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what if peridot becomes too small and someone steps on her

You leave my lovely little green bean alone. She is beautiful and powerful and she can do anything she sets her mind to.

For a moment I am completely struck by the injustice of this, that I’ve been offered a ride and now I have to share it with Sean ‘Keep Your Pony Off This Beach’ Kendrick of all people. And then I see that Kendrick, too, has seen me, and is uncertain about getting into the truck, and that pleases me. I would like to be terrifying. I glower at him.
—  The Scorpio Races, Maggie Stiefvater
Headcanons on Klance Food Truck AU!!!!

Okay ya’ll, so literally this AU is giving me life right now and I just spewed a bunch of ideas at @namesarehardforme because that’s what happens when I get excited! Sooooo….

Hunk works at the food truck, right? But Lance helps out because he’s bored and it was a way for him to hang out with his best friend more. Sadie frequents the new truck a lot because she likes the food, and she likes talking to Lance and Hunk (totally platonic in every way. Her and Lance are instant bffs and they talk about everything together. She enjoys talking to another guy that isn’t Lars or Steven for once)

-Lars notices her hanging out there a lot and starts to sort of secretly stalk her because he is jealous worried about her hanging out with this new guy. 

-Keith ALSO notices Lance hanging out with this new girl all the time so he ALSO starts to stalk the truck because he is jealous. 

~Basically both their pining asses are stalking their crushes to make sure their dreams aren’t crushed~

~~~~~~~~~~~(PS Hunk always knows everything. Like always.)~~~~~~~~~~

ANYWAY so, eventually Sadie and Lance both notice that Lars and Keith are always hanging out around the food truck, “together” (by this point Keith and Lars have both noticed that they are both pining idiots both keeping tabs on their crushes, so they usually chitchat while hiding in the bushes watching, it’s just a thing. They bonded over their mutual sad pining and are good buds now. They also are seen talking outside of their stalking adventures and Keith stops by the Big Donut now and again so). 

Lance and Sadie jump to conclusions and are basically like…Hmm well let’s see if I can do some dialogue to make it make more sense. 

L: Hey, is that Keith?

S: OMG, and that’s Lars!

L: You don’t think they’re…???

S: Oh no, I don’t think so…I didn’t think Lars was into…

L: Guys? Well I know Keith is! 

S: Seriously? 

L: Oh hells yeah! Oh they would be perfect for each other, dontcha think?! They are both so emo, they both have stupid hair and are both all angsty!

S: I don’t know…

L: COME ON! Help me set them up? 

S: Alright, fine. 

So Sadie goes and talks to Keith (and Keith assumes she is talking about Lance) and Lance, who has never even spoken to Lars before btw, goes to Lars (and Lars assumes he is talking about Sadie), and the blind date is set! They get Hunk to “cater” it. Lance wants to be a waiter so he can better spy on them, but Hunk tells him how it would be a horrible idea because Keith would spot him. Instead they recruit Esteban Universidad (aka Steven!!) to help Hunk out. Lance and Sadie hide out somewhere and spy on the date, obviously. Lars and Keith are very confused…

K: *already sitting at table, nervously looking around/waiting*

L: *walks in, looks for Sadie, doesn’t see her, spots Keith* Hey have you seen Sadie around? 

K: No, have you seen Lance? 

L: No. I could have sworn I had a date tonight…

K: Yeah, me too……..Wait, who set you up on your date? 

L: Oh, um Lance. Really weird, we’ve never talked before but I know him and Sadie tal

K: *cuts him off* OH NO!

L: What? 

K: They set us up…

L: Like with each other? 

K: Yeah…oh crap…oh no crap…crap no…they must have seen us talking, you know when we spy on them? And they must of thought that we…

L: Oh sh*t {forgive me, I know it’s a children’s show, so they would never say that but it just works better}

K: Yeah…oh sh*t. 

Sadie and Lance can’t actually hear what they are saying, so they assume things are going well, and are excited. (they ship it even though both of them are probably pining, they put those feelings aside for the happiness of their “friends”). Hilarity ensues. 

