truckers in the wild

Truckers in the Wild – Philadelphia 

Philadelphia is filled with longstanding food traditions like the Philly cheesesteak. In this episode, Max and Eli check out Lil Dan’s food truck to taste his twist on the cheesesteak. Inspired by this culinary classic, the brothers set out to find more uniquely Philly food customs that have shaped the city’s character.

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Truckers in the Wild: Nashville 

As with most alluring US cities, the food-truck scene in Nashville is going strong, and the SoulFuel 501 truck is among the best of a new breed of trucks that bring an innovative twist to classic southern cuisine.

In this episode, we meet up with a local squirrel hunter and gospel singer named Kevin Spacey (yes, that’s his real name) who takes the brothers into the heads to shoot for their dinner. Next, the brothers take the SoulFuel 501 crew to rural Tennessee to see how their trendy food fares next to ultra-traditional southern cooking.

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