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describe the one direction fashion during their album eras.

Up All Night.

Pastel twinks. Giving off that vibe that makes you think they smell like an Oceanside Yankee Candle and freshly cut springtime grass. Would defo date you, open doors for you and smile at you with some sugary fucking tooth-rotting grin. Defo gonna have you back home 15 minutes before curfew with a wink at Mama as he leaves to drive the car that tells your mama he paid for the meal and could probably pay for her house too.

Take Me Home.

Sassy rich-boy fucks. Got that ‘lost my car keys so daddy brought me a new car’ vibe. Wears bowties to a casual as fuck house party. Other dudes think they’re twats but girls think they got dollar dollar hiding in their fancy fucking breast pockets. Lots of monochrome colours, wears white jeans and would probably wink at you as you notice the grass stains.

Midnight Memories.

Greasy gas station rent-boy chic. Excuse me m’aam, our car seems to have broke down can we borrow your cell so we can call a towing service“ Totally not passed them to throw you on the back seat and have the whole squad hit it in their cheap as fuck dodgy car whilst they wait for the tow truck tho. Smell like sweat, tequila and smoke. Bad-boy assholes that don’t believe in money as a concept which is an excuse for them being broke as fuq. Would get drunk with you and complain about captalism and the bourgeoisie. 


Slayin in all black cos it’s everyone elses funeral. Take me To Church plays in the background of them wherever they go. Has the ‘Daddy-doesn’t-talk-about-his-business-with-you’ vibe and you cool with that. Smells like overpowering Gucci cologne on a soft autumn breeze. Hair constantly in a state of ‘i woke up like this but it took an hour to get right’. Most likely actually has money falling out their pockets. Shoes pointier than cheekbones.

Made In The AM.

We’re not like regular dads we’re cool dads. Relaxed and chill vibe, just guys being dudes. The kind of guys who know how to bleed a radiator but know the best guy to get cocaine from at short notice. Would probably reference memes in conversation but only the relevant ones. If you like causing trouble up in hotel rooms, they are wife material.

H for High Heels. (Simon from TWDxReader)

Working at the sanctuary had it’s perks, things worked very much like the world used to, work and gain that’s all there was to it. You always had a way with things going your way somehow or another, you managed. That was until you took up position on guard duty as promotion, Simon had suggested it to Negan and he was happy to oblige. He knew Simon had a thing for you, even though you were oblivious. Simon always flirted with women who weren’t Negan’s wives, he knew his place, so you were none the wiser. Until today that is. Assigned to night guard you expected to be able to sleep during the day. A knock sounded at your door. Groaning like a walker you looked to your watch that read 7:36 am, you turned to glare at the door and mutter a slurred “Come in”. As always you expected some sort of terrible thing to occur so you slept in clothes suited for a run which included your black high heeled combat boots. Enough to kick in the head of any walker.

The face you saw was not one you expected, there in his mustached glory you saw Simon. Smiling in the doorway but ever the gentleman he stayed out unless you invited him completely in. “Hey there Darlin’ long night?” Nodding in your tired state you sat up and flipped the covers off, swinging your legs to the side feet planted solid. Simon’s eyes traveled down to your black clad boots and licked his lips, noticing your stare his eyes met yours once more.

Clearing his throat he motioned to the hall with his head as he spoke. “Wanna go on a run, I know you’re sitting there with a stick up your ass outta boredom.” You chuckled at his odd but charming sense of humor, he was always kind to you. Smiling and slightly fixing your hair you followed him out. “You look fine as fine China girly, don’t cha worry bout a thing.” Blushing at his comment and hoping it went unnoticed, which it did not. Bumping you with his shoulder he bent his head a bit to look into your eyes that darted from his and chuckled from his belly. “Well shit is that a little red I see? Looks pretty damn sexy on you.” Pushing his shoulder you mutter “Oh shut up!”

Eventually making your way to the car you realize you and Simon are going alone, which is odd but never the less you do as you are told. He’s Negan’s right hand man, you disobey him you disobey Negan. Your mind wandered to the thought of how Simon would punish you. How he acted earlier with you, you began to fantasize being bent over his knee, a heavy hand coming down on your bott- “(y/n) you doing alright over there you look like you took a trip to fucking Disneyland” his hand was on your knee as you crossed your legs to shift away from him.

The store in front of you and Simon looked ordinary possibly some canned items at most, you didn’t understand why he decided to take you out here when the saviors take from the other communities. Shrugging you follow Simon inside. “Stay put I’ll check around and come back.” He ordered, his voice thick and solid that said obedience. You never were one for rules, so when something caught your eye you looked to see if Simon was looking and wandered off.

