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what if peridot becomes too small and someone steps on her

You leave my lovely little green bean alone. She is beautiful and powerful and she can do anything she sets her mind to.

For a moment I am completely struck by the injustice of this, that I’ve been offered a ride and now I have to share it with Sean ‘Keep Your Pony Off This Beach’ Kendrick of all people. And then I see that Kendrick, too, has seen me, and is uncertain about getting into the truck, and that pleases me. I would like to be terrifying. I glower at him.
—  The Scorpio Races, Maggie Stiefvater

Request: “An imagine where the reader is Chibs’s daughter who is a trained killer who does kills for other SOA Charters. She meets Happy when the reader is burying a body. They fall in love until she is shot in the head in front of Chibs and Happy.”

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Mo Ghra is Scottish for ‘my love’


           “Yes dad, I’m fine, just a little knick to my side, “ you told Chibs, “the other guy looks much worse, trust me.”

           “Where are ye?” he asked, to which you immediately gave your location. “I’m sending one of my guys to help ya, no arguments please mo ghra.”

           You rolled your eyes but agreed, hanging up the phone and began digging the hole you were set to put the body in. You weren’t sure how long you’d been digging when the sound of a bike made you look up. A slim, tan guy with no hair came up to you.

           You nodded to the second shovel you had brought with you, “I’m Y/N.”

           He nodded, “Happy.”

           You laughed, “That doesn’t fit you at all dude.”

           He shrugged, “You did a number on this guy. What’d he do to you?”

           “Oh nothing. This is just a job to me. Lee from the Tacoma Charter called and said he needed someone dead, and I’m the girl for that, so here we are,” you explained nonchalantly, continuing to dig, “It didn’t help that the bastard grazed me with his blade. That did make his death a little more painful.”

           Happy laughed, which took you by surprise because, despite his name, he did not seem like a joyful person. “Damn girl, you’re somethin’ else,” he told you as the two of you hoisted the body into the hole and covered him with the dirt.

           “I’ve been called worse,” you told him, winking as he helped you take your tools to your truck.

           “Where ya headed?” he asked, leaning up against the truck, lighting up a cigarette and offering you one.

           Taking the offer, you shrugged “Nowhere in particular. What ya got in mind?”

           Happy shrugged, “You could come back to the clubhouse and see who can outdrink who?”

           “Oh, you’re so on, man,” you told him, laughing as you jumped in your truck to head to the clubhouse.

*Two years later*

“Babe,” you called out from the kitchen.

“Yeah,” Happy said, wrapping his arms around you from behind.

You giggled as he trailed kisses from your jawline to your neck. You moaned, “As much as I would love to stay in bed with you, I have a job. I’ll be back later okay?”

He groaned but nodded, “Alright, I love you girl.”

You kissed him, “I love you, Hap.”


Despite being contracted with SAMCRO, you sometimes took jobs with other people too. You went where the money was. Getting out of your truck, tight grip on your gun, you walked up to the man you had talked to on the phone the week prior.

“Y/N,” he said with a smile on his face, extending his hand.

“Hello Mr. Pope. What can I do for ye?” you asked. You were shocked when more men came out from behind the buildings, which made you immediately raise your gun.

Pope laughed, “Put that away, Y/N. Regardless of who you shoot, you’ll be taken down right after.”

You slowly set your gun down and kicked it to him as you were grabbed from behind and forced to sit on your knees next to Pope’s feet. “What do you want?” you asked through gritted teeth, “I’m not gonna beg for my life, dickhead, so shoot me if that’s what you’re gonna do.”

He laughed, “Oh, Y/N, you may not beg for your life, but I know two people who will. I need you to be as quite as possible or I’m gonna shoot your dad and your old man, do you understand me?” You nodded as you heard the rumble of bikes in the distance, and Pope walked off.

“I want the bald one and the Scott in cuffs hooked to the ground, “You heard Pope order and tears filled your eyes as for the first time in your life, you were terrified of what was about to happen. A long time went by before Pope came back and jerked you off of the ground, pulling you behind him as he walked.

You gasped as you saw Happy and your dad tied up, struggling against the ties once they saw that he had you.

“Let her go you fuckin’ prick,” Chibs yelled, with his own tears welling up in his eyes as Pope tossed you to the ground.

