”
“No… no, c'mon, Engi, don’t do this to me…” Sniper lightly shakes the smaller man in his arms, now limp and unmoving. The light has disappeared from behind his goggles.


What’s that..? Oh, it’s raining. Light drops of water fell from the grey sky, landing in Sniper’s hair and on Engineer’s pale face. “D-don’t– Don’t LEAVE…” The Australian’s breath hitched, trying to hold back the tears, trying to keep a hold of himself. He was so much better than that. But so was Engineer. His darling; the one who he made a pact to protect the first day they were recruited.

And now, he lay below him, in his tight embrace, killed by the quick bullet of his class from the opposite side. BLU… oh, how he hated that name now. They had done this to him. To THEM.

His anger kept building, until suddenly, a hoarse cry escaped his throat. It soon turned into choked sobs, not able to contain the bottle emotions any longer. Sniper pressed his face against Engi’s, only wanting him to see, holding them both in the back corner of the narrow, dimly-lit hallway. The floor was covered in metal and broken limbs, some easily recognizable, his own teammates that had died trying to get their spot back.

It could only get worse. They hadn’t seen that Soldier come in, nor the Sniper following behind, and the countless other BLUs ready to–no pun intended–rain on their parade. They were all so happy for a few spare minutes. Foolish, thinking nobody could trespass their nest. He was the only one who survived. And why, no one would know.

The sound of missiles on the other end alerted Sniper of what was to come. His facial features contorted to rage and regret, nose bumping against the smaller man’s, huddled in the same spot. Refusing to move, even when the ground vibrated around his feet.

“I’ll be home soon.” He whispered into the corpse’s ear. After that, he only saw light.



(( This is the amazing work of my dear friend nedertopsy. She wrote this just after a dramatic game of TF2. Based on a true story of nedertopsy’s Green Belt Senpai Sniper, and my own Cyborg Pilot Kohai Engineer. ))