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The Witching Hour [1]

Summary: You and your husband Bucky move into your dream home, a few weeks after your marriage. You had no idea what you’d be in for.

Bucky Barnes X Reader

Warnings: Scary and/or unsettling/disturbing content; aspects of a haunting; will contain angst and fluff

Word Count: 880

A/N: I really hope everybody likes this and sticks with me here. It starts a little slowly, but it will pick up, I promise! This is very close to my heart, as odd as it sounds as horror is my favourite genre. If you’re on my Forever Tag list however, and you really don’t want to be tagged in a story like this, please let me know and I will make a note beside your name xo

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‘  let’s celebrate and remember a year in the life of friends.  ’
‘  remember the love.  ’

‘  real life is getting more like fiction each day.  ’
‘  where is the power?  ’
‘  we’re hungry and frozen.  ’
‘  some life that we’ve chosen.  ’
‘  how can you generate heat when you can’t feel your feet and they’re turning blue.  ’
‘  on every street it’s ‘trick or treat’ and tonight it’s ‘trick.’  ’
‘  welcome back to town.  ’
‘  oh, i should lie down.  ’
‘  everything is brown and uh-oh, i feel sick.  ’
‘  we’re not gonna pay rent.  ’

‘  hey, you bum. get your ass off that range rover.  ’
‘  what happened to (name)? what happened to their heart and the ideals he once pursued?  ’
‘  you’re wasting your time.  ’
‘  you broke your word – this is absurd.  ’
‘  that boy could use some prozac.  ’

‘  what’d you forget?  ’
‘  got a light?  ’
‘  you’re shivering.  ’
‘  they turned off my heat.  ’
‘  i’m just a little weak on my feet.  ’
‘  would you light my candle?  ’
‘  what are you staring at?  ’
‘  i always remind people of – who is she?  ’
‘  i think that i dropped my stash.  ’
‘  i know i’ve seen you out and about when i used to go out.  ’
‘  they say that i have the best ass below 14th street. is it true?  ’
‘  i didn’t recognize you without the handcuffs.  ’
‘  i’m just born to be bad.  ’
‘  our eyes will adjust. thank god for the moon.  ’

‘  today for you – tomorrow for me.  ’
‘  you earned this on the street?  ’
‘  darling, be a dear, i haven’t slept for a year.  ’
‘  i need your help to make my neighbor’s yappy dog disappear.  ’
‘  but sure as i am here that dog is now in doggy hell.  ’

‘  this is weird.  ’
‘  fuckin’ weird.  ’
‘  i’m so mad that i don’t know what to do.  ’
‘  feel like going insane? got a fire in your brain and you’re thinking of drinking gasoline?  ’
‘  honey, i know this act.  ’
‘  it’s a dark, dizzy merry-go-round.  ’
‘  as she keeps you dangling, your heart she is mangling.  ’
‘  it’s different with me.  ’
‘  her cold eyes can burn.  ’
‘  has she ever pouted her lips and called you pookie?  ’
‘  have you ever doubted a kiss or two?  ’
‘  this is spooky.  ’
‘  did you swoon when she walked through the door?  ’
‘  where’d you learn to tango?  ’
‘  you pretend to believe her cause in the end you can’t leave her.  ’

‘  i find some of what you teach suspect because i’m used to relying on intellect.  ’
‘  i try to open up to what i don’t know.  ’
‘  reason says i should have died three years ago.  ’
‘  there’s only us. there’s only this.  ’
‘  forget regret or life is yours to miss.  ’
‘  no other road, no other way. no day but today.  ’

‘  it’s gotta be close to midnight.  ’
‘  my body’s talking to me, it says ‘time for danger.’  ’
‘  i wanna commit a crime, wanna be the cause of a fight.  ’
‘  i wanna put on a tight skirt and flirt with a stranger.  ’
‘  i’ve had a knack from way back at breaking the rules once a i learn the game.  ’
‘  we don’t need any money. i always get in for free.  ’
‘  let’s go out tonight.  ’
‘  in the evening, i’ve got to roam.  ’
‘  let’s find a bar, so dark we forget how we are and all the scars from nevers and maybes die.  ’

‘  who do you think you are?  ’
‘  little girl, the door is that way.  ’
‘  your sweet whisper, i just can’t handle.  ’
‘  i should tell you, i should tell you – no!  ’
‘  another time, another place, our temperature would rise, there’d be a warm in brace.  ’
‘  looking for romance? come back another day.  ’
‘  the heart may freeze or it can burn.  ’
‘  the pain will ease if i could learn.  ’
‘  there is no future. there is no past. i live in this moment as my last.  ’
‘  excuse me if i’m off track.  ’
‘  if your so wise then tell me, why do you need smack?  ’
‘  long ago, you might’ve lit up my heart, but the fire’s dead – ain’t ever gonna start.  ’

