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Reasons my new physics prof is adorable

- on the first day of class he brought his favorite toy truck from when he was a child
- is from Argentina and has a cute accent and sometimes speaks in Spanish on accident
- teaches us Spanish phrases for fun
- very tall and awkward and has super curly hair that falls into his face constantly
- giggles at his own jokes
- on the second day of class he showed us pictures of his cat eating a salami
- the cat’s name is Pants

“I’ve been sitting here for three hours trying to figure out what to do.  I need to make a sale.  Rent is due in a week and I don’t have the money.  I’m already starting to miss payments on a loan I took out recently.  I made two cold calls today and both of them went like shit.  I’d never do anything bad to get money, but who knows.  I’m beginning to dread going home.  My kids are small and want …to be with me all the time, but I’m so stressed that I have no patience.  I’ve been losing my temper easily.  We were at my brother-in-law’s house this weekend, and he’s doing much better than I am.  His kids have a bunch of toys.  My son kept begging me to buy the same stupid little toy truck that his cousin had.  And I yelled at him to forget it.  I only had enough money in my pocket to get us home.”

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The Alex Foundation Dictionary

Ever wonder what it’s like to communicate with a parrot like Alex? Some labels we use with Griffin and Athena are the same as the English words, but a few are quite different!


A request for preening



This label was coined by Alex, who seemed to think that an almond in the shell looked like a cork but tasted like a cashew, or “nut.”



This label was coined by Alex and is thought to be a mix of banana and cherry, two fruits he already knew.

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the most room in our hearts

So all things considered, Will really thinks he’s a pretty strong guy.

He lifts weights on a regular basis. He’s been working on lobster boats since he was fourteen, and that’s not easy work. He plays defense on an NCAA hockey team and takes checks from huge, angry dudes all the fucking time, and gets right back up to hit back. He’s a strong guy, is what he’s saying.

But this? This is not fair.

The this in question is Derek fucking Nurse, sitting on a picnic blanket in Will’s backyard, while Will’s little cousins crawl all over him. Katie and Ava are sitting on either side of him, jabbering about something, while Conor hangs off his shoulders. Nursey has Gracie in one arm and is gently breaking up an argument between Sean and Aiden over a toy truck.

“Billy, are you even listening to me?”

Will jolts himself back to the present as Megan punches him in the shoulder. “Don’t call me Billy,” he says, automatic, and then blinks. “I mean, what?”

Megan snorts, pushing her hair off her face. Like a number of his cousins, she’s more of a strawberry blonde than a proper redhead, but she still has just as many freckles as he does. “Dude,” she says. “Are you even trying to be subtle?”

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A Little Less Sixteen Candles - Part 6 [Final]

[A/N: HERE IT IS! Final chapter! I haven’t fully revised this so it could be riddled with mistakes however if it is guys I am sorry! Okay so just a warning there is some cheese, proper cheese, I love cheese and after all the angst it needed plenty to make up for it! Hope you guys like it, I’m really nervous that build up has totally not been worth it but it’s not going to get much better than this. I feel like maybe I kinda rushed the ending but-]

Word Count: 1950 [In total guys this entire fic was 11060 words long and took up 22 Word page documents, what the hell?!]

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A year ago today, he was still alive.

He was still calling me daily, sometimes multiple times a day and he was still telling me about all of the crazy things that happened to him.

He was still saving quarters to buy the big toy truck for when his only grand child turned 3, because “it says on the box ages 3 and up, and he’s very smart, he will drive it very well.” He was still bugging me about submitting his retirement application because even though he didn’t actually plan on relaxing, he still wanted to get that check from the government when he turned 62.

A year ago today he hadn’t yet gone out into that field to do a favor for a friend and clear out the trees there and he hadn’t hit the bees that would kill him.

A year ago today i hadn’t yet gotten that phone call from my sister about ‘maybe heat stroke’, and 'ambulance’ and 'I dont know which hospital’ and i hadn’t yet called his phone waiting for his voice to pick up only to be greeted by the voice of a stranger telling me to come right away so they could “tell me what happened.”

So they could tell me what happened to my dad when he died scared and alone out in the middle of a field.

I hadn’t yet had a woman in a white coat take me into an empty room and tell me “He is dead. He was dead before they got to him. I am sorry. He is dead.”