“Get up and kneel girl,” he ordered, watching you do exactly as he said, “I told you all from the beginning that I was not one to fuck with, and you fucked with me. There are consequences for your actions, boys.” As he said this, you felt the cold steel against the back of your head and watched Happy and Chibs both struggling against the cuffs, begging Pope to take them instead.

“I love you,” you mouthed to your two favorite men.

Happy wailed as the gun went off, falling to the ground as your lifeless body fell. “Maybe this will teach SAMCRO not to fuck with Pope Enterprises. All of you have more family, just remember that. Your guys are on their way with a key. Have a nice day, gentlemen,” Pope said before getting in his car and leaving.

“Happy! Chibs!” They heard Jax yell.

“Over here,” Chibs called back.

“Holy shit,” Juice said as he came around the corner and saw Y/N’s body on the ground. He quickly went to unlock the cuffs on Happy and Chibs as the rest of SAMCRO came around and took in the scene. Happy immediately got up and ran to his bike, taking off before anyone could say anything. “Juice, follow him, make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid,” Jax ordered.

Chibs went over and picked your lifeless body up as he cried, smoothing your hair out of your face. “Mo ghra, I love you.”


billie: i’m sure it won’t be that bad syl, i mean.. your dad will be the chief there.. and it’s like right between windenburg and myshuno. we can still see each other on the weekends, even finally get a chance to see the bluffs. 

sylvie: it just.. it seems so boring.. i don’t know how my dad convinced mom into moving there, she loves this apartment.. it’s our home.

billie: atleast you’ll have a bigger room, this ones getting a little tight anyways..

sylvie: mm? it’s just the right size you’re wild.

billie: yeah ok sure whatever. i promise it won’t be too bad, but if you want my ass to help loading the truck ya girl needs to sleep cause your parents are crazy hauling ass at 6 in the morning, 

sylvie: i guess you’re right..

billie: i always am~


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A/N: omgomgomg after a billion years I finally finished my first full length fic *applause* Anyways ty to the beautiful network of people that are the #1 hype squad @smols-n-tols. I hope you guys enjoy~

Pairing: NCT’s Ten x Reader

Genre: Angst/Fluff/Slight Humor? Just Another Soulmate!AU ™

Word Count: roughly 4k

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Niall Horan Blurb - The Car Ride

Emma glanced over at Niall as her father talked his ear off. She had been worried that he was going to be totally overwhelmed by her family. They were very talkative. And very loud. But he seemed to be keeping up, which was saying something.

“Ni, we have to head out soon,” she interrupted their conversation before her father could start another long-winded story. “We’ve got a crazy day tomorrow and it’s getting late.” Emma knew she sounded like an old fart but she was stuffed and tired and all she wanted to do was get comfy and settle in on the couch for a little bit of time with him.

“Alright, love,” he leaned over and kissed her quickly on the forehead, “let’s roll.”

They stood up and made their way around the table to say their goodbyes.

“It was lovely to finally meet you, Niall,” her mother grinned as she spoke, “we were starting to think you didn’t exist.”

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Flashes of the Future (Part 6)

Summary: Time and age have turned James into doting family man.  

Pairing: James Buchanan Barnes x Reader

Words: 1834

Warnings: Just a bit of fluff. Loads of kissing. James seems to like kissing everyone he loves, haha. Not sure why I added this as a warning. 

A/N: Only 3 more chapters to go… See the Masterlist and/or Series Masterlist for more information.

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Chapter 6: A Flash of Adulthood

The weekends were usually filled with the laughters and joyful screams of their children as they ran around in the house, followed by the not-so-joyful screams of their mother, then often the sounds faded as the children hurried off to do some more damage in the communal backyard. Today was not like that though. Both Alex and Steven had been outside for a big part of the day, playing with their friends, and James really missed their sounds and attention. Was this what an empty nest would feel like later on? Even [Y/N] had made plans with friends, and he was left to his own devices. Before he had started his own family, he really needed a lot of alone time, but now he could not imagine a day that was not spent with the people he held closest in his heart. However, today he would have to weather the storm. He turned on the radio and listened to the news, then the ballgame. It brought back some good memories of his childhood. He cleaned up the small messes the children had made in the family room, and examined their little toys and books. Those brought back happy memories from not so long ago. When the silence became overbearing, James grabbed his jacket and went outside for a while to enjoy the sun. He met up with the crew from the neighborhood to shoot the breeze. He caught up on all the dirt and played a round of cards. After a couple of hours of being social with his community, he decided he had enough of it and he went back home to his familiar couch with a newspaper under his arm to read up on the current local news while he would wait for his family to come home.

