the devil is a lady


Bretagne and I have a really strong bond; a lot of dog handlers say you get that one dog, and I’ve had several canine partners, but Bretagne is that one dog for me.

Denise Corliss, Texas Task Force 1 canine handler and mom to Bretagne, the last living search and rescue dog to work at Ground Zero. New Yorkers banded together to help celebrate Bretagne’s 16th birthday and to honor the service she and other search and rescue dogs provided that fateful day.


Anatomy of a Left Turn:

Skating open roads with sliding corners is inherently dangerous, but by taking the proper precautions (helmets, gloves, sliding early and for the love of god stay in your lane) it becomes as risky as each individual’s business.  Texan Brian “Chubbs” Cortright took the cigarette out of his mouth long enough to lead Oil Baron and notable hippie Dave “Angel Eyes” Angeles and bro-cal transplant “Slippery” Pete Eubank and last but certainly not least, Tannie Getlow brings up the rear down a flowy Nebraska favorite.