FIC WRITERS, YOU GOTTA HELP ME OUT!! WRITE A BIG FIC ABOUT THIS I GAVE YOU A START! (or at the very least, help me out because I have never tried to write fic before so if I were to write one help me out and tell if it good…)

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Think a Little Less

Morning everyone! I have something special for you guys today. Now it’s been a while since I’ve written a song fic but when I heard this song I couldn’t resist. Now I will note that I didn’t use all the lyrics so if you want to hear it it’s “Think a little less” by Micheal Ray.

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own the song used in this fic.

“Midnight’s creepin’ in, we know better than leavin’ here together, and in case you were wonderin’. You’ve never looked hotter so why even bother lookin’ at the reasons not to, maybe we ought to.” Your head rested on Jesse’s knee as he sang to you. The two of you had been together for two whole years and on your anniversary Jesse presented you with a song.

He gave you a love filled smirk and strummed his guitar strings, “Kiss a little more think a little less, burnin’ up the night like a cigarette and getcha out of this bar, out of that dress. And kiss a little more, and kiss a little more think a little less.”

You reached up and peppered his beard with kisses, you never wanted this moment to end. You and Jesse sitting here under a blooming tree in the spring, the gentle breeze playing with your hair. Jesse laughed as you tickled his beard but went back to his song. Looking you straight in the eye.“When your friends start askin’ you look ‘em in the eyes, tell a white lie. How I dropped you off at home and I walked ya to the door. Nothin’ more. Tomorrow you can say we’re just friends but baby ‘til then.”

You hummed the rhythm of the song and couldn’t break Jesse’s warm gaze. All of his love for you must have gone to his head because he looked higher than a drug addict.

“I’ll go warm up the truck if ya wanna hop in.
Give you a minute or two ta say goodbye to your friends,” Gentleness crept into his voice. “Ain’t gotta go home but we gotta get gone cause we’ve already waited way too long to…kiss a little more an’ think a little less. And do the only thing we’ve been thinking ‘bout doing since the moment, girl, we met.”

You stared into each other’s eyes and for a moment you thought Jesse forgot the rest of the lyrics. Turns out he was actually waiting for you to kiss him. A bright smile stretched your face so much it hurt, you threw your arms around your cowboy and kissed him till he was light headed.

“Did ya like the song darlin’?” He murmured.

“I love it,” You giggled, kissing his nose. “And I love you.”

“Love ya too sweet pea.”

Benny & Forest

This was requested by @emilyymichelle! I hope you all enjoy this! <3 <3

Word Count: 343

Warnings: fluff

(gif is not mine)

You pulled your car to a stop along a dirt road outside the forest.  You looked around making sure that no one was following you.  Normally, you wouldn’t care if Dean, Sam, or Cas would follow you, but this was different.  This was Benny, the vampire you loved.  You felt as if they wouldn’t approve of your relationship with Benny.

You weaved through the trees, looking for the break in the trees.  Benny had to be around here somewhere.  You felt a pair of arms pick you up off of the ground, bolting around the trees until you came to a stop just beside Benny’s truck.

“I thought ya’d never show up [Y/N],” Benny spoke in a low, sweet voice.  “I missed you.”  The cajun vampire let you turn around his arms, a small smile unfolding on his lips.  “Hope I didn’t scare ya too much.”

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The Animal within chapter 10

Slamming into each other Wolverine was quickly knocked backwards. Now that he was closer he could easily tell the man was a whole lot bigger than him. With a loud growl he slashed at the man’s chest, cutting open the skin. Seeing the man fall to one knee he thought he had won. That was until the man looked up to him with a wicked smirk. Looking at his chest wolverine watched as the skin began to grow back together before soon the only thing remaining was a small trace of blood on his shirt. Standing there in shock he was knocked backwards by a hard backhand. Landing at the base of a tree he groaned and quickly stood back up. The two males continued cutting each other open with their claws, wolverine gave a loud roar when the man sunk his teeth into his calf. Kicking him away he backed up to find they had fought their way to the cliff side. Hearing a growl Wolverine saw as the man jumped towards him and was quick to jump out of the way letting the man dive over the cliff. Getting to his feet he looked over the edge to see the alpha’s body laying on the rock bottom. Walking away he made his way back towards his female. 

