trucker handles

It’s likely you’ve seen this haunting last photograph of Regina Walters, moments before she was murdered. Below is some information on her killer, Robert Rhoades:

Rhoades was a trucker whose CB handle read “Whips and Chains” and this was a big clue that he was a massive lover of BDSM. He would pick up young female hitchhikers (serial killer alert) at truck stops and offer them a ride. The girls were won over by his charming attitude and good sense of humour, so they didn’t hesitate to hop up into his truck. After driving for a while and talking about mundane things, a switch would suddenly flip inside of Rhoades and he would tie the girl up inside his rig, cut her hair, and pull out his rape kit: a briefcase full of alligator clips, needles, whips, and dildos. After the rape, Rhoades murdered his victims, usually using a piece of wire to garrote them.

On April 1, 1990, a year after he began the murders, Rhoades’ killing spree was brought to an abrupt end. An Arizona patrol officer noticed Rhoades had his hazard lights on. When the officer investigated, he made a shocking discovery. A terrified, naked woman was chained up inside his cab. Rhoades was arrested, and investigators started digging into his background. They searched his truck and apartment and found bloody towels, a diary detailing various rapes and murders, and the infamous photo of young Regina Walters.