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Ash’s Negan Writing Challenge: Bad Brain Day

This was my first time using “Y/N” and “you” instead of a fully-realized character, and I’m not sure how well I did, but hopefully its ok! I have suffered from anxiety since my teens, so that part I felt pretty damn comfortable addressing, at least! Enjoy!

Summary: This was written for @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash‘s Negan Writing Challenge (Negan x OC with Anxiety prompt). After a “bad brain day” of anxiety and stress, Negan comforts “You” as only a homicidal weirdo with an epic trucker mouth can. 

Word Count: 1,960

Content Warnings (or selling points?): Negan being Negan, language, mental illness, anxiety disorder, angst, fluff.

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Ash’s Negan Writing Challenge: Bad Brain Day

The knock on the door was what brought you back to some semblance of reality in the darkened room. Your eyes stung with tears, like salt in an open wound. Ragged, chewed nails dug into the flesh of your leg, leaving red crescent moons in their wake to remind you that you did not have your shit under control. Not even a bit.

“Y/N? What the fuck’s up, baby!” came the voice from the other side of your bedroom door, sounding far too chipper for you to take in the state you were in right now.

It was deep and booming, even muffled by the hard wood of the door, and just a little bit hoarse from yelling at underlings all day. It was the voice of your weird, somewhat deranged, post-apocalyptic spouse, Negan, who had taken you in several weeks ago after finding you wandering the roads alone.

“Did you forget it’s our date night?…You didn’t forget about your fucking hubby, did you? You know how that hurts my last fucking feeling, right?”

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Things You Should Know About Cherry Snow-Pitch

-She plays cello because “violin is for snobs” 

-”Yes, I was named after a fruit.” 

-”sOuR cHeRrY sCoNeS?! Yes, please.” 

-She calls both her parents “Dad”, which can become confusing. 

-Totally not a vampire, but is completely ready to make jokes about how she’s going to turn into a bat and kill you in your sleep if you make a jab at one of her dads. 

-”No, Penelope, I don’t want to hear more about how my heritage makes me the most important witch on the planet, thanks.” 

-Donovan Bunce is the bane of her existence, because he’s a nerd, a know-it-all, a pianist, and totally gorgeous

-A total flame-thrower

-And extremely clumsy, which isn’t very fortunate when she’s in a mood and accidentally lights The Cloisters on fire. 

-Temper? Yes. Control? No. 

-Often made fun of for having one Normal dad and one vampire dad. 

-Easily frustrated. 

-Nearly the smartest person in her year besides Donovan

- Very easily hurt

-Secretly a cinnamon roll

-”I’m FINE, Dad, lay off!” 

-Her parents originally didn’t want her going to Watford for reasons that they couldn’t explain, but she argued her way in. 

-”Bunce, you prick.” 

-”I don’t fucking care if you tell your mother, Bunce.” 

-Secretly has a trucker mouth.

-”GO AWAY, Bunce. You stalker.” 

-Never wears anything but jeans. 

-Simon is the strict dad, surprisingly. 

-Baz is the dad who lets her eat all of the scones she wants, and buys her Star Wars t-shirts. Also encourages her to blast Beethoven when Simon isn’t home. 

-She’s total Beethoven trash. 

-”Fifteen is way too young to determine sexuality.” 

-Totally obsessed with makeup, but won’t admit it even if you hold a knife to her neck. 

-An emotional wreck. 

-”You should never have any more friends than you can save from a burning building.” 

-”No, Bunce, you don’t count as my friend.” 

-”I love you, too, Dad.” 

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Little Karma

Chapter 7

A/N: I’ve thought about this chapter for all of today. Each time I tried to write it, it came out wrong. There was an anon who said that Amy should tell Karmita and here’s my reasoning for not doing that yet. Karmita is four almost five she doesn’t understand the complicity of sex yet. She’s too young to comprehend what her father did to her mother. I don’t know it’s up to you guys if you want Amy to tell little Karma tell me and I’ll surly write about it. I’m going to wait one more chapter before bring Karmita’s dad into the mix.

0102030405, 06

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