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Someone needs to hand them side by side photos of the pants and ask if a travelling lumo lime pants salesman had visited set one day....

Hee, I like this idea. Guy rolls up to the location (in the middle of the woods…how did he get there? It’s all very mysterious) with an old-timey pants cart, “Pants, pants, chartreuse pants for sale”

Production assistant: “Sir, please, this is a network television production, we are very busy and no one here needs…chartreuse pants…??…especially our classy actors who have wardrobe people and stylists and”

Gillian: “ME ME HOW MUCH”

David: “I’LL TAKE TWO”

Then some monkeys stole all the pants and put them on and climbed up in a tree and did not come down until the next day when the pants salesman finally took off his OWN pants and then the monkeys all copied him. /plagiarism

David and Gillian had gone home by then though. 


[CC] Andy Mientus & Christy Altomare sing Kings of Leon’s ‘Use Somebody’

I was given a list of old Andy and Michael singing videos to be captioned, over the next week or so, I will be uploading these videos with caption. Some of them will be in-video captions, while other’s will be captioned through YouTube.

To watch the full Totally Trucked video, go here: [X]