‘  live in my house, i’ll be your shelter.  ’
‘  just pay me back with a thousand kisses.  ’
‘  be my lover and i’ll cover you.  ’
‘  don’t got much baggage to lay at your feet, but sweet kisses i’ve got to spare.  ’
‘  i think they meant it when they said you can’t buy love.  ’
‘  you are my love, on life. be my life.  ’
‘  you’ll be my king and i’ll be your castle.  ’
‘  you’ll be my queen and i’ll be your moat.  ’
‘  a new lease you are my love on life, all my life.  ’
‘  i’ve longed to discover something as true as this.  ’
‘  with a thousand kisses, i’ll cover you.  ’

‘  out of the abyss walked a cow, elsie. i asked if she had anything to drink, she said, ‘i’m forbidden to produce milk. in cyberland, we only drink diet coke.’  ’
‘  the only thing to do is jump over the moon.  ’
‘  they’ve closed everything real down.  ’
‘  i gotta get out of here!  ’
‘  i gotta get out of here! it’s like being tied to the hood of a yellow rental truck, being packed in with fertilizer and fuel oil, pushed over a cliff by a suicidal mickey mouse.  ’
‘  and although he once had principals, he abandoned them.  ’
‘  maybe it’s a… female thing.  ’
‘  moo with me!  ’

‘  what am i? just a blur?  ’
‘  go to hell.  ’
‘  i’m surprised a bright and charming girl like you hangs out with these slackers.  ’
‘  do you really want a neighborhood where people piss on your stoop every night?  ’
‘  dearly beloved, we gather here to say our goodbyes.  ’
‘  to being an us for once, instead of a them.  ’
‘  hey mister, she’s my sister.  ’
‘  dorothy and toto went over the rainbow to blow off auntie em.  ’

‘  i should tell you i’m a disaster.  ’
‘  let’s just make this part go faster – i have yet to be in it.  ’
‘  i should tell you i blew the candle out just to get back in.  ’
‘  i’d forgotten how to smile until your candle burned my skin.  ’

‘  you were flirting with the woman in rubber!  ’
‘  there will always be women in rubber flirting with me. give me a break!  ’
‘  every single day i walk down the street, i hear people say ‘baby, so sweet.’  ’
‘  ever since puberty everybody stares at me. boys, girls – i can’t help it, baby.  ’
‘  be kind and don’t lose your mind.  ’
‘  just remember that i’m your baby.  ’
‘  take me for what i am, who i was meant to be.  ’
‘  take me baby, or leave me.  ’
‘  this diva needs her stage!  ’
‘  baby, let’s have fun.  ’
‘  you are the one i choose. folks will kill to fill your shoes.  ’
‘  so be mine, but don’t waste my time.  ’
‘  oh honey bear, are you still my baby?  ’
‘  no way can i be what i’m not, but hey, don’t you want your girl hot?!  ’
‘  don’t fight, don’t lose your head.  ’
‘  every night, who’s in your bed?  ’
‘  kiss pookie.  ’
‘  it won’t work!  ’
‘  i hate mess, but i love you.  ’
‘  so be wise cause this girl satisfies.  ’
‘  you’re one lucky baby.  ’
‘  take me for what i am.  ’
‘  that’s it – the straw that breaks my back.  ’
‘  i quit unless you take it back.  ’
‘  women, what is it about them? can’t live with them or without them.  ’
‘  guess i’m leaving. i’m gone.  ’

‘  i die without you.  ’
‘  but i know blue, only blue, lonely blue, within me blue.  ’
‘  the mind churns, the heart yearns.  ’
‘  life goes on, but i’m gone.  ’

‘  it’s true your with this yuppy scum?  ’
‘  you said you’d never speak to him again.  ’
‘  who said you have any say in who she says things to at all?  ’
‘  who said you should stick your nose in other people’s business?  ’
‘  who said i was talking to you?  ’
‘  we used to have this fight each night – she’d never admit i existed.  ’
‘  he was always run away, hit the road, don’t commit. you’re full of shit!  ’
‘  your full of shit!  ’
‘  you gave an inch when i gave a mile  ’
‘  c’mon guys, chill!  ’
‘  i’d be happy to die for a taste of what they had: someone to live for, unafraid to say i love you.  ’
‘  all your words are nice, but love’s not a three-way street.  ’
‘  love’s not a three-way street.  ’
‘  you’ll never share real love until you love yourself.  ’
‘  you said you’d be cool today, so please, for my sake…  ’
‘  i can’t believe this is goodbye.  ’
‘  how could you let her go?  ’
‘  are you insane? there’s so much to care about.  ’
‘  who are you to tell me what i know?  ’
‘  you hid in your work from facing your failure, facing your loneliness, facing the fact you live a lie.  ’
‘  you’re always preaching not to be numb when that’s how you thrive.  ’
‘  you pretend to create and observe when you really detach from being alive.  ’
‘  are you really jealous?  ’
‘  she’s running out of time and you’re running out the door.  ’
‘  for someone who’s always been let down, who’s heading out of town?  ’
‘  i’ll call.  ’
‘  i hate the fall.  ’
‘  you heard?  ’
‘  you don’t want baggage without life time guarantees. you don’t wanna see me die?  ’
‘  i just came to say goodbye love.  ’
‘  please don’t touch me, understand i’m scared.  ’

‘  your eyes as we said our goodbyes – i can’t get them out of my mind.  ’
‘  i find i can’t hide from your eyes, the ones that took me by surprise, the night you came into my life.  ’
‘  there’s moonlight i see in your eyes.  ’
‘  how’d i let you slip away when i’m longing so to hold you?  ’
‘  now i’d die for one more day ‘cause there’s something i should have told you.  ’
‘  why does distance make us wise?  ’
‘  i should tell you i have always loved you.  ’
‘  i should tell you i have always loved you. you can see it in my eyes.  ’


Pairing: Daryl x Reader

Word Count: 2325

Warnings: It’s smut. It’s just pure smut.

