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Firefighters AU. Imagine person A is <b>really</b> bad in the kitchen and keeps burning things and person B is the firefighter who keeps showing up and save the day.

“Aw, spaghetti, no,” Clint protested. He’d only gone to check his email for like five minutes, a huge stockpot of water shouldn’t boil away in that amount of time, but based on the blatting sounds coming from his ceiling and the roiling smoke clogging up the hall, that’s exactly what had happened. Either that, or he’d left a loaf of bread on the stove again and turned on the wrong burner. He’d done that, too. 

It couldn’t be microwave popcorn, this time, because he hadn’t put popcorn in. He was pretty sure, at least. Exhaustion had a way of having him running on autopilot. He knew he was tired, he had three part time jobs, all of which worked him a precise 32 hours per week because that was the most amount of hours he could have without qualifying for any sort of company health insurance. Not that he needed the insurance, but he would have liked some fucking overtime pay for the amount of hours he put in. 

It wasn’t the first time it had happened. It probably wasn’t going to be the last time, but it might well be the last time here. The fire department had been very clear, last time; one more house fire in this building and Clint was going to get fined. 

A fine was going to mean he couldn’t pay rent; which meant he was going to lose his nice comfortable loft apartment, and– 

God, the smoke was thick

What Clint needed was a fire alarm that would shut itself off when he yelled, “hey, I’m cooking here!” at it. 

His head was spinning lazily. The walls weren’t quite. Right. 

And the air was really, really hot. 

This wasn’t a cooking fire, Clint realized, suddenly, a few wisps of burned crumbs. Or even a more substantial cooking accident, like melting the stockpot onto the stove trying to make turkey broth. This was… an actual fire? 

Clint went to his knees in the hall. 

If it was an actual fire, even if it was something in the kitchen, and he’d left it on, at least the fire department wouldn’t be able to fine him. That was a good thought. His eyes were blurry, tears streaked his cheeks. Lucky was under his hands, whining. The dog bit hold of Clint’s tee shirt and tried to drag him down the hall. 

What the hell? 

The shirt ripped and Lucky barked frantically before erupting into some terribly painful sounding dog-coughs. 

Come to think of it, Clint was coughing, too. 

The floor was nice. Cooler. He laid down. 

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Exposing your partner.

Welcome to fantasy world . This tops the list of fantasy most men have . I agree it gives a great kick and turn on exposing wife / gf and when other men graze at their assets . Frankly speaking most men love it . 

Few Ideas which can be executed safely . ( Adding it with the safety level as NEWBIE , BEGINNER , SEASONED & EXPERT )

1. Gardening with her when the neighbors are seeing  , She wearing a loose t shirt without BRA .  ( NEWBIE )
2. Opening the Door answering the Pizza guy to take delivery , she with a bath coat with water dripping open hair . - (SEASONED)
3. Going for a dinner party and she wearing a strapless dress exposing her cleavage . - ( BEGINNER )
4. Let her wear a sleeveless tops and raising hands high to reach something in the balcony when neighbors are around - (NEWBIE )
5. Nude beaches  - ( EXPERT )
6. Wearing a sexy party wear for a dance party with some drinks - ( SEASONED )
7. Making out with windows open with dim light , where people can sense your making love but cant see clearly - ( SEASONED )
8. Masturbating in car in highway while you drive pass side the trucks . - ( EXPERT )
9. Tell her wear a low neck which would expose her cleavage easily tell her to drop something and bend down accidentally when climbing up stairs when neighbors walk down .  ( BEGINNER )
10. Getting wet in the rain with a semi transparent white t shirt without a bra and getting into your apartments on a rainy day     ( SEASONED )
11. Making out on top of water tank around a high raise apartments at night . ( EXPERT )
12. Swim together in a swim suit in some pools or theme parks  ( SEASONED )
13. Short Skirt without panty and Low cut top for a shopping mall and sitting in the lounge to get the strangers attention ( SEASONED )

Have these things in mind and follow strictly 

- Do not attempt it when kids are around 
- Be cautious, be careful do not go around where police is there ( NUDITY IS NOT ACCEPTED IN OUR LAW )
- Keep Control of situations don’t cross your limits or get carried away 
- Pre-Plan things have PLAN B Always if PLAN A doesn’t work out 
- Know About the audience your trying to attract don’t get into trouble 
- Always Start Small when your a newbie .


Character Name: Ms. Donna Prudith
Age: ??
Hometown: Colorado
Job: Waitress

Bio: Ms. Donna Prudith is a woman who keeps to herself. She has a 25 year old son named Peter who went off to New York to become a big shot. A big shot in what, Donna isn’t sure, but she’s proud of him regardless. Peter’s father (Todd) is a no good lousy rotten son of a bitch. He’s dead anyway so there’s no reason to keep wasting time talking about him. She lives alone in a trailer with her hound dog Kramer, and drives a dirty red truck. This will be her 15th year working as a waitress at the Tim’s Family diner, she never liked it but it beats workin’ at her father’s Gun club.

Gear || Armor:
Cellular Phone
Waitress Uniform
11 Straws
Red Pick-up truck
9 mm Handgun
Hound Dog named Kramer
Pack o’ cigs


Prompt: “In all of the time that I’ve lived alone in this house, I swear to God I’ve closed more doors than I’ve opened.”

The mover’s truck stopped in front of the house you had just moved into. It was a nice little house, a bit old, but not too shabby. It had a master bedroom , a living room, one bathroom, and a kitchen that also served as a dining room. The main reason it caught your eye was because it was near your university and the agent was more than generous to negotiate the price.

“I liked your apartment better.” Jimin stared up at your new home with a displeased expression.

“I think it’s pretty cool.” Taehyung chimed in. They were both carrying a handful of boxes. Moving wouldn’t be so easy without them.

“It’s two against one Jimin.” You said with a grin.

“Yeah, okay whatever just open the door.” Jimin replied. “My arms are gonna give out.”

You walked to the door and fiddled through your bag for the keys. You unlocked the door and moved aside so the guys could bring everything in. 

“Damn (Y/N), all of this was in your apartment?” Jimin said as he plopped on the couch.

“Seriously, it feels like we’ve been unloading that truck forever.” Taehyung added. “Do you have anything to drink?”

You were in the kitchen stacking the plates and silverware. All the kitchen essentials were packed when you moved, including any kind of beverages.

You shrugged while looking through the empty refrigerator. “Do you mind tap water?”

Taehyung looked at Jimin, almost as if it was a cry for help. Jimin chuckled lightly and got back up on his feet. “It’s fine, we’ll get something on the way.” He grabbed the keys from the coffee table and motioned for Taehyung to do the same.

“You guys are leaving already?” You looked out the window and noticed the sunset. You’ve been unpacking longer than you thought.

“Yeah, it’s getting late. We have to get the truck back before 9 tomorrow. ”

You walked them out and waited for them to drive off.

“Call us if you need anything!” Taehyung yelled while Jimin drove the car away. You closed the door and locked it behind you before continuing to unpack.

After an hour of stacking books in your living room shelf you decided to call it a day. You took your toothbrush and toothpaste out of your bag and headed to the bathroom. After rinsing, you shut off the running water and turned your attention to the toilet. The seat was up. You groaned loudly. “Damn it Jimin.”

You went past the living room to your bedroom and turned off all the lights. You had just gotten comfy when you remembered that you left your phone on the kitchen table. You went back to get it and you noticed the light was on.

“I must’ve forgotten the kitchen light.” You reassured yourself, but little did you know that this was the first of many unexplainable events.

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