Most of you know, or have figured out, that I’m a truck driver. OTR variety. I’m not the only oone on here( hello @wanttonap, @bushmastertwo-six, @thewingedshadow, @linz26257, @r2e5m0s6s ) I show you lots of road pics, but here’s another side.

That’s the Love’s Travel Center on US75 in Colbert, Oklahoma on a Saturday night. Colbert is a small town near the Texas border north of Dallas. US75 is not an interstate or major highway. Still, notice the number of trucks. Every one driven by someone who has been, odds are very high, out all week. (Friday night some drivers are still headed to the house.) People who have spent the week working 10-14 hour long days, using nothing BUT public restrooms, showering at truck stops and sleeping in bunks. There’s millions of us, not just in America but around the world, in places like this (if lucky) for a Saturday night. Some will move on tomorrow. Others, like me, will be squeezing in a reset to get back the full 70 hours we’ll need to work the coming week. You buy it, people like us bring it. And live like this, in places like this, so you can have it.
You’re welcome.