Notes: I don’t have any. I enjoyed writing this. A lot. You’re welcome for the gif, btw. I hope you all like it, you dirty birdies ;) xox

Lying back comfortably on Daryl’s mattress, you watched him dress like a hawk stalking its prey. His muscles flexed deliciously as he pulled on his shirt. God, he was sexy. Naked Daryl was one of your favourite things but, you had to admit, he looked damn good clothed too. Glancing over at you, he smirked as he buttoned himself up.

“Can I help you with somethin’?”

“Oh I can think of something you can help me with,” you purred, heat pooling at your core at the mere thought of having the handsome archer between your thighs again.

“God, woman,” he chuckled, shaking his head. “You’re insatiable. Guy needs a break sometimes.”

He sauntered over to the bed and you crawled seductively towards him. Kneeling up on the bed, you wrapped your arms around his shoulders and his hands gripped your ass tightly.

“But you just had one,” you pouted, pressing soft kisses against the sensitive spot behind his ear, earning you a soft moan from your boyfriend.

“Gettin’ dressed is a break now?” Another delicious moan escaped him as your hands snaked down his chest to his growing bulge. “Speakin’ of..,” He lifted a brow and chuckled, squeezing your rump one last time before letting you go, leaving you hot and frustrated. “Rick’s waitin’ for us. Get dressed and meet me at the gate. Don’t take too long, girl.”

Winking, he closed the door behind him and you glared at it. So that’s how he wanted to play this, huh? That was just fine by you. You were gonna make sure he regretted it.

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Still don't know how he and his girlfriend got back to their car, how wet they got, or what the owner had to say.

There was a company party on a  Saturday in the Spring for families and kids.  The owner (not my direct boss) provided bouncy castles and decorations and everyone brings a dish.
My buddy and I worked long hours and were paid really well ,but with student loans we planned to move in together to save money.  We had been waiting for a break in the New England weather, so we could do the move.  We had everything planned around this weekend (leases ended and signed, truck rented, packing materials ready, etc).
My boss let us know Friday before the party that we were expected to show up.  We explained as two single guys that we would be out of place and had this big moving weekend ahead.  No dice,  we had to be there ,wearing business casual, with a dish. Show up early and he woukd let us leave once the owner sees our team had 100% participation (this was not a company-wide requirement).
We also wore specific uniforms everyday, so neither of us broke guys had business casual clothes, so we had to go shopping, stop by a deli for a dish to bring and drive to this party. All taking time away from our packing and moving.  My boss isn’t there.  We were pissed and felt really out of place.  Two hours later my boss shows up with his girlfriend.  He was clearly showing off how important he was.  He walked in empty handed, didnt give us a basic greeting, just tossed keys at us and said to go bring in the dish and things from his truck.
I walked out, got the stuff out of his truck, drove his truck to the far side of the property, parked it sideways in the owners reserved space, and had my buddy drive us back to the party in his car, and delivered the things we were sent to fetch.  The boss let us leave because he was too busy showing off for his girlfriend and the owner to pay attention to us.
On the way out it started raining, Ill never know how the rest of the afternoon played out, but on monday the only thing he said to us was “I got your point.”


is there anything so fine on this fine earth as an older butch?

you’re irresistible. the way you smile, the way you cock your hips as you stand and the way you love, tender and rough, your fingertips and tongue skilled from years of practice. it is always you that catches my eye the most, the ones who’ve been around the block more times than the rest of us can count. who have fought and overcome and keep on fighting, who persist against the odds, and who bear the triumph and the tragedy of your lives so exquisitely in every careworn detail.

I love how warm and wise your eyes are. there’s a depth there that only a lifetime can bring and I could just about plunge right in when I get to staring into them. I love how they sparkle when you laugh, and how your eyes crinkle at the corners, furrowed deep. all the times that you have spent laughing and crying over the years are etched there and they only emphasise the more the fine construction of your features, the handsomeness of your bare, clean face. I wait for those moments, when you smile and your whole face comes alive with feeling and time, tenderly refined.

and your smile - nothing can bring me to my knees like a mature butch’s smile. bright and broad and always just a little cheeky, giving a glimpse into the young rogue you were and all the escapades that wicked smile led you into. I’m tantalised by the memories that hover behind that smile, as much as I am by your ruggedness and lined face.  I want to listen to you for hours, then become another memory to add extra mischief to your grin.

