truck through wall

New Adventures - Chapter 16

Synopsis: It’s time to figure out who put the hole in the Sanctuary’s wall.


Characters: Negan, Elizabeth (My OC), Gregory, Jesus (Paul)

Word Count: 1,455

Warnings: Negan’s dirty mouth

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That morning it was time to get down to business. Negan had taken you back to his room after you two talked so you could rest comfortably in his bed, but honestly you hadn’t slept very well at all. Being unconscious for as long as you were was plenty of sleep for you.

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In 1991, George Hennard deliberately drove his pick-up truck through the wall of a Luby’s fast food restaurant and shot 50 people, killing 23 and injuring 27. The shooting remains the deadliest mass murder in the USA that didn’t occur in a school. Hennard’s motive for the rampage is unclear, as he committed suicide before he could be arrested. However, before he started shooting, survivors mentioned that he yelled: “All women are vipers!” making his motive evidently sexist.

  • Me: Block B is great. They haven't been all that active lately, but I love everybo-
  • Me: *tripping over Zico solos*
  • Me: Where did thi-
  • Me: *Zico solo slaps me in the face*
  • Me: What the fu-
  • Me: *Zico materialises in front of me and shoves a new mixtape into my hands, before vanishing again*
  • Me: *Seven Seasons reverses a dump truck straight through the front wall of my house and pours comeback news all over me*
  • Me: H E L P M E

You know, in hindsight, this all seemed a little bit crazy. 

Well, crazy for most people. Not so crazy for Victor. After all, he had only driven a semi-truck through a wall, into what appeared to be dozens of strangely dressed people in black costumes with some weird red skull and circle symbol. Well, didn’t matter to him. They were heavily armed and had been shooting at something. Now however, the ones that hadn’t been hit by the sudden and unexpected semi were now firing at him, and as he understood it, that gave him the right to kill them. 

Not that he wasn’t going to kill them anyway, but it was good to remember that he was in the right about this. 

Granted, this meant that he took little time in allowing his claws to come out. By now, he had learned to ignore their screams; and there were a lot of them, complete with curses and profanity about how what they were witnessing was some kind of demon or hellish being. 

Really, he was just ripping apart people like they were made of paper and feasting upon their blood, essentially ensuring that the brainwashed guys with matching skull symbols all got to watch each other get devoured by the undead monster. 

And then he ran out of people to kill. Covered in blood, he turned, blinking as a woman also covered in blood pointed a gun at him. You know, he probably should have spit out the person he was drinking dry, and not just stood there with a neck in his mouth, and the body dangling in the air. After spitting said body out, Victor could only smirk at the likely shaken woman.

“Now, call this a theory, but based on the lack of terrible jumpsuit and giant ‘kill me’ logo, I’m going to say you’re not with them. All the same, you might as well drop the gun; it ain’t going to do you any good against me unless you’re packing a hell of a lot more heat than these guys.” 

Detour to become a movie rant

I really hate how the zeitgeist has changed to make Tony manic and Pepper and Rhodey equal parts Only Sane Man who tries to redirect him, or at least contain the damage.

All three of them are maniacs.

When you get Tony and Rhodey or Tony and Pepper bouncing off each other, they don’t calm or contain each other.  They rile each other up.  They connect and they roll with it.  

Tony and Rhodey have really similar senses of humor and tend to put their heads together to create really terrible plans that invariably lead to exploding helicopters or driving a truck through a wall.  There’s rarely a sense of exasperation or lack of respect for the other’s methods or moods.  Tony doesn’t really push Rhodey’s buttons, so when Rhodey DOES get mad at him, Tony immediately gets he fucked up.  

Tony and Pepper are a pair of math genius sass machines who are 100% for every random idea that falls out of the other’s mouth.  Pepper gets MEGA-PISSED at Tony, but she gets pissed because he draws her into his web so much.  She doesn’t necessarily want what he’s selling and she knows if she’s around him, she’ll buy it.  I feel like if a 60’s or 70’s Pepper was left with a Tony who gave the Mandarin his home address, she’d just be like, ’OBVIOUSLY, that was your only choice, you totally know what you were doing.  Asshole better attack during business hours b/c I have other shit to do.  (But no one let Happy near him, because he can’t handle it.)’