truck scene

can we reflect on the fact that Ven openly admits that he never really had a dream for himself (”I never really thought about it”), he just naturally accepted the one that Terra gave him (”my dream is to be a Keyblade Master” / “you, me, and Ven all share the same dream”)

so in a sense, Terra’s the reason Ven trains as hard as he does

so you could say Terra gave him purpose back when Ven was still a blank slate struggling with his identity

kind of like, idk

Xemnas did for Roxas


3 Million Video Views-

For the 3 Million views post, here’s the clean views for Lewis’s Truck

Truck created by @heilos (with help from @chloepoisonhearts)

Backgrounds created by @artsyfeathersartsyblog

The design was influenced by a very specific thing from Japan.


Extremely decorative, flashy, neon, trucks.

It’s funny, because we had developed the design without showing the musician behind Mystery Skulls until it was finished, and when I showed it to him, he *INSTANTLY* knew that it was a Dekotora truck.  Afterward he was basically hoping for me to share the knowledge of what exactly these trucks are.

And to briefly explain them, here’s a video that gives a quick lowdown on what they are.

Otherwise, go google these things, they are as awesome as they are just friggin’ glowy~

writing is the worst

the feeling when you’re trucking along on a scene, finally overcoming whatever hurdle held you back for weeks. Words are flowing, you’re almost at the Good Part, things are looking easy and Victory is Near.

and then you realize you forgot the part of the scene that has the key plot element.


Misha explaining how he almost got ran over by truck during scene