I love the set of your shoulders, made strong from years of work - you’ve always worked hard labour and long hours; driving trucks, packing and stacking, security detail. on your feet, out in the sun, under a car, on a construction site. your bodies tell the story of your journeys, each tale unique even in commonality. your skin is worn and weathered, speckled with sun-spots and colourful, faded tattoos twining your arms and back. long marks stripe your stomach and thighs, criss-cross over scars. grey peppers your hair, adding dimension and dignity. I love that grey, how it looks mingled with the rest, how it all feels slipping through my fingertips. your throat is creased, the skin creping delicately along the jawline in a way that always sets my heart racing. I love an older butch’s jaw as much as the lines around her eyes, for all the mature definition it brings to her butchness. this is beauty; life and all its unfoldings, written in the flesh.

I love the rough beneath my palm as I stroke your back, soothing away your aches. I love how solid and sure you are to be near, how you always stand straight even when you’re worn down to the bone, how you let me lean into you and be reassured.

you’re always at ease, no need to posture or twitch. you’ve paid your dues, earned your swagger and you know you’ve got nothing to prove. it’s that confidence, that calm self-assuredness, that is so enticing to me, that makes me so weak at the knees and so hot between my thighs. what need is there for talk when you’re all action? you leave the pissing competitions to the young ones and get on with what matters. you’ve faced down the beasts that raged within and now you’re not afraid to be sensitive, and ardent, and even vulnerable with a fem. you know that true strength thrives always in honesty. you’ve learned that lesson too.

but for all you seem so relaxed, so cool, I know too that in an instant you can be on your feet, blazing and ready to fight off any trouble. that’s what your life’s long journey has taught you as well: what it means to stand together, to protect each other. that nothing matters unless we got each other’s backs.

there really is nothing so fine as that.

Near Light

Request: Just know it’s sad. And I suggest you listen to Near Light by Olafur Arnalds. (I’m also so sorry this is such shit.)

Word count: 1,770

Tags: @lilthingforhiddles @axelwolf8109 @soa-brothers @silverseamoons @cute-as-hale @mrskoziktelford @chaosmieu

This had to be no more than a nightmare.

How could this have happened to you? You’d been warned that people had it out for Samcro but never the extent of what was happening to you. Your husband, Happy, had told you to be cautious because things were going down and you just needed to be careful.

It was always known that when this was said, you do not go anywhere without the escort of a Samcro member, even if it be a prospect. But of course, you being the stubborn woman you are, you’d completely ditched the rules and had gone out alone. You were only out for a grocery run and cigarettes, but in such a short amount of time, everything began to go wrong.

You were sure if Happy found out, he’d be more than murderous and a little upset with you for the fact you’d gone out alone when he constantly begged you not to. The Samcro family was not on lockdown, ever, but it was still cautioned at the time. Apparently, they’d really pissed off some sick people.

Making it to the grocery store, you hadn’t noticed the vehicle that had followed you from a reasonable distance the entire time and even parked a row over away from you but kept an eye on your car. You’d never been so blind and naive in your life and you’ve every right to beat yourself up over it.

You’d gotten the groceries into your truck, packed everything away and had even made it to the tobacco store to pick up a case or two of cigarettes before you even made it home. And you did make it home, into the safety of your walls with armfuls of groceries.

Breaking glass had you alert, dropping the groceries in the kitchen to look at the front door where the glass on it had been broken and a gloved hand was coming through to twist the knob once unlocking it. Your body was frozen in place, stuck where you stood in your home, a gun a mere five feet away in a kitchen drawer for easy access. But you seemingly couldn’t break out of your fear struck stage.

With the front door swinging open and masked men bustling into your home, the sight of their guns seemed to break you, immediately lunging for the drawer but a muffled shot to your shoulder had you screaming in pain and collapsing to the floor. Blood dripping from the wound, soaking your tanned shirt and dripping to the floor as well.

You’d never felt pain so excruciating and this was unbearable in so many ways. Tears streaked down your cheeks, hands grabbing your feet and beginning to tie your ankles together had you becoming aware of your surroundings again. You let out another blood-curdling scream, trying to kick at the male but several more come to his aid, holding you down with ease.

The struggling ceases, along with the screaming as a hand is over your mouth, leaving you a muffled mess. Your hands and feet are tied in quick succession, your body being lifted and quickly carried out of your home but not before a message is left scrawled in your blood on the wall.

Happy only comes home because you’d not been answering his phone calls and seeing your car outside in the driveway settled a fear that was bubbling deep inside of him. But the moment he saw the broken glass on the front door, the door left ajar, the fear settled back in along with anger. Upon further walking into your shared home, he first noticed the message scrawled in dried blood on the wall, staining your white painted walls, a puddle of blood on the floor.


This meant one thing, and one thing only. The club had killed one of Darby’s family members, it being an accidental thing when they’d decided to raid his place.

He was hesitant about asking the guys for help, he’s never liked having to ask for help but he knows he can’t do this on his own. He’s only known you’ve been gone for ten minutes and he’s already feeling distraught, hands wringing together tightly as he paces around your home, looking for any other signs, something to let him know that you’re still alive and he’s not going to be finding your dead body.

Once he’s searched the home twice to only find nothing to help his case, he calls Jax, begs him to get the boys rallied up and headed to his place, that he’ll explain everything when everyone was there.

