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Mimics are a sorely underused monster type in my opinion. So I made one currently tied to a short-story idea called “Food Truck” (which is currently being considered on being folded into the Strange-verse). 

This mimic’s “name” is Carmen and she disguises herself as an innocuous food truck that sells smoothies. I imagine this unique cover would have been adopted after the explosion of the trendy food-truck craze that swept across the U.S. 

Don’t let her looks or customer service skills fool you. If you’re all alone getting served by her, and there’s no-one else in sight, your gonna end up getting served TO her.

[[ Drew her while listening to this. ]]

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Okay but with the finding nemo Au. I just. Zen standing next to some sort of vehicle. Starting Mondatta down and I just " Tekhartha Zenyatta you get back here, right now!" *zen reaches hand out towards vehicle* "Don't you dare touch that. You are in big trouble." *litterally inches from touching it* "Don't you-" *taps it. Anti omnic stuff ensues.*

YES i love this i read this while i was reading smthn earlier and just started giggling IMMEDIATELY


Best friends Diane Shawcroft (20) and Jennifer Lueth (19) left the house they shared with Diane’s older sister in Glendale, Arizona, to go to a mini-mart close by.

It was the early evening of May 24th, 1996. A witness in the store said that around 7 pm, both women were talking outside to a man in a blue truck. Then they got inside the vehicle and that’s the last time anyone saw them alive.

Aside from their killer(s), that is. Three months later, two hunters found the women’s bodies in a remote desert more than 100 miles away from their home. They had been murdered, but police didn’t reveal how since it was an ongoing investigation. Their only clue was the blue truck and a sketch of its driver. 

The families built a shrine where their daughters were found: two crosses with pictures of Diane and Jennifer. In September of 2000, however, both photos were removed from their frames. Police believe it was the killer who did it, since the location of the crime scene was not revealed to the public.

Almost 20 years have passed, and they haven’t been able to find any leads. The case remains open. 

My BF is sick so I drew Trucks n’ Vans for her (she plays engineer, while I hide behind things and cry). Fig. 1 shows proper OTP etiquette. Fig. 2 shows me as a friend. Get ur sickness away from me nope no thanks hope you like breathing Glen 20. Though I’m proud of my Sniper, he proper looks like a 70s softcore porn star <3 got that ‘bear’ chest, mutton chops, and gold chain ey.

You should see me on international flights. I’m a reeeeeeeal fun person to sit next to.