“Sweetheart, whatcha been doing all day?” James asked Alex gravely when she walked into the family room from the bedrooms. He put away his newspaper and gestured her to come closer. She happily skipped towards him.

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Think a Little Less

Morning everyone! I have something special for you guys today. Now it’s been a while since I’ve written a song fic but when I heard this song I couldn’t resist. Now I will note that I didn’t use all the lyrics so if you want to hear it it’s “Think a little less” by Micheal Ray.

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own the song used in this fic.

“Midnight’s creepin’ in, we know better than leavin’ here together, and in case you were wonderin’. You’ve never looked hotter so why even bother lookin’ at the reasons not to, maybe we ought to.” Your head rested on Jesse’s knee as he sang to you. The two of you had been together for two whole years and on your anniversary Jesse presented you with a song.

He gave you a love filled smirk and strummed his guitar strings, “Kiss a little more think a little less, burnin’ up the night like a cigarette and getcha out of this bar, out of that dress. And kiss a little more, and kiss a little more think a little less.”

You reached up and peppered his beard with kisses, you never wanted this moment to end. You and Jesse sitting here under a blooming tree in the spring, the gentle breeze playing with your hair. Jesse laughed as you tickled his beard but went back to his song. Looking you straight in the eye.“When your friends start askin’ you look ‘em in the eyes, tell a white lie. How I dropped you off at home and I walked ya to the door. Nothin’ more. Tomorrow you can say we’re just friends but baby ‘til then.”

You hummed the rhythm of the song and couldn’t break Jesse’s warm gaze. All of his love for you must have gone to his head because he looked higher than a drug addict.

“I’ll go warm up the truck if ya wanna hop in.
Give you a minute or two ta say goodbye to your friends,” Gentleness crept into his voice. “Ain’t gotta go home but we gotta get gone cause we’ve already waited way too long to…kiss a little more an’ think a little less. And do the only thing we’ve been thinking ‘bout doing since the moment, girl, we met.”

You stared into each other’s eyes and for a moment you thought Jesse forgot the rest of the lyrics. Turns out he was actually waiting for you to kiss him. A bright smile stretched your face so much it hurt, you threw your arms around your cowboy and kissed him till he was light headed.

“Did ya like the song darlin’?” He murmured.

“I love it,” You giggled, kissing his nose. “And I love you.”

“Love ya too sweet pea.”

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Roman Reigns Blurb request - The Car Ride

 Emma glanced over at Roman as her father talked his ear off. She had been worried that he was going to be totally overwhelmed by her family. They were very talkative. And very loud. But he seemed to be keeping up, which was saying something.

“Ro, we have to head out soon,” she interrupted their conversation before her father could start another long-winded story. “We’ve got a crazy day tomorrow and it’s getting late.” Emma knew she sounded like an old fart but she was stuffed and tired and all she wanted to do was get comfy and settle in on the couch for a little bit of time with him.

“Alright, love,” he leaned over and kissed her quickly on the forehead, “let’s roll.”

They stood up and made their way around the table to say their goodbyes.

“It was lovely to finally meet you, Roman,” her mother grinned as she spoke, “we were starting to think you didn’t exist.”

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The Animal within chapter 10

Slamming into each other Wolverine was quickly knocked backwards. Now that he was closer he could easily tell the man was a whole lot bigger than him. With a loud growl he slashed at the man’s chest, cutting open the skin. Seeing the man fall to one knee he thought he had won. That was until the man looked up to him with a wicked smirk. Looking at his chest wolverine watched as the skin began to grow back together before soon the only thing remaining was a small trace of blood on his shirt. Standing there in shock he was knocked backwards by a hard backhand. Landing at the base of a tree he groaned and quickly stood back up. The two males continued cutting each other open with their claws, wolverine gave a loud roar when the man sunk his teeth into his calf. Kicking him away he backed up to find they had fought their way to the cliff side. Hearing a growl Wolverine saw as the man jumped towards him and was quick to jump out of the way letting the man dive over the cliff. Getting to his feet he looked over the edge to see the alpha’s body laying on the rock bottom. Walking away he made his way back towards his female. 