The sound of motorcycles was heard just five minutes after he and Jax got off the phone, and the first face he sees coming in through the front door is Jax, followed by the others.

Jax opens his mouth to speak but the sight of the blood-scrawled message on the wall has him completely silent for once in his life. His heart is in his throat, swallowing thickly and looking to Happy who’s got tears in his eyes though he’s trying to quickly blink them away.

“Darby.” Jax nods, looking to the boys. “Back on the bikes, let’s go!”

Everyone seemed to move faster than Happy had ever seen them move though he supposes they could say the same thing for him. He’s on his bike with his helmet on in a matter of moments. He’s also the first to leave his yard, the first one down the street, and the first one speeding so much he’s sure he’d be pulled over if the cops cared enough to do so.

It was like he couldn’t even think right, couldn’t focus on one thing other than getting to Darby’s. Everyone knows Darby isn’t very smart and because this is payback, he’s going to make sure that Happy knows exactly where to find his wife; alive or dead.

The drive seems like it takes forever, hours upon hours but Happy’s at Darby’s trailer house on the outskirts of Charming, barely even able to put his bike on its kickstand before he’s rushing the front door.

“Y/N!” He yells, having made it minutes before the boys, pulling his gun from his jeans and kicking the door in with surprising ease. The sight before him, his wife laid out, blood smeared across the floor like there was a struggle.

It all has Happy sick to his stomach, heart dropping from his chest into his stomach as he walks closer to her barely moving body. He can see the small but labored rise and fall of your chest, indicating you’re still alive and you’re breathing.

He drops to his knees, sliding to your side and carefully cradling your body to his chest, a shaking hand ghosting over you, trying to find the source of the blood but there’s so much of it and tears are clouding his vision. He can’t see straight.

“Baby? Baby stay with me, c'mon. I’ve got you, you’re gonna be alright, okay?” His voice wavers, little shakes and breaks here and there and you suck in as deep a breath as you can, your cloudy eyes opening and looking at Happy.

His features are blurry, you can barely make him out but his voice soothes you, the fear that’s settled deep in your chest at the thought of dying. But you’re oddly becoming peaceful at Happy’s close proximity, his voice in your ear as he nuzzles you close.

“H-Happy, no it’s O-okay, I’m okay.”  You cough, blood spilling down the side of your mouth, Happy beginning to rock you gently, not able to stifle the sob that leaves his lips.

You’ve never heard him cry like this, never in your life and it’s beginning to scare you. He couldn’t do this to you, you were going to be okay and he had to understand that.

But he watches as the life begins to leave your body, watches as you go limp in his grip and the rise and fall of your chest halts completely. An animalistic cry leaves his lips, head falling back as he cradles your lifeless body to his chest.

It’s like a hole is being ripped in his chest and his heart is being clawed out viciously. You’d only been married for almost a year, you hadn’t even had your first anniversary as husband and wife.

How could you be taken away so quickly? How could anyone do this to you?

Jax jogs his way up the steps into the trailer house, hearing Happy’s cries and the way he repeats 'no’ over and over. Jax sees your body in Happy’s grip, how he’s gripping at you like it’ll bring you back and keep you with him but you’re already gone.

Chibs makes his way over, hand settling on Happy’s shoulder and squeezing gently. “C'mon, brotha. We need to get her out of here.” He whispers, Happy’s body shaking under his hand as he nods and carefully stands. He carries your body outside to the van when Juice shows up in it, sitting in the back with you in his grip and caressing your hair back gently.


It’s been a week since Happy had found you, a week of not waking up to your face, a week of not hearing your voice, an entire fucking week since he’d last held you in his arms. It’s like a decline in his life like he’s under water and being held under.

He’d not left the house but to help plan your funeral and that was only for a short two hours. He was back at your house, curled in sheets that smelled so deeply of you, face buried in your pillow and crying himself to sleep again.

When it came time for your funeral, he dressed heavily in Samcro attire, pulling his kutte on over his jacket, sliding on his rings and necklace.

Riding to the funeral, he was head of everyone, the boys following behind in an almost practiced sequence, the entire group following the hearse that carried your dead body.

And when your coffin was lowered into the ground, Happy couldn’t help but collapse by the grave and beg you to come back, Jax and Chibs standing at his sides, hands rested on his shoulders as he cries.


Each anniversary, Happy goes out of his way to buy himself dinner and you a large bouquet of flowers and have a candle lit dinner at your grave with you.

No matter what, he won’t miss it for the world, and he won’t let you go.

Winter’s War: Chapter 11

Summary: You and Bucky are given a mission together. When you get there, you meet one of Steve’s contacts. He and Bucky don’t get along.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader (eventually)

Warnings: Language, breach of motorcycle safety (just because people from the 40′s believed helmets weren’t important doesn’t mean you should, too)

Word Count: ~3,027

A/N: *evil laughter*

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“Now, let’s get the truck packed up and get this show on the road, eh?” you asked, jerking a thumb over your shoulder at the veritable mountain of crates behind you.

The both groaned, but called over the rest of the guys and not twenty minutes later you were on your way to the building that would serve as your base camp during your mission in Greece.