A year ago today i didnt know what it would feel like to have a two year old tell me “this is grandpa’s house. But grandpa is gone.”

Lori never forget that I love you. “Don’t you never forget it.” He said it so often that i still remember the sound of it.


On September 26, 1981, Cinda Pallet (13) and Charlotte Kinsey (13) went to a state fair in Oklahoma City along with their boyfriends. While there, they met a man wearing a badge who offered them some money in exchange for their help to unload a truck full of plush toys. The group accepted, but when they got to the Intestate there was no truck. So the man told the two boys to wait in the parking lot while he went to get the truck, and he drove off with the girls. That was the last time Cinda and Charlotte were seen alive.

Police later found out that the abductor had been using a fake badge, that belonged to a carnival worker who was in Dallas at the time. After almost four years of nothing new, they eventually focused their attention on a part time truck driver called Royal Russell Long, who was confirmed to be in Oklahoma City at the time of the crime. Long was already in custody at the time for the 1984 kidnapping of Sharon Baldeagle, a 12 year old who was hitchhiking with a friend, who managed to escape and identify him as the captor. Long pled guilty but claimed he’d dropped off Sharon still alive. She’s never been found.

Cinda and Charlotte’s boyfriends also identified Long as the man who took the girls. His daughter also told investigators he’d molested her for years and she’d witnessed him trying to lure young girls, claiming that “no girl over 13 could satisfy him sexually”. A hair found in his truck matched Cinda’s. During his 1985 trial for the kidnapping and murder of the two girls, he taunted the families claiming only he knew what had happened.

However, this wasn’t enough for the judge, who in the 1985 considered there wasn’t sufficient evidence and the charges against him were dismissed. He remained locked up for Sharon’s kidnapping until 1993, when he died of a heart attack.

Long is also considered a suspect in the disappearence of Deborah Meyer (14), Carlene Brown (19), Christy Gross (19) and Jayleen Banker (10), who went missing in Wyoming during 1974. Jayleen and Christy’s bodies were found later, in Christy’s case nine years after she was abducted.


Bossa Nova Bob’s Ice Cream Truck II by Monte Williams 

Why I Stopped Babysitting.

(warning: very long story)

The last day I spent with Addy started with a long novel of a text message at six am. His mom, Kathy, had an out of town family emergency. She was incredibly vague about what was actually happening, but insisted that it was urgent, and that I really needed to watch Addy for the day. Since I was on break, and I liked Addy slightly more than I disliked Kathy, I told her I was on my way. When I stepped in the door, she stepped out. She looked disheveled, to say the least.

“Thank you so much sweety, I’ll be home as soon as I can.” Without even waiting for a response she got into her car, and I closed the door.

Addy was on the ground surrounded by a sea of legos.

“Hey, what are you building buddy?” I got as close as I could without crushing anything and squatted down.

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*whispers* @imacrazedfangirl Tumblr is being weird and not letting me answer your ask for more headcanons, so here they are:
- Evan has Asperger’s, or high function autism, and one of his special interests are trees. To this day, he always tells Heidi when he learns a new tree fact. (Evan reminds me so much of my little brother, so this is so important to me, aaa. I hold this headcanon close to my heart.)
- Zoe and Connor were close when they were little, but started drifting once Connor started doing drugs. Sometimes, when he first started and before their parents knew, Zoe would let him sneak into her room and help him sober up and he’d promise to lay off, but the problem just ended up hitting worse.
- When they were close, Zoe and Connor would braid each other’s hair.
- Connor’s favorite movie is “The Breakfast Club.”
- Zoe does ballet. When she was little, she’d sometimes try to teach Connor some of what she learned after lessons.
- Evan collected little toy train sets when he was little. He’d sometimes connect all the tracks to make one huge train track.
- He also used to collect toy trucks, but he threw them all out after his dad moved out.

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Bellarke + “A kiss in exchange for every nice thing you say about me. Deal?” and “No, I’m serious. Stop it right now or I won’t give you the last cookie.”

A/N: This is for the 2nd prompt! :)

There are times when being a parent is great.

Your child’s first word, first steps. When they grab your finger in their tiny hand and smile at you for absolutely no reason. These are just a few of the amazing things that you get to experience as a parent.

But sometimes, it fucking sucks.

