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hey man! i drive a 2006 vw bug (yellow, of course) right now- which is cool and all, but i've been looking in to something that i could use for more outdoors-purposes, like camping/hiking and shit, going on more rough terrain. do you have any suggestions for what kind of car i should get? ik you have a land cruiser, but i don't know anything about cars, so i'm not sure what *kind* of land cruiser it is, lol

Right on, well, you’ve come to the right place because I love camping and shit.  First of all, the Land Cruiser I have is a 1988 Land Cruiser FJ62. Obviously what you get depends on the budget in your back pocket.  For rough terrain, what you need is something with higher ground clearance that is all wheel drive(AWD) or has 4 Wheel Drive (4WD) as an option. If you really want to get back in the mountains on rough roads you’ll also want a 4WD with 4 Low gearing and with locking differentials (this allows 2 wheels to turn at the same rotation at the same time as if they are locked to the axle - this way you don’t get the dreaded one tire spin out that you commonly see when a car is stuck in the snow).  Now, add a winch to your front bumper and you are unstoppable.  With that said, I’ve gone amazing places in just a Subaru.  Subarus are AWD and if you get one of their Outback wagons the ground clearance is surprisingly high.  A step up from that is almost any 4x4 pick up truck (and you can get a camper shell for the back and build a drawer system with a bed in the back).  Really there are too many options to list but basically start with AWD or 4WD.  If you have any specific questions regarding this information feel free to ask.