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Stories from when I worked at Tim Hortons:
First ( this ones kinda gross so prepare yourselves)there was the middle aged couple that got two creamy chocolate chills (a drink that’s a lot like a chocolate milkshake) and came back about ten minutes later because apparently the drinks had given them both chronic indigestion. Chronic indigestion so bad that the lady couldn’t even wait to get to a bathroom so she shit in the front seat of their car
Then there were the guys who came through the drive thru playing porn at full volume over their trucks sound system
There was also an interesting coworker who called the manager on me at nine pm because I asked him to go do something and apparently that was deeply offensive to him because I wasn’t in charge so to make himself feel better he called the manager at nine pm and made her come in so she could yell at me when all she did was take me in the office and give me candy because she new that he was just being an idiot then she told him if he ever did that again she would fire him.
We also had a shady looking guy who would come in almost everyday hit on all the female employees and then go and sit in the lobby and video chat girls he got banned after her swore at the owner of the store he still came in after he was banned and no one tried to stop him.

Little Selkie Drabble...

“You ever seen a seal like that before?” One sailor asks another, watching the herd of shuffling, resting, lazy gray shapes upon the beach. The seals are lazy, here, fearless. Nobody has reason to bother them, so they give them space. Still, they do watch. “The black one, right there.”

His companion follows his gaze to a shape made distinct by color. True enough, the seal is certainly striking. Blue-black hide, interrupted by bands and loops of white. The seal looks up, and at them, black eyes and twitching whiskers…before it flops back down into the pile of grunting, barking bodies. “Strange.”

“Mm.” They watch, for a time, but even a novelty fades fast and there’s work to be done. It’s not until the sun is low in the sky that the black-and-white seal moves again, looking around. There are no men on the beach anymore, no-one to see as they shuffle and scoot forwards, over sand and rocks, finding where it is dry- and with a sigh they slip free of their skin.

She ties the leathery sealskin tightly about her thick waist, and begins to climb the rocks and cliff- up top she knows the human women hang their laundry to dry on lines, and she will need clothes. Humans have funny ideas about who should wear what, and whether or not one needed anything but their own hide on their body, but clothes will do.

No-one will think twice in a town with active docks like this, to look at a stranger. Small and with hat pulled down over eyes and streaks of white in their hair, they will easily disappear amongst sailors and fisherman moving to and fro in the port. She carries but a few coins (earlier she spat them up into her hand, having swallowed them from the sea bed) and spends them at a local inn so she can listen to rumors and plan her next move.

And if anyone notices the stranger with too-dark eyes and too-sharp of teeth, they say nothing.

She returns the clothes to the now-empty lines in the morning, and climbs back down naked save for her skin, about her shoulders now to protect from the morning wind. It’s with great relief she reaches the water’s edge, frothing, and slides back into her skin, diving into the cool darkness of water. She’s hungry, and tired, but there’s fish to be had and a local herd to sleep amongst.

A child who was out digging crabs out of the sand runs home and tells his mommy that he saw a woman turn into a seal! And she chides him.

“Don’t go telling stories, boy.”