Like today, when she’s almost running late for work and her son would rather slam two toy trucks together than get his shoes on.

“Tucker, can you please help me get your shoes on?” she coos at her three year old, who’s currently sitting on the floor of her bedroom surrounded by toys.


Clarke closes her eyes, trying like hell not to lose her cool, but it’s his first day at his new daycare and they should have been there twenty minutes ago. 

Instead of attempting to put the kid’s shoes on for the fifth time she starts to tickle him, surprise attack style, and picks him up, tucking his shoes into her purse and carrying him out the door.

“Mama, no!” Tucker squirms, trying to get out of her arms, and she rolls her eyes.

“I’m much bigger than you buddy,” she says with a laugh as she straps him into his car seat. Once he’s all ready to go she’s able to just slip his shoes on.

Why in the hell didn’t I just do this to begin with?

“Because mommy’s a dumb dumb,” she answers to herself out loud and Tucker squeals with laughter.

“Dumb dumb! Mommy’s a dumb dumb!”

“Jesus Chr…Christmas! Jesus was born on Christmas, Tuck. That’s what I was going to say. Let’s go to school!”

Ten minutes later she’s pulling her SUV into the parking lot of Tiny Tots Daycare, rolling her eyes at the cliche name but it comes highly rated from some of the moms from a Facebook group she joined when she moved to town. They all say that Ms. Blake is a great teacher/daycare worker and that it’s more like pre-preschool than a traditional daycare.

“Okay, bud.” Clarke gets him out of his car seat and grabs his little Stormtrooper backpack, throwing it over her shoulder as she makes her way into the brick building.

There’s a receptionist at the front desk who directs her to the “Sunshine Room” also known as the third door on the left so she run-walks down the hallway because she’s so late at this point it’s embarrassing.

She skids to a stop in front of the open door and is about to introduce herself when she sees a tall, very handsome man, kneeling on the floor and going head to head with a five year old.

“Preston, you have to share that toy with Olivia, I have told you this three times now.”

The little boy, Preston, shakes his head and Clarke watches in amusement as his little ginger curls go in every direction. “I don’t want to! I had it first, can’t I just keep it and make Livi get her own toy?”

The man looks at him sternly. “No, I’m serious. Stop it right now or I won’t give you the last cookie.”

Preston sits up straight. “Cookies? We have cookies?”

The man shrugs. “We might. But you’ll never know if you don’t stop being selfish.”

Clarke snickers at his tactic but hey, kids are assholes and sometimes you have to do what you have to do.

She must laugh a little too loudly because the man looks over at her, his warm brown eyes taking in her frazzled appearance and the child currently dangling off her arm like he’s part Chimpanzee.

“Sorry,” she says as she steps in the room. “I think I must be in the wrong place. I’m looking for Ms. Blake’s class?”

“You’re in the right place, she’s out for the day. I’m Bellamy Blake.” He stands up and walks over to her and Tucker and she swears she’s only slightly disappointed that he’s married. But when she looks down at his hand he’s not wearing a wedding band and there’s no tan line. Maybe he’s one of those guys that just doesn’t like jewelry.

“So your wife is the teacher?” 

His eyes narrow a little and then he bursts into laughter. “My wife? No, no she’s my little sister. I’m a teacher over at the high school but we’re on summer break and she’s at a doctor’s appointment.” Clarke’s eyes widen and he holds up his hand. “I’m just full of misdirection, I’m sorry. She’s seven months pregnant.”

“Oh! Okay,” she laughs. “I’m Clarke Griffin, and this is Tucker. He’s a handful.”

Bellamy laughs and takes the backpack from her shoulder. “Hey, Star Wars!” He kneels down to Tucker’s level, which she loves. “You like Stormtroopers, Tuck?”

Oh god, she loves that even more. What is it about good looking guys that are great with kids?

Tucker nods but stays silent, holding onto her hand tighter than before and she really hopes that she can get out of here before she’s a million hours late and her boss fires her.

“He‘s not usually this shy,” she says as she bends down. “Hey, love. I have to go to work. Are you going to be okay with Mr. Blake while I’m gone?” She looks over at Bellamy, noticing for the first time that they are both kneeling and their faces are awfully close to each other.