Getting to her body he rolled her over to see she was still knocked out. Feeling her pulse he felt it beating strongly against his finger an let out a sigh of relief. Unsheathing one of his claws he cut the wire that was binding her wrists and ankles, seeing a dark bloody line where it had been cutting into her skin. Removing the gag from her mouth he shrugged off his jacket and wrapped her up in it before lifting her into his arms and making his way back towards his truck. Going inside he layed her on the bed and covered her up to help get her warm while he went to get the truck moving again. “Fuck.” he growled when he saw the front of the truck caved in some. Going to the driver side he turned the key and was surprised to hear it come to life. Unfortunately it only lasted for a second before yet again it died. Slamming his fist down on the hood he roared out in anger. Looking down at the ground he was snapped out of his anger when he heard a vehicle coming towards them. Looking up he saw a truck and waved them down. When a older man got out out of the truck he looked at wolverine’s crashed truck. “Are ya alright son?” he asked and wolverine was quick to nod his head. “Yea, deer jumped out in front of me.” he lied but the man seemed to buy it. “If ya’d like I can tow ya into the next town, get ya to a garage.” he offered and wolverine gave an appreciative smile. “I’d much appreciate it. thank ya.” he said. “Alright, let’s get ya hooked up.” he said going to pull a chain out of his bed. Glancing at where he knew his female was he let out a sigh, at least when they got to a town he could get her fixed up.

It had been an hour ride back into the town but thankfully it was higher in the mountains. Wolverine knew the rival alpha wasn’t dead. He ad seen him heal, no doubt he would be wanting revenge. Once they were there the man, he know knew as Frank had towed him to the local shop. “My son owns the shop, I’ll get em’ to come fix your truck. There’s a motel right across the street with a pub beside it if your hungry. Once it’s done I’ll let ya know.” he told him as he went to drive away. Tilting his head in thanks Wolverine looked to the motel Frank had spoken of. Getting a room he went back to the camper and saw y/n sleeping, Grabbing his bag he lifted her into his arms. Getting in the room he kicked the door shut behind him and went to lay her on the bed. The room was nicer that the others they had stayed in. Going into the bathroom he started the tub, letting it fill with hot water to help her no doubt sore body. Looking down at her he slowly began undressing her. He let out a growl when he saw the many bruises that covered her body. The worst was the dark purple and green area that covered her left side. He knew it had to have been where the alpha had thrown her into the tree. Pulling her pants down her legs he heard her whimper and looked to see the four large gashes on her thigh where she had been scratched were stuck to the material of her jeans. Knotting his brows he took a deep breath. Covering her mouth with one hand he grabbed the jeans with the other before ripping them the rest of the way down her legs. The omega let out a scream around his hand and he saw as tears filled her eyes. 

When she went to move away from him he quickly sat beside her and moved to pet her head. Cradling her in his lap he heard her sniffling and felt his heart break. “Shh it’s alright darling. I got ya.” he purred into her hair, peppering her head with kisses. When she had calmed down he moved to look at her. Her eyes were slightly open as small tears still rolled down her cheek and the bridge of her nose. Petting her head he felt her sigh in his hold. “I got ya a bath made.” he told her as he slowly lifted her up and carried her into the bathroom. Placing her in the water he heard as she let out a small whimper when the water touched her injured body. When his hands moved away from her she whined making him confused. “I’m going to get ya something for pain and some food I’ll be back.” he told her going to walk away but then she just let out a sob and he saw as her lip began to tremble. “No! Please don’t leave me.” she cried as she grabbed hold of his pants. Bending down he kissed the top of her head and grabbed her hand from his pants. “Bringing the limb to his lips he placed a soft kiss over the wounds on her wrist. "It’s okay. I’ll be right back.. I have to go get ya some bandages and ya need ta eat. I’ll come back mate, I will….” “what if he comes back?” she cried with a trembling lip. Growling slightly he looked into her eyes, “I Will never let him hurt you again, do you understand me? I’m going to take care of you…” he told her in a deep voice. “..why? I left you..” she whimpered looking down at the floor with guilt. “ Because I’m your alpha and your my omega…. and.. ya.” he told her and watched as her eyes slowly lifted to look at his. “What?” she asked thinking she had misheard him. Smirking he cupped her cheek, “Oh course you’d make me say it again, I love ya. I’m sorry it took me so long to admit it.” he told her and saw as she smiled through her pain, “I love you too wolvie.” she said. “ Wait a minute now…” he said when he heard her nickname for him but was swiftly cut off by her pulling him forward by the collar of his shirt to kiss him.