Getting to her body he rolled her over to see she was still knocked out. Feeling her pulse he felt it beating strongly against his finger an let out a sigh of relief. Unsheathing one of his claws he cut the wire that was binding her wrists and ankles, seeing a dark bloody line where it had been cutting into her skin. Removing the gag from her mouth he shrugged off his jacket and wrapped her up in it before lifting her into his arms and making his way back towards his truck. Going inside he layed her on the bed and covered her up to help get her warm while he went to get the truck moving again. “Fuck.” he growled when he saw the front of the truck caved in some. Going to the driver side he turned the key and was surprised to hear it come to life. Unfortunately it only lasted for a second before yet again it died. Slamming his fist down on the hood he roared out in anger. Looking down at the ground he was snapped out of his anger when he heard a vehicle coming towards them. Looking up he saw a truck and waved them down. When a older man got out out of the truck he looked at wolverine’s crashed truck. “Are ya alright son?” he asked and wolverine was quick to nod his head. “Yea, deer jumped out in front of me.” he lied but the man seemed to buy it. “If ya’d like I can tow ya into the next town, get ya to a garage.” he offered and wolverine gave an appreciative smile. “I’d much appreciate it. thank ya.” he said. “Alright, let’s get ya hooked up.” he said going to pull a chain out of his bed. Glancing at where he knew his female was he let out a sigh, at least when they got to a town he could get her fixed up.

It had been an hour ride back into the town but thankfully it was higher in the mountains. Wolverine knew the rival alpha wasn’t dead. He ad seen him heal, no doubt he would be wanting revenge. Once they were there the man, he know knew as Frank had towed him to the local shop. “My son owns the shop, I’ll get em’ to come fix your truck. There’s a motel right across the street with a pub beside it if your hungry. Once it’s done I’ll let ya know.” he told him as he went to drive away. Tilting his head in thanks Wolverine looked to the motel Frank had spoken of. Getting a room he went back to the camper and saw y/n sleeping, Grabbing his bag he lifted her into his arms. Getting in the room he kicked the door shut behind him and went to lay her on the bed. The room was nicer that the others they had stayed in. Going into the bathroom he started the tub, letting it fill with hot water to help her no doubt sore body. Looking down at her he slowly began undressing her. He let out a growl when he saw the many bruises that covered her body. The worst was the dark purple and green area that covered her left side. He knew it had to have been where the alpha had thrown her into the tree. Pulling her pants down her legs he heard her whimper and looked to see the four large gashes on her thigh where she had been scratched were stuck to the material of her jeans. Knotting his brows he took a deep breath. Covering her mouth with one hand he grabbed the jeans with the other before ripping them the rest of the way down her legs. The omega let out a scream around his hand and he saw as tears filled her eyes. 

When she went to move away from him he quickly sat beside her and moved to pet her head. Cradling her in his lap he heard her sniffling and felt his heart break. “Shh it’s alright darling. I got ya.” he purred into her hair, peppering her head with kisses. When she had calmed down he moved to look at her. Her eyes were slightly open as small tears still rolled down her cheek and the bridge of her nose. Petting her head he felt her sigh in his hold. “I got ya a bath made.” he told her as he slowly lifted her up and carried her into the bathroom. Placing her in the water he heard as she let out a small whimper when the water touched her injured body. When his hands moved away from her she whined making him confused. “I’m going to get ya something for pain and some food I’ll be back.” he told her going to walk away but then she just let out a sob and he saw as her lip began to tremble. “No! Please don’t leave me.” she cried as she grabbed hold of his pants. Bending down he kissed the top of her head and grabbed her hand from his pants. “Bringing the limb to his lips he placed a soft kiss over the wounds on her wrist. "It’s okay. I’ll be right back.. I have to go get ya some bandages and ya need ta eat. I’ll come back mate, I will….” “what if he comes back?” she cried with a trembling lip. Growling slightly he looked into her eyes, “I Will never let him hurt you again, do you understand me? I’m going to take care of you…” he told her in a deep voice. “..why? I left you..” she whimpered looking down at the floor with guilt. “ Because I’m your alpha and your my omega…. and.. ya.” he told her and watched as her eyes slowly lifted to look at his. “What?” she asked thinking she had misheard him. Smirking he cupped her cheek, “Oh course you’d make me say it again, I love ya. I’m sorry it took me so long to admit it.” he told her and saw as she smiled through her pain, “I love you too wolvie.” she said. “ Wait a minute now…” he said when he heard her nickname for him but was swiftly cut off by her pulling him forward by the collar of his shirt to kiss him.

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