A few days later - Greece - Twenty miles from the Hydra base - A small town

“I refuse.”

Steve sighed and buried his face in his hands. “It has to be you, (Y/N).”

“Then send me with James or Jim! Dum Dum! Please! Just not him,” you pleaded.

“I’m right here, (Y/N),” Bucky said, tone and gaze flat.

Steve sighed, glancing between his two best friends tiredly. “Bucky’s our best scout and you need to be there if the new equipment malfunctions,” Steve said for the tenth time.

You raised your chin and glared down your nose at Steve, jaw set stubbornly. “Is this an order, Captain?” you asked scathingly.

Steve let out an almighty sigh as he eyed you warily. He didn’t speak right away, obviously thinking hard, weighing his options.

“Yes, it is,” he said quietly but firmly, blue eyes hard.

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reginaldspektor  asked:

Any ideas for dog enrichment in the middle of summer? Asphalt is scorching and yards are filled with sticker burrs and fire ants about now so we've really slowed down on walks. We do frozen kongs nearly daily and he doesn't like swimming so that's out. Any neat ideas?

Walk at night or early in the morning! Be prepared for all sorts of wildlife or new experiences like the garbage truck. 

Put ice packs under/inside blankets so your dog can lay outside and stay cool. (Moderate how long your dog has access to these, so that there’s no risk of injury or ice pack ingestion). 

Set up a hose to create an upward gentle spray that rains back down, see if the dog is interested in going into it. If so, try training or playing while being misted. 

Set up “find the treat” basic nosework games indoors. 

Create toys that the pup is encouraged to tear apart - stuff boxes with newspaper or other filling and a bone or some treats. Monitor usage to prevent ingestion of the filling. 

Rotate the toys your dog has access to so they’re high-value due to novelty when you bring new ones out. 

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Right so have you ever played saints row 3? Specifically the opening mission where the saints rob a bank while all dressed as Gat "because who wouldn't wanna be johnny Gat" Cuz I keep thinking of the fakes pulling off a heist when someone (probably Gavin) has suggested they all do it dressed as the vagabond. Hilarity with the pre heist banter and then ridiculous news reports as 5 vagabonds pull of a heist accompanied by a 6th female vagabond

Oh man I haven’t but that is amazing. The Fake’s would be so into it too, the second someone floats the idea they’re all in, sourcing jackets and masks, debating pants, brainstorming the most appropriate heist to debut this beautiful nightmare. Best of all; they don’t tell Ryan. He’s off on some job, and even when he returns they keep their planning on the down low, too hyped up to cover the inevitable sniggers and pointed looks but no matter how creatively Ryan asks no one spills the beans.

When the fateful day finally comes around they let Ryan arrive at the meeting place first so they can truly appreciate the range of his reaction as the rest of the crew shows up one by one, all fully decked out and doing their best menacing Vagabond impersonations, complete with ridiculously puffed chests and comically deep grumbles. Ryan’s not exactly impressed at first, wary surprise moving to confusion then annoyance, flaring into a moment of true anger before crumbling into amusement, Ryan laughing just as hard as anyone else when he realises that the true butt of this particular joke isn’t him at all.

The Los Santos police don’t have a pleasant relationship with any of the Fake AH Crew, but there’s no denying that on any given day the mysterious Mercenary is their greatest antagonist. This is an LSPD who have never seen Ryan’s face, have never managed to catch him at all let alone long enough to rid him of that infernal mask, so of course pinning him down in an alley following his attempt to escape the FAHC’s latest bank heist leaves them thrilled. At least until the Vagabond rips off his skull and hurls it away, leaving nothing but a mess of red, white and black paint smeared across a grinning face, the momentary shock of recognition giving Geoff more than enough time to fight his way free.

To say police reports got hazy and confused from this point on is an understatement. A handful of officers are convinced the Vagabond doesn’t even exist, unknown for so long because he is not an individual at all, simply the alter ego of the Fake’s boss or perhaps even a rotation of their known members. Except then of course yet another Vagabond saunters out of the bank and into the street, mini gun whirring as he peppers the area and forces officers to duck for cover, masked head thrown back and cackling the unmistakable wild laughter of Mogar. 

In the face of that realisation it isn’t hard to identify the next pair to tumble out of the bank and flank Jones, both dwarfed by their jackets in different ways Dooley and Free are visibly thrilled to enter the fray. As the maskless Ramsey reappears and regroups they’re joined by another pair, one sporting the long flaming red-orange hair of the Firebird, the other making liberal use of Pattillo’s distinctive shotgun. Last but not least comes what can only be the true Vagabond, retrospectively unmistakable in direct comparison, all size and strength and seeping menace as he lifts his gun and joins his crew.

The FAHC are surrounded on all sides now, not that you’d know it from the crew’s attitude, audibly laughing and jeering, seemingly having the time of their lives as they swan about the street. They are all referring to each other as Vagabond, all stomping around and shouting vivid threats that would be horrifying if not for the strange inflections and stutters they’ve all adopted. At one point the true Vagabond stops shooting all together to stalk after Free, sending him scuttling behind Ramsey and cutting off a particularly graphic diatribe about being sexually attracted to diet coke of all things. For the most part though Vagabond prime seems to be enjoying the inexplicable farce as much as anyone in the crew, crowing about good looks and superior talents, assuring his team that he understands because honestly, who wouldn’t want to be the Vagabond?