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Fam jaehyun is really ruining my life why he look so good all the time???? He needs to bring the fire truck era hair back ya know black with the side shaved?? Fuck me up it looked so good👅💦💯👏😫😍

Same man firetruck era Jaehyun ruined me the black hair was so good 😭 He’s also super soft and fluffy tho ??? like in nct life hes just so adorable but on stage hes so damn hot and im so conflicted

Hey everyone it’s ya boy Truck Ryder, here at last to bring you his latest hit single, “I Have 2 Confirmed Kills With An Actual Gun (And 31 Punch Deaths)”!

Here’s a fun Truck fact: He dyed his hair blue before entering cryo because he’s a huge anime dork and that’s how he intentionally became the protagonist.

He regrets it so much please save him


One shot

Rating: M

Done in modern day.

I walked outside, laughing and chatting with Zuko. I waved good-bye to Sokka and Suki. Toph and Aang had already climbed into Aang’s truck.

“See ya tomorrow.” I called. “You’re coming after work, right?”

“Yeah.” Zuko said, unlocking his jeep. I opened my car door.

“Hold on a sec.” he said. I paused and looked at him.

“What’s up?”

“Come here. I wanted to show you this.” He said, reaching into his car and pulling something out.

I tossed my bag into the car and shut the door.

“What is it?” I asked, my curiosity overcoming me. I squinted at his hand through the darkness. I was surprised when he shoved whatever it was into his pocket.

“Hey.” I laughed, thinking he was messing with me, again. All of a sudden, he leaned forward and caught my wrists. He pushed me up against the side of his car.

“Zuko?” I whispered, my blood pumping.

“You’re so beautiful.” He murmured. I looked around. All of my friends had left already. The lights were off in Iroh’s house. I looked into Zuko’s fiery gold eyes, and was taken aback by the desire in them.

“I want you to know how much I want you.” He whispered.

“You’re hurting my wrists.” I told him gently. He instantly let go, only to place his hands gently but firmly on my hips, the fingertips of his thumb and index hooking onto the waist of my skirt. His long fingers splayed themselves, reaching towards my butt and thigh.

“What are you going to do?” I asked. My heart was pounding and I could feel my stomach turning.

“Can I kiss you?” he asked, pressing his body against mine. I nodded. I crushed on Zuko for ages. I certainly wasn’t going to turn him down now. He breathed with relief, then slowly bent his head to mine.

His forehead gently touched mine, and I could feel him shaking. I put my hand on his shoulders. He softly kissed my temple, then down my cheek to my jaw, and finally my mouth. He moaned as his mouth tenderly pressed into mine. The air from his nose tickled my face.

I slipped my tongue out to lightly flick his lips and he let out a small gasp while pulling away, but not for long. He kissed me again with enthusiasm, clumsily trying to figure out what to do with his tongue.

I opened my mouth and showed him.

He pulled away again, panting.

“You liar.” I teased softly. “You’ve never kissed a girl.”

“I kissed Mai once on the cheek in middle school. It totally counts.” He breathed, and moved his hands up from my hips to my waist, and pulled me closer to him. I draped my arms around his shoulders and let him press into me, both of us held up by his car. Suddenly, he dropped his hands, letting them trail over my body, until he was nearly bent double with his hands behind my knees. He picked me up, pulling up my legs to wrap around his waist and using his hips to pin me to the car so I wouldn’t fall. I brought my hands from his shoulders and let my fingers explore his muscled chest. He tossed his head back and dragged in a breath. The moonlight lit up the tendons in his pale neck. I picked up the hem of his shirt and slid my hands up under it, against his skin. He moaned deep in his throat, bringing his head back down to me.

