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Reasons my new physics prof is adorable

- on the first day of class he brought his favorite toy truck from when he was a child
- is from Argentina and has a cute accent and sometimes speaks in Spanish on accident
- teaches us Spanish phrases for fun
- very tall and awkward and has super curly hair that falls into his face constantly
- giggles at his own jokes
- on the second day of class he showed us pictures of his cat eating a salami
- the cat’s name is Pants

pastel colours, candies, bead necklaces, rainbows, soft clouds, cuddles, sippies, cartoons on netflix, sleep-ins with bubba, being kiddy, silly slime, crayons, wax paper drawings, fluffy carpet, feather-light fingers across your eyelids, nose kisses, lavender, feeling loved, lanterns at night, candle nightlights, piggybacks, over-alls with front pockets, toy trucks to make farms with, washing dirt from your little hands, pom poms and strings of wool, glittery everything, pale stars at dusk

The Sims 4 Toddlers Update Overview Skills


Advance skills by walking around, playing with adults, dancing, playing with blocks, playing Blic Block Baby using the toddler tablet and attempting to climb stairs.

  • Level 1: Stumble around less.
  • Level 2: Can climb stairs, play wrestle with adults.
  • Level 3: Walks faster and learns to dance.
  • Level 4: Can run and build towers with blocks.
  • Level 5: Very stable, and fast at climbing stairs.


Advance by studying flash cards, talking with teddies and watching toddler videos on the special toddler tablet.

  • Level 1: Beginning to learn skills.
  • Level 2: Learn to hug, hit and learn animals from playing flash cards.
  • Level 3: Toddlers can talk about toys, trucks, yell, say nonsense, ask for dessert.
  • Level 4: Talks about parties, favorite animals, knock-knock jokes.
  • Level 5: Advanced verbal skills – tell story, tell goofy story and talk about dinosaurs.


Advance by having a adult train the toddler and by using the potty instead of the diaper more.

  • Level 1: Toddler doesn’t prefer potty over diaper, will not use without an adult present.
  • Level 2: Can use without an adult, but still diaper sometimes.
  • Level 3: They will always use the potty over diaper.


Advance thinking and independence by being curious. Play with flash cards, nesting blocks, SimShape on the tablet, and make sure to ask ‘Why?’

  • Level 1: Throw fewer tantrums, can take better care of themselves.
  • Level 2: Study shapes and acts less defiant.
  • Level 3: Learn numbers from flash cards and sleeps better through night alone.
  • Level 4: Starts to ‘Ask Why.’ Will stop splashing in the toilet as much.
  • Level 5: No tantrums, can learn letters, practice spelling and sleep through the night like a child would. Solves almost all needs independently.


Advance by playing with toys, such as dolls and Draw with Llama on the tablet, watching TV, listening to music and looking at toddler books.

  • Level 1: Imagination skill starts teaches toddlers to read, and play with imagination and creativity.
  • Level 2: Can play with others and look at picture books.
  • Level 3: Toddlers can name their toys, dolls, and stuffed animals.
  • Level 4: Can read toddler books.
  • Level 5: Can view and react to art.

Tommy x OC Daughter

Requested By Anon

Part One

“Elizabeth, why is Charlie crying again?” Tommy sighed as he tried to work, wishing you’d come back from your visit to Ada’s.

“Because I pushed him.” The sweet voice called back and he chuckled.

“Well why’d you push him?” Tommy asked as Elizabeth appeared in the doorway.

“I wanted his toy truck.” She pouted.

“Elizabeth, you both have the same truck.” He pointed out and she shrugged.

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he looks like a grumpy toddler who just got woken up from his nap and hasn’t had his juice box yet and he can’t find his favorite toy truck
Night Rider
By Organization for Transformative Works

Another chapter in the Ride It Like You Stole It series AND a fill for this prompt at @kyluxhardkinks!

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“I wanna—” Hux mumbles, voice all soft and worn out, but fuck if his cock isn’t twitching back to life. “I wanna do it.”

Kylo’s fingers pause inside him. “What?”

“I wanna fuck your truck.“

  • Words: 4520
  • Rating: Explicit
  • Tags: Threats of Violence, Kyle Ron doesn’t know how to threaten anyone, Possessive Behavior, Coming In Pants, Dry Humping, Anal Fingering, Finger Sucking, Dirty Talk, Roughness, Humiliation, Public Sex, Car Sex, Mechanophilia, Exhibitionism, Sex Toys, the truck, the truck is the sex toy, Begging, Caught, Size Difference, Size Kink, Kyle Ron doesn’t know how to Feelings, Hux is sluttier than he originally thought, The Virginity Is Revealed!, cause of death: kyle ron’s dick, there’s nothing but porn here

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Send me a "✬" and I'll generate a number (Childish activities version) :
  1. drawing chalk pictures
  2. making snow angels
  3. having a snow ball fight
  4. having a “tea party”
  5. blowing bubbles (optional: chasing bubbles)
  6. making and hiding in a pillow fort
  7. building snowmen
  8. playing on swings and or teeter-totters
  9. Play dress up
  10. hide and seek 
  11. playing tag
  12. kick the can 
  13. color in coloring books
  14. finger painting
  15. watch tv and pretend to be the characters 
  16. play pretend 
  17. eat cookies
  18. climb trees 
  19. Building sand castles 
  20. rolling down hills 
  21. sledding 
  22. video games  
  23. play with dolls
  24. toy trucks
  25. going to the candy store

I think everyone should know that there’s a small child here at Starbucks with me (yes, the same Starbucks where I met Old Miss Methuselah and Fandom Grandpa) who has requisitioned two tables for herself. She’s got more toy trucks/trains than you can shake a finger at. Someone just asked her if she wants to be a princess or a ballerina when she grows up, and she just stood up on the table and screamed I WANNA BE A CHOO-CHOO.

New best thing: Sodapop and Steve new dad aesthetic.

-Steve thinks the kid is going to be a boy so he decorates the entire nursery in trucks and buys enough toy cars to last for years. But the kid is a girl.

-“But she can still be a mechanic, fuck gender roles.”

-Steve is more of a nervous protective dad, Soda is a chill parent. Steve never lets the baby further than 5 feet away from him and Soda constantly has to remind Steve to chill out.

-Ok but imagine the baby crying in the middle of the night and Steve holding the baby and humming to it and gently rocking the navy while Sodapop watches on and grins.

-Sodapop in the grocery store with the baby in a papoose.

-Nobody in the gang thought Steve could care about something so much, of course he was naturally nurturing to people like Johnny and Soda but Steve has never cared about something so much in his life.

-Steve works on a car while Soda plays with the baby in the yard.

-The baby’s first word is “car!” after many weeks of coaching from Steve.

-For the first month or so, Steve will not let Ponyboy or Dally hold the baby and he’s even reluctant about letting Darry close to her.

-They didn’t expect to have a girl so they just kinda blurted out “Iphigenia” when the doctors asked what they wanted to name her.

-Seriously though, Steve is such a nervous daddy. He’s the kinda person who wakes up in the middle of the night just to check to see if she’s still breathing.

-Soda is very good at calming her down, Soda is probably her favorite parent but Steve doesn’t mind.