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“I already filled ya flask, don’ get all on ya ear. When have I never shared wit’ ya what you brought here.” He swiped at a wayward hair then hummed, “No I’ll buy tha’ A.C. but I could use truck parts… ol’ truck parts. I am on my third project truck an’ I am missin’ parts. I can give ya a picture list so if ya come in contact wit’ anyone them…an’ can get a hol’ of them I would be greatful.” Teddy smiled before looking at Leo and grinning before poking his nose.

“Alrigh’ Black Beard, I’d like ya ta stay but I know ya get bored here wit’ me workin’ on cars all tha’ time. I know ya like ya ship an ya crew. Ya need someone ta listen to ya cuz’ heaven knows I don’.” Teddy chuckled then started to clean up Leo’s face. “I’d like ya ta stay fo’ a while…. as long as ya can. I hate eatin’ alone.” He grinned as he cleaned up the crème from Leo’s face. “Ok I have tamed tha’ hellish mane, it’s more of casual stubble than somethin’ ta braid. Lemme know if ya wan’ more takin’ off. An I never said ya smelled bad, ya jus’ smell like oak wood chips an’ tobacco.”

New content in the Squid Sister amiibos

OK, first of all, I’m sorry that I haven’t updated this blog in a while. Turns out being in vacation is more time consuming than being in school. That and laziness. But don’t think I have forgotten about this project. It’s still going.

I recently bought the Squid Sister amiibos. The figurines themselves are awesome, but the game content is OK I guess.

But this is Splatoon Scripts! So, I will show you Splatoon scripts!

In the concerts unlockable by the amiibo, the screens on the trucks project different logos, presumably the name of each song. So, here they are:

This is from Ink Me Up. This is the script I’m working on right now.

Now or Never! This is weird, because apparently the main script has lowercase? What?

City of Color, with the “Octarian” script (some people have called it that way because it’s prominently featured in the Sunken Scrolls, but they’re also in Inkling advertisements).

Maritime Memory. This is actually a new script that I haven’t seen anywhere else in the game. Interesting.

Calamari Inkantation. If I remember correctly, this script is already featured in some album art.

And now for the solos!

Bomb Rush Blush, by Callie. The main script, already covered.

Tide Goes Out, by Marie. And.. what is this? I haven’t seen this before either!

And that is all for now. I think it’s interesting that almost every song uses a different script. Just imagine if we had that variety in our language!

P.S. I promise I will have the fonts soon. Don’t worry.


If anyone wanted to see how my board turned out. I actually really love my Steven universe board.

It’s not perfect…
Buttttt if every pork chop were perfect, we wouldn’t have hot dogs :)

My good friend Eric from @vellecametaldesign stopped by on his way back from the Abana conference. We’ve had a great time catching up and discussing all things blacksmithing. Here we are testing out the lowered truck project #blacksmith #artist (at Ken Caryl, Colorado)

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