“You are so sexy.” He breathed. I could feel him breathing heavily, the air coming out of his nose in bursts.

“What did you put in your pocket?” I asked, kissing his soft neck, inching my way down towards his collarbones.

“A condom.” He groaned. I looked at him, surprised. He looked at me with worry. “I’m sorry, I just brought it in case everything went better than expected. I shouldn’t have brought it. It was stupid. I’m sorry.” He let my knees go so I could stand on my own again. He took a step back, and I instantly wished he was leaning into me once more.

I watched him carefully.

“We should never have touched one another.” I whispered.

“I know.”

“But you did.”

“I did.”

“What about Aang?” I asked. I looked where he had pulled away. Aand had brought Toph home and left, never thinking that a helpful ride home would be anything more than just that.

“I wasn’t thinking about Aang, Katara.” Zuko said seriously.

“He’s your friend.” I said, more to myself than to him.

“This is so wrong.” Zuko said, running a hand through his hair. “You’re right…but where do we go from here?” he asked. I looked back to him. He was unsure of himself for the first time I had ever seen. Broad shouldered, wearing his usual black t-shirt and shorts. He was tall, so much taller than me, and muscular. I made sure not to smile, thinking of his goal to bend fire like his uncle.

“Where do we go from here?” I asked, repeating his question.

“Yeah. I can’t just stop wanting you. You’re always around. It’ll be too much, but I don’t want to end our friendship.” He said gruffly. I stared at him. It was the most emotional thing he had ever said to me. He never said what he was thinking. 

“I know what to do.” I said to him.

“What, pretend it never happened?” he asked, almost hurt.

“No. We finish what we started.” I said. He stared at me in amazement. I opened the door to the back seat of his car and slid in.

“Well?” I asked. Zuko dove in and slammed the door shut. I let him kneel over me. I was leaning back, propped up on my elbows.

“If you want to do this, though.” I said, looking at Zuko seriously. He watched me, letting his hands come down on either side of my face on the seat of his car. “You have to answer my next question completely honestly.”

“I will.”

“Is this your first?”

Zuko licked his lips and closed his eyes. I had asked him a long time ago if he had ever snuck into some chick’s bed, and of course he had said it was none of my business, but now it was.

“Yes.” He forced out.

“And you’re sure you want your first to be me?” I asked softly. Zuko opened his eyes and lay on top of me.

“Dear God, yes.” He whispered.

“Then take off my clothes, and pull out the condom.” I murmured. Zuko wasted no time. He jerked my skirt and underwear down, sliding them off the ends of my feet along with my sandals. He slid both hands up my legs. He let one hand stay between them, letting his slender fingers explore, while his other hand helped me pull off my shirt and unhook my bra. I sat up from under him, sliding away from his now slick fingers. He licked them.

I pulled his shirt off and undid his belt. I maneuvered his shorts and boxers off. With his pants still around his ankles, I licked my thumb and brought it from the head of his penis down, until I reached his balls, which I began to massage. I licked up his cock and over the tip, sucking on it gently. Zuko’s entire body went limp, his head hanging back over the seat. His fingers curled into my hair, holding the back of my head. He let out tiny gasps and groans as I moved. I came up and kissed the defined ‘V’ that marked the line between his hips and abdomen.

“Oh, jeez.” He whispered, unable to sit up. I pushed him down and sat on his lap, kissing up his chest to his neck, which I gently put one hand under. I put my other hand behind his head and slowly brought his head up for him. He looked at me, nearly dazed.

“Do you need a break?” I asked quietly, cracking a small smile.

He grinned. “Not at all.” He whispered, bringing his hands up my body and to my boobs. He pushed them together and squeezed them, making them spill over between his fingers.

“That doesn’t hurt, right?” he asked suddenly, releasing my chest.

“Nope.” I smiled and brought one of hand hands back to my breast. He groaned and brought his mouth to my breast. He kissed the inside of it, before slipping his mouth over the nipple. I took a sharp breath as he sucked on it, playing around with his tongue. The vague thought of him being a quick learner drifted through my mind. He released me.

“Condom?” he asked breathlessly.

