the vagabond getting flustered as all hell whenever he’s accused of a crime he didn’t actually do. ( for once. )

a story comes on the news about a recent attack on an armored truck in fake ah territory. everyone looks at ryan, who gives them all an utterly baffled look.

“i — didn’t, though. i mean, i - i don’t think i did. did i? no, no, that one wasn’t me. i think. yeah.”

another news story about a bizarre string of murders, carried out by flare gun. everyone looks at ryan.

“oh yeah that was totally me.”

Freight if the rate's great

Short list of some of what I’ve hauled:

Furniture, rolls of paper, paper towels/toilet paper/assorted paper products, dog food, livestock feed, fertilizer, mulch, lumber, aluminium sows, bales of straw and hay, canned fruits/vegetables, copper wire, livestock feed additives, sugar, salt, chemicals, watermelons, onions(it didn’t end well- I don’t have a reefer) shrubs, flowers, clothing, recylclable plastic and PVC, empty aluminum cans, empty plastic bottles, fruitjuice, soft drinks, beer, vodka, bottled water, bales of cardboard/paper/aluminum cans/plastic bottles for recycling, car parts, truck parts, tires, an aircraft wing, laptop computers, plasma televisions, bricks, doors, windows, conveyor systems, building materials, acoustic ceilings, insulation, fork lifts, plastic film, biofilm, wheels, gas grills, toys, Halloween costumes, live bees, honeycombs,shoes, water heaters, appliances, kayaks and canoes, bicycles and raw cotton seed.
There’s more different stuff, but that’s what comes to mind quickly.


there’s no better time
than this to tell you, boo.
you deserve all the joy
wished each day for you. #HAPPYBOODAY

You know what’s awesome about Fury Road? Pretty much everything, But you know what’s the most awesome about Fury Road? It’s that it deliberately sets up a situation that most post-apocalyptic media - and indeed most people - would brush off as “Oh, it’s inevitable, that’s just the way the world works,” and then proceeds to explicitly tear it down and shout “No, it’s not. It’s the product of a system and that system can be killed.”