Your favorite food lay in a can on the shelf which you quickly went to grab when a hand suddenly jumped out behind the other side and grabbed you. A walker. Your heart jumped as you cut at it’s arm, finally falling free as you stumbled into something solid. Simon and he looked pissed. Gulping you turned back to the undead and kicked it’s face in with your heels. Once done you were dragged away by Simon, his grip tight around your forearm, despite your struggle you could not free yourself. Fear began to bubble within you thinking about Negan finding out, even though he wasn’t fond of hurting women he would if someone made a dumbass decision. Simon finally dragged you back to the truck and threw you into the side of it, face first. His body pressed into your backside as he whispered harshly in your ear. “What the FUCK were you thinking back there huh?!” When an answer didn’t come he smacked your bottom hard, hard enough you jolted forward and gasped out. “I.. I don’t know.” Growling he gripped your ass. “Don’t know? That’s not an answer. I gotta admit seeing you fuck up that walker with those sexy ass heels had me harder than a fucking rock but you do NOT disobey my orders do you?!” When you began to stumble on an answer he spanked you once more, harder than before if that was possible, you were getting wetter by the minute.

“No.. No sir. I will not disobey you again.” You whimpered and rubbed your thighs together for friction. Ever vigilant Simon gripped your ass and massaged it with increasing pressure. His breathing heavy. “But you deserved to be punished don’t you baby? You deserve to get my belt for that don’t you?” Sighing you pressed your ass against his hand and felt his cock on the other cheek. His hands left you but his body still kept you in place as he undid his belt, snapping it to his side. Shivering in response he hushed you. “Shh baby. You want this huh? You wanna be my bad girl, get this belt and a hard pounding from little old me?” Nodding you pressed back once more.

With your consent he whipped your ass and you definitely felt the sting oh but you loved it. He was rock hard and pulsing with the sight of you in those heels, pressed up against the truck, his hand on your back holding you, and oh fuck that wet spot seeping into your jeans. With a few more ruthless swings he pulled down your pants and panties in one go, and unzipped himself. Looking back you saw his impressive cock spring free against his toned stomach, aching for you. Looking to appreciate his red marked across your ass he soothed them with his hand slightly, suddenly he gripped your right leg sliding his hand down until it reached those heels. Those heels that undid him from the moment he first laid eyes on you. You couldn’t take it anymore so you whined “Simon… please fuck me. Fuck me hard.” Glancing back up at you with a smirk present he rubbed his cock against your dripping entrance and slowly pushed his tip inside. Both groaning slightly before he slammed into you. He body shifting you forward the truck rocking just so. You moaned a heavy sigh and that was all he needed before he began to pound into you. Your pussy gripping him tightly base to tip, he was relentless in his pleasuring punishment. He slapped your ass as he went, you leg bent into the crock of his elbow, back bowed into his chest, his mouth upon your neck biting and suckling hard. Soon enough the heat built into ecstasy. “Oh fuck Simon please oh fuck!!” Grinning ear to ear he whispered “Fuck yea baby cum all over my cock, fuck fuck yea baby girl. You’re such a bad girl for me huh? You *groan* you never disobey Negan but you do me. You wanted this so bad huh? Admit it!” He pounded harder, skin against skin, his hands marking your ass in almost welts. “Ah fuck yes yes I wanted you to! I wanted you to fucking own me!” You screamed as you finally came, pushing you through it he came on your back and zipped up. Catching your breath you leaned against the truck, sweating, ass beaten and satisfied. “Get dressed and get in the truck, oh by the way you better wear those heels next time. That’s an order.”

Just Drive!

ZoLu Week Day 4: Free Space 

Modern AU setting 

Zoro spotted the hitchhiker with a thumb out and an arm waving. He stepped on the gas, and then hastily slammed the brake (his original intention) next to the guy. 

“Where are you headed?” he muttered as the guy shut the door and turned to him. He had a bedhead of dark hair, and his smile, though nervous, shone like a star. 

“I like your hair,” the guy said in wonder as Zoro began driving again. Zoro himself had short green hair like moss and rather stoic features. 

“Not what I asked, but thanks,” Zoro said. “Where’re you headed?” 

“Wherever’s fine. I just gotta get away from here.” 

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Falling In Love With Kim Namjoon Would Include...

-Looking up from your phone on your spot on the couch in the rapper work room, seeing Namjoon’s back turned 180 degrees away from his keyboard as his eyes are tenderly resting on your relaxing form. The minute he realizes you know he’s been staring at you, a dimpled grin breaks out on his face as he breaks his gaze from you, a blush heating up his cheek bones.

-Namjoon always being more than excited to share music with you that he feels will be a source of inspiration to him. His eyes would always light up as he’s playing a song for you, joyously placing one of his ear buds into your ear, and grinning brightly as he asks you what you think about a new artist that he currently can’t stop listening to.

-Constantly being reminded that you’re where he gets all of his motivation and inspiration from, as he tells you this over and over during intimate moments like showering or holding each other right before falling asleep in his warm bed.