Still, alarmingly playful interactions aside the tide has to turn eventually, pinned in the FAHC are certainly causing brutal damage but faced with wave after wave of LSPD reinforcements their ammo begins to dwindle, their bodies start to tire. Deadly they may be but at the end of the day they are, after all, only human. They can’t last forever.  

Which is, of course, when the final two Vagabond’s make their appearance; a giant, heavily armoured black truck crashing through police barricades like tissue paper, both driver and passenger masked but easy enough to identity for anyone who has spent time studying the FAHC. The driver, with Bragg’s shaggy dip-dyed hair emerging from his black skull, pulls the truck around as the passenger hangs half-way out the window and lays down a spray of covering fire. Collins’ cheerful voice rings out above the chaos, cajoling the Fake’s into the car like a soccer mum gathering her brood, all c’mon kids, say goodbye to the nice officers now it’s time to go home.  

By the time the troop of Vagabonds escape, truck packed like a clown car and busting out as easily as it burst in, only the enormous property damage, relentlessly replayed media footage and a truly staggering number of civilian selfies taken with all nine Vagabonds remain to convince the LSPD that the whole bizarre experience wasn’t a collective fever dream.


Best Friend’s Brother

Request: Yes
Warnings: None
Pairing: Derek x Reader
Word Count: 1735

I woke up to not hearing the familar heart beat in the room. Instead, it was silent, making me turn to scan the place. As my eyes wandered over to her bed, it revealed that she was gone, blanket throw around along with other various things, now on the floor.

I sighed as I got up, maybe she just heard something right? Maybe she didn’t go back to her home town to find her brother. She’d never lied to you before…except maybe…that one time, or the other time, and that one other-

You found a letter on top of her pillow and as soon as you read it, you knew what had happened. She had left, although she said she’d be back soon. That’s all you could hope for now.

~3 months later~

I sighed, all of the things we’d need are in the truck, packed and now here in Beacon Hills were my dumb best friend is. She had said she’d be back home by now, but it’s been three months. I’ve been worried for some time now, and I wondered what had happened. She could be dead for all I know, which, I hope isn’t the case.

I drove into town, seeing the police station go by to my left and then the highschool that she talked about so much, how her brother used to go there and all. What was his name? Derek? I couldn’t remember.

We could she be?

I made my way into the parking lot, turning off the car and starting to carry bags into the complex. All the way up to the top, and then I turn to the… the right, that’s right.As I came to my door I see a man with dark hair come out from his. He was pretty tall and I caught myself looking at him to long. So did he.

He slowed for just a moment, looking at me as well.

“Derek, come on!” I heard a person say behind him.

Derek? Hale?

I didn’t have the chance to ask because a curly haired blonde boy pushed him out. They were gone before I could blink an eye.


I was out and about in town when all of a sudden I caught a familiar smell.Cora. But why would she be near an abandant bank? I looked up at the sign,Beacon Hills First National Bank.Such a weird place for her to go. Like, it looks like it hasn’t been open in years. And yet,her scent is still here. I peer inside, seeing nothing but a few dusty desks and a vault in the back. It’s faint, but I can almost make out a few pulses.

I turn to find a blind man with a dark haired girl at his side. She growls under her breath but the man puts his hand out, stopping her. I look at him as he seems to look back at me.

“And who might you be?” He asked, tipping his glasses. His eyes were a bright red. An Alpha. I take a small step back knowing he could kill me right here and now.

“Please don’t be afraid my dear,” He chuckled lightly, “I just asked your name.”

“Y/N.” I stutter.

“Only that? No last name?” he questions tilting his head to the side and putting his glasses back on. His eyes stop glowing. “Are you the next Madonna or Beyonce?”

“No,” I force a laugh, smiling fearfully at the girl by his side who has been glaring at me this whole time. “Y/L/N, Y/N Y/L/N.” I clarify starting to the side to get away.

“Well Y/N.” He states, leaning in close to me, “I suggest you go home.” And with that he continues on into the bank, pushing the doors open. I feel foolish, Why didn’t I try the doors?


It was almost 11'o'clock, and I still couldn’t shake the eery feeling of the man I met earlier today. It was like I should know him, something about him. It was on the very tip of my toungue, infuriating.

I stand on top of the building, looking around to see if anyone was here. Of course there wasn’t, but I stated to second guess myself when I heard a man’s voice talking, seemingly to another. I duck as they come closer, not knowing if they’re on my side.

“I can do it Scott, just trust me on this.” The man says opening the air conditioning unit and sliding his feet in.

“I know, I know, It’s just…” This Scott said, looking around. I crouched down more, trying to hide myself as his gaze passed over me. “Something doesn’t feel right.’”

It falls quiet for a moment and I wonder if they’ve gone in, but I still here their pulses. A Handy vampire trick. I stay quiet and stop breathing. When I think it’s safe I poke my head out but instead of the same scenary as before I find to eyes staring at me.