“Condom.” I agreed just as breathless, reaching for his shorts. I quickly located it and ripped it open. I climbed off his lap and slipped the condom on. He lay me down on my back across the backseat. He was on all fours over me. I brought up my knees on either side of his waist.

“Are you all right?” he asked.

“Of course.”

He lowered his hips and slowly pushed forward. I couldn’t help the tiny moan of pleasure that escaped me. His hands clenched into fists on either side of me. Zuko flexed his back, arcing over me, and groans in pleasure. My hips rose as he pulled back and I cried out when he pushed back into me. He took my wrists and crossed them above my head, holding them there with one hand. With the other, he held on to the back of the seat.

He started out slow, savoring every movement, but soon we were rocking his jeep back and forth, him grunting and breathing heavily. I arched my back and let him hear my pleasure. I gasped as I felt my legs give, refusing to hold me up any longer, and begin twitching. I moaned louder, curling in my toes and my chest lifting off the seat. Zuko let go of my hands to support me under my back. He kept going, getting louder himself.

“Katara!” he forced out, and he dragged his nails down the sides of my body. He grunted and panted, sweat glistening on him. He curled in on himself, every muscle on him tensed. I finally released my breath and body; letting myself go limp on the seat. He collapsed on top of me.

“I could have never imagined…” he whispered, still winded.

We didn’t move for a while, but eventually, he sat up, we got dressed, and he pulled away. I climbed into my car and started it up. The tiny green clock said it was three o’ six in the morning. I sighed.

“What the hell did you just get yourself into?” I wondered aloud to myself. 

Newborn Princess CHAPTER 2

Summary: As Happy comes back from a late run he hears crying and finds a baby in a basket on his doorstep, with a letter saying that it was his. Will he raise the child or give it up.

Chapter 1

Hope you enjoy chapter 2

WARNINGS: Language

“Are you ready for this man. Parenthood I mean.” Tig asked as Happy sat in the waiting room for the DNA results, little bundle in his arms.

“No but I gotta do what I gotta do.” He answered honestly. After Tara gave the baby her proper check up she estimated that she was two weeks premature but about a month old and suffering from malnutrition, and she did in fact have a cold.

“Well what do we have here. Ya know being a gun runner is one thing but stealing a baby is another.” A voice said and Happy cursed under his breath, “Whose kid?”

“Mine.” Happy growled and Agent Stahl’s eyes widened, “Yours? You’re kidding.” She stated as she crossed her arms. Said baby let out a loud wail getting Happy’s attention, when he looked down at her, “What?” He asked and her tears immediately stopped and she gurgled, the noise sounding like a laugh making him smirk. “Oh you fakin’ now?” He joked and she gurgled again while waving her little hands. “Yeah you’re fakin’.” He smirked. “She’s a cutie.” Stahl said as she was about to poke her cheek, when the baby looked over and noticed Stahl though, the tears turned real as she screamed loudly.

Happy held her closer to his chest, “Don’t touch my damn kid.” He growled and Stahl back up raising her hands in surrender, “Hey you’re aight kid.” Happy whispered as he began to rock her and pet her head softly, her lips forming a pout as she stared at the strange woman in anger, cheeks red.

“Hey Happy did the test come back yet.” Gemma asked then scowled as she noticed Agent Stahl standing there, “There a problem.” Clay asked putting an arm around his wife as he grimaced at the agent before them. All the other Sons going over to Happy with smiles as they noticed the baby,

“Hey there Princess.” Juice called as he poked her cheek causing her to gurgle.

“Hey guys are you all ready?” Tara called out as she ended the room with a yellow envelope in her hands, Happy’s eyes looking over at the doctor. “Just know that if she isn’t yours or even if she is there are options for her being raised.”

“Jesus Christ Tara just read the damn test.” Jax scolded and Tara huffed out in frustration as she opened the DNA envelope.

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I sit in my chair. Vladimir Putin has leaked the final problem. Only one of my earbuds works and sue vertue is advertising the leak. Shermit is canon and I do not speak russian. My eyes widen slightly as I turn up Truck Yeah by Tim McGraw. If you like it up loud and you hillbilly proud let me hear ya say truck ye-