truckers welcome

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Alice Isn't Dead Theory

So all we know at this point is that the Driver is chasing her not-dead wife Alice. Who seems to have disappeared without a trace. Why does this story seem familiar? Because it mirrors almost exactly A Story About You from Night Vale. Think about it: in ASAY, Cecil says you up and leave your fiancée without saying a word and go to live in Night Vale, and a significant amount of time seems to pass. After a long time, your wife mysteriously manages to find you after being involved with the a vague organization and the Night Vale Police. It’s never mentioned how she found you or how she got to Night Vale, and being a trucker seems a pretty legit way to arrive, and explains why she’s traveling to begin with. What I’m saying is, what if you are Alice and we’re only just now finding out what your wife’s side of the story is, because we already know yours?