- Being the person that Namjoon comes to when he breaks things. Rather it be a pair of new, expensive sunglasses that disintegrated in his hands or a fight he got in with one of the members, you’d be the person he’d ask to help repair it.

-Because of that, your purse/backpack becomes a kind of utility kit. You would always carry super glue, duct tape, and a roll of bandages with you at all times.

-Constantly stealing his oversized hoodies and burying your nose in them right before you fall asleep on the days you’re apart from him. You’d always smell the slight sharpness of ink and the graphitic scent of soft-lead pencils.

-As the two of you are walking around a giant shopping center, admiring the displays of different stores, and drinking tapioca tea, you’d feel Namjoon’s hand lightly bumping against yours as a silent signal for you to reach out and hold hands with him.

-Looking through Namjoon’s notebook to find the exact shape of your hair traced out in each margin of every page. Occasionally, your name would be intertwined throughout each of the little sketches of you.

-A single photograph of you laughing at something he’d said while he was affectionately looking at your smile would be the place marker for his notebook.

-Saturday night dates to underground rap shows, food trucks, and cozy libraries. Sweat stinging in your eyes, hickory wood smoke, and the shushing of the librarian.

-Receiving half awake, half work-drunk text messages from him that describe in intricate detail how a photograph, work of art, passage in a book, or song made him think of how he felt whenever he spent time being with you. He’d usually follow this text up with a long, intricate recount of how much he misses you at that moment that he couldn’t be with you.

-When you’re very preoccupied with a task around BTS’ dorm or the practice rooms, – like homework or something of the sort- you’d always feeling a pair of large, warm hands softly rub your back. Namjoon would hover over you for a moment, careful not to be intrusive to your concentration, and place a tender kiss to your temple. He’d leave you alone again, making sure the other members don’t disturb you as well.

-Finding his To-Do Lists scattered around both your place and BTS’ dorm. At first, you don’t think much of them until one day you happen to notice your name somewhere on the list. You then realize that over half of the things on his To-Do Lists would be things he wanted to do for you. They’d be things like fill the air on (Y/N)’s bicycle tires, get (Y/N) a new backpack, and make reservations for (Y/N). When you see one of the items on one of the lists say “Buy new hoodies…. Where do they keep going, anyway?,” you would smirk, knowing that you were the one who has been taking them.

-Those reservations would be a surprise dinner date. One morning, he would text you that he had a surprise for you and that you should get a little dressed up for it. Later that night, he’d arrive at your door step in beautiful clothes, wearing a big smile on his face. Before you’d know it, you’d be on the roof top of an incredible restaurant that had a notorious reputation for having a waiting list of at least three months. There would be candle light on every table and the beautiful city scape glitter underneath the two of you. You’d be reaching across the table, hands weaved together sweetly, and his eyes not able to leave your shimmering face, a look of golden joy painted on his. Namjoon would be a bit sheepish about all this extravagance, but he’d simply say “I’ve been daydreaming about what Seoul city lights look like is reflected in your eyes. My daydreams look so dull compared to this reality.”

-BTS looking in to your relationship with Namjoon, wondering if you’re born the most patient person on the planet or if you became that way through being in love with him. Rapmonster is a person with a lot on his plate at all times and as a result, he’d often find himself having a lot of things he’d have to get done before he could even get the chance to talk to you every day. They’d watch as you took on his busy leader idol lifestyle with acceptance, understanding, and not an ounce of jealousy. The running joke would be that “Ah, (Y/N)-ah is leader’s angel.” They were all sure that any girl friend of his would be instantly turned away from that fact that he constantly would be incredibly busy.

-Being caught up in a moment of passion after having explored the city with him all night, the brick of a building in a darkened alley way sticking to your hair. Some of your fingers would be wrapped up his hair while others are tightly clutching the back of his neck. His lips are dancing against your skin as his nose is pushing away any cloth that intrude their path, his hands holding on to your lower back as he’s desperate for the two of you to melt together while trying to let you  feel every ounce of heat that was pent up in his body. Namjoon’s low moans would be resonating in your ears and you could feel his teeth biting into the exposed flesh of your neck.

-Namjoon making sure that, above else, you’d find a support basis in BTS. No matter what you needed, rather it is early morning or creeping-back-into-early-morning late night, through an avalanche or a drizzle of rain, you’d always have somebody to help you with what you need even if it can’t always be him. Being the leader, he’d really integrate you the quickest into to the BTS family rather than the BTS group of goofball friends.

-Namjoon being fascinated with your eyes. Whenever you’d make eye contact him, you would feel those familiar electric shocks running down your spine. However, he would be carefully examining everything about your eyes. The exact shape, the specific combinations of color tones and how light affected them, and how the position of your eyebrows changed the overall expression of your eyes. He would be a strong believer in ‘eyes are a window into a person’s soul’ and would be tirelessly interested in what your windows revealed to him.

-Amber scented, lying quietly side by side in a field of knee-high grass type of happiness.