Sorry not sorry to vaguely introduce a child to life outside the gender binary… 😅

I use the privilege of my androgynous appearance to my advantage and pick whatever public toilets I feel like; in men’s rooms I don’t get a second glance once I get started over a urinal and in women’s I enjoy the privacy of stalls. In rest stops at 6am I tend to veer toward the women’s because it’s less used and typically cleaner.

This morning a woman and a kid about 2 (or a small 3yrold, but the woman was near 6ft so I’m guessing younger) entered the restroom around as I was wrapping up brushing my teeth. The kid, as a child who’s aware of gender and learning societal norms would do, loudly declared as they entered, “I’m going into the girl’s bathroom with you because it’s cleaner in there.” The woman mumbled agreement.

Then the kid saw me. I grunted a greeting because I had a mouthful of toothbrush. The kid exclaimed, “Look Mom! He’s in the girl’s room too!”

Mom make an awkward choking sound and said no, that’s a girl. The kid asked why I looked like a boy. The mom said that sometimes girls look kind of like boys. After a moment, as I left, the boy asked if there are also boys look like girls, to which the mom uhhed and said yes, sometimes.