“It’s just Bellamy,” he says softly, more to her than to Tucker and she smiles. He gives her a little grin back but she can see the moment when he registers where they are because he clears his throat and faces her son. “Want to go find something to play with? We’re doing crafts soon.”

Tucker’s eyes brighten at the word crafts, her son is a wiz with a crayon thank you very much, and he runs to a group of kids playing with a big bin of dinosaurs.

“He’s going to fit right in,” Bellamy chuckles. He goes to stand up so she does too. “Pick up is at five, I’m not sure if they told you everything before.”

“They did,” she says. “And I”ll be here at five sharp to pick him up. Thanks again, Bellamy. See you this afternoon.”

She’s almost out the door when he calls her name. When she turns around he’s giving her this gorgeous little smirk that makes her heart speed up.

“Maybe you should come at 5:05. Give the other parents time to pick their kids up.” 

And give us time alone is left unspoken but understood so she nods, even though she’s positive that she’s blushing.

“I can be here at 5:05,” she says. “See you then.” 

She spends all day at work (and she didn’t get fired so go her) thinking about Bellamy. By the time four rolls around she’s ready to get the hell out of here and make tracks for Tiny Tots.

An hour later she’s in the parking lot, watching other parents hurry in and out of the building, eager to get home and make dinner or watch sitcoms. Whatever the hell normal families do on a weeknight.

Five minutes later she’s walking through the door of the Sunshine Room and she grins when she sees Bellamy and Tucker sitting at a table shaped like a flower, putting together a Sesame Street puzzle.

“Hey, buddy!”

Tucker looks up at the sound of her voice and grins his toothy little smile and that right there is a moment that makes parenthood worth it.

It doesn’t hurt that Bellamy gives her a grin to match, a pair of wire rimmed glasses now sitting on his nose, slightly askew.

“So I was going to ask you for coffee,” he says immediately as he gets up and she appreciates the honesty. It’s refreshing that he’s interested in her and doesn’t mind saying it because frankly, the feeling is mutual. “But then I remembered this little guy so what would you say to the McDonald’s play place? Unless you’re one of those vegan, organic moms? Then…I don’t know, somewhere else?”

Clarke laughs out loud, titling her head back and everything. “Definitely not that vegan organic mom. McDonald’s is great. And they have coffee,” she says with a wink and Bellamy nods.

“They do,” he agrees and he grabs Tucker’s backpack off the table and puts it over his shoulder. “After you.”

Tucker claps his hands and chants “Mickey D’s, Mickey D’s!” all the way to the restaurant and Clarke can’t help but smile when she looks in the rear view and sees Bellamy’s Camaro driving behind her.

Today didn’t end up at all how she thought it would but she can’t complain and she doesn’t want to.

Not one little bit.


By The Hook

Notes: Three fic ideas in the brain mill and what is the first piece of fanfiction that I write in two years - a one-shot. Anyway, I would like to thank @welllpthisishappening for encouraging me to write this and dealing with my nuisance self for the past two days as I banged this out and constantly asked for her opinion. All mistakes are mine because I am trash. Depending on how this one goes, might make a “Little Pirates” drabble series starring Harrison, Westley (Wes) and Elizabeth (Beth) Jones. You can read on AO3 here: [LINK]

Summary: Since the birth of his children, Killian Jones has kept his hook out of sight in order to keep from scaring his children. His fourteen-month daughter doesn’t agree with this policy.

Rating: T

Word Count: 3,000+

“One of these days, we’re going to finally call it a quits and move to the other side of the country where no one can find us,” Emma says, exhaustion filling every word as they limp up the front steps of their home. She staggers slightly as her foot catches on the wood, swaying into Killian.

Killian groans at the unexpected contact but lifts an arm sluggishly around Emma’s shoulders to help his wife find balance. He’s feeling every single one of his years in this moment and nearly every part of him hurts. Bruises are starting to form on his shoulders and torso where the beastie of the week slammed into him. He feels blood trickling down his brow where the griffin’s talons grazed him. He is hoping against hope that he isn’t going to need stitches…again.

Emma gently pats him on the arm in silent thanks and leans slightly forward to open their front door. Both of them groan as they move to push off their shoes. Killian toes his boots into a fine line while Emma is more careless, one of her shoes flying into the air and hitting the wall in the dull thud. Killian is too tired to even care enough to complain. He just wants to lay in his bed with his wife and sleep for week.

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