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Reasons my new physics prof is adorable

- on the first day of class he brought his favorite toy truck from when he was a child
- is from Argentina and has a cute accent and sometimes speaks in Spanish on accident
- teaches us Spanish phrases for fun
- very tall and awkward and has super curly hair that falls into his face constantly
- giggles at his own jokes
- on the second day of class he showed us pictures of his cat eating a salami
- the cat’s name is Pants

Late or Undiagnosed Autism Things!
  • “You don’t seem autistic”
  • (after relearning/learning how to stim) “What are you doing?  Stop that”
  • Internally: “Oh shit that wasn’t a temper tantrum, that was a meltdown because my comfort object was literally taken from my hands”
  • Obsessed with That One Thing that you can’t shut up about
  • Being deeply and personally offended by Sheldon Cooper
  • Asking your friends to tell you to shut up when they get bored because you Can’t Tell
  • I could wear these pants yesterday, but today they feel like they’re made of Sandpaper, so I Can’t
  • *cuts every tag off of every piece of clothing ever*
  • *sees self in every autistic coded character* weird
  • Watches stim videos for 4 hours like ????? why good
  • *chews on something* why
  • Literally eats the same thing for lunch for 11 years without getting bored of it
  • I Can’t find the Thing I Need so I’m Panicking Now
  • “Look at me when I’m talking to you!”
  • Bounce leg bounce leg tap pencil click pen bounce leg
  • *gets tested for ADHD*  *inconclusive results*
  • *rolls toy truck over face* nice

Feel free to add your own, also this got so much longer than I thought it would be

(bonus round: you’re AFAB)

if I’m ever manning a production of falsettos I want the set to look like kids furniture/toy furniture bc immaturity, gender roles, and Marvin wanting everything to be perfect like theyre playing house or family charades are such huge elements and I feel like giving this like childish bright toy like backdrop to all of these serious events would really amplify Marvin’s point of view with everything falling apart and not going to plan because these are real people interacting with child’s fodder and it doesn’t quite sit right which is perfect.

“I’ve been sitting here for three hours trying to figure out what to do.  I need to make a sale.  Rent is due in a week and I don’t have the money.  I’m already starting to miss payments on a loan I took out recently.  I made two cold calls today and both of them went like shit.  I’d never do anything bad to get money, but who knows.  I’m beginning to dread going home.  My kids are small and want …to be with me all the time, but I’m so stressed that I have no patience.  I’ve been losing my temper easily.  We were at my brother-in-law’s house this weekend, and he’s doing much better than I am.  His kids have a bunch of toys.  My son kept begging me to buy the same stupid little toy truck that his cousin had.  And I yelled at him to forget it.  I only had enough money in my pocket to get us home.”

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The Alex Foundation Dictionary

Ever wonder what it’s like to communicate with a parrot like Alex? Some labels we use with Griffin and Athena are the same as the English words, but a few are quite different!


A request for preening



This label was coined by Alex, who seemed to think that an almond in the shell looked like a cork but tasted like a cashew, or “nut.”



This label was coined by Alex and is thought to be a mix of banana and cherry, two fruits he already knew.

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the most room in our hearts

So all things considered, Will really thinks he’s a pretty strong guy.

He lifts weights on a regular basis. He’s been working on lobster boats since he was fourteen, and that’s not easy work. He plays defense on an NCAA hockey team and takes checks from huge, angry dudes all the fucking time, and gets right back up to hit back. He’s a strong guy, is what he’s saying.

But this? This is not fair.

The this in question is Derek fucking Nurse, sitting on a picnic blanket in Will’s backyard, while Will’s little cousins crawl all over him. Katie and Ava are sitting on either side of him, jabbering about something, while Conor hangs off his shoulders. Nursey has Gracie in one arm and is gently breaking up an argument between Sean and Aiden over a toy truck.

“Billy, are you even listening to me?”

Will jolts himself back to the present as Megan punches him in the shoulder. “Don’t call me Billy,” he says, automatic, and then blinks. “I mean, what?”

Megan snorts, pushing her hair off her face. Like a number of his cousins, she’s more of a strawberry blonde than a proper redhead, but she still has just as many freckles as he does. “Dude,” she says. “Are you even trying to be subtle?”

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Green Juice

Bruce Banner X Reader

With the Hulk under control and the government pardoning Bruce Banner under provision of working with the Avengers, Bruce finally feels safe enough to live a relatively normal life. He even steps into the dating world but what happens when he looses control in front of Reader’s 4 year old son?

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