I gasp, pushing myself back a little to hard and falling over. I crawl backwards, away from the too  men as they follow me. My eyes soon focus on them and I realize it’s my neighbor, Derek and the other must be Scott.

Derek must recognize me to because he stops in his place. Scott looks over at him and then back to me.

“Who are you?” Scott asks, but it sounds more demanding.

“None of your-”

“My neighbor? What are you doing here- Never mind Scott, we have to do this now.” Derek says, turning back towards the now open metal box leading into the bank.

I watch as they both climb in and slide down the space before I hear a bang. I go towards the opening, looking down and seeing nothign but dust floating up.

I growl under my breath and then hop down into the shute.


“What were you doing there in the first place!” Cora yelled at me across the room. We were in Derek’s apartment, Although he’s currently unconcious on his couch.

“I was worried about you! You said you’d be back soon, Cora!” I shouted back, leaning on a nearby table. “It had been 3 months,” I mummbled, “What was I supposed to do?”

She sighed as she too started to lean on the chair next to her, “Not get bit, that’s what.” She stated. She laid in her chair for a while as I stumbled around the apartment looking for medical supplies. I was bewildered to not even find bandiaids.

“He’ll be fine, right?” She asked, coming up behind me as I put a cold cloth on Derek’s head.

“Yea, he should be, but he might have a hard time remembering what happened for a while.” I say, looking at the cuts on his arm and wishing I could find at least some neosporin.

I decided to go to my apartment to grab my own supplies. As soon as I walked into mine I felt my whole self sink. It became unignorable how tired I was. It was almost 5 in the morning and usually by this time, I’d be laying in bed at least. Instead, I see long hours ahead.

I walked into my aparmtent trying to find the marked boxes that had a messy scribbled of letters that could be disyphered as Bathroom. It took awhile to find them and I found myself remembering what had just happened.

All the stories Cora and I had heard were true. A new Hale, Derek, had started a new pack. It was powerful, even though all memebers beside himself were teenagers. All inexpericened and yet they stick together and fight as a team to save each other. They were close together and that was a special thing.

It was that very thing that had saved your life tonight. You had found yourself under Boyd He was in his full wolf form and he wasn’t happy that you had pushed his pray, a young junior high girl, out of the way. He could sense what you were, and he knew what he was going to do. You barely had time to think as he sunk his teeth into your shoulder.

You screamed in pain as you felt that he was gone, a gust of wind in his place temporarily. You couldn’t remember what happened after that, only writhing in pain on the floor as you heard people fighting around you. Soon you heard a thump next to you and when you turned your head, you found Cora, slowly changing back to her normal form.

You finally found the bandaids and ointment in a different random box, one without a label, and got up to go back to Derek’s apartment.

As you opened the door you found that a deafening alarm was blarring and as you went across the room to turn it off you were pinned to a column next to it. As you focused on the person in front of you they reached over to turn the alarm off. As they took their attnetion off of you, though, you took their advantage and kicked them away.

They easily forgot about the alarm and turned their focus back to me. They threw a few punches before I realized it was Derek. Instead of trying to disarm him I went to trying to just make him stop.

Before I knew it we were both on the floor, me ontop of Derek, pinning him to the floor so he couldn’t punch me anymore.

“What the hell are you two doing?” Cora asked, irrated. She stomped over to the alarm box thingy and turned it off and then came over to us.

“You know her?” Derek asked, recovering from being pushed on the ground. He dusted himself off and then faced me, looking me up and down, clearly judging.

“She’s my friend, Derek.” She scwolded as she took the things that I had dropped on the floor and came over to my side. She pushed my shirt off my shoulder and put some black stuff on. It burnt like a bitch but I could feel my fever that has been building leavev.

“Why don’t you tell your friend to not break into my home, then.” Derek complained, rubbing his arm and coming over to us.

“I’ll get right on that.” She sassed as she put a bandage on my shoulder and then glaring over at her brother.

“Good luck living next to him.” She whispered to me, helping me up and out of the apartment.

“Where are you going now!” Derek questioned us as when we were right next to the door.

“Next door, dumby.” Cora replied, “She’s your neighbor.”

You Came Back? (Requested with Derek)

can u do Derek Hale season 6b (the reader is scotts twin sister)

A/N: Hi! I hope you enjoy :) ♥

Warnings: Violence, a swear or two, and incoming angst. But don’t worry, there’s some cute fluff at the end, I promise.


We can never seem to catch a break, you think bitterly.

They came out of nowhere, trucks packed with hunters pulling up to surround you. And then the shooting started. You all scatter for cover under the overpass, the sound of the guns cracking like firecrackers in the air. One of the trucks has a mounted spotlight, shining into the darkness so that you’re easier to see, structural pillars casting shadows across the expanse underneath the overpass like prison bars. Fitting, you think again more cynically, considering they had you trapped like animals. There were at least seven of them, maybe more, all equipped with heavy duty firepower. 

You look for your friends, and see that Lydia has ducked behind a pillar with her hands clamped around her ears, next to a beat up blue dumpster which Malia is crouching behind. Column stone is breaking off around them, puffs of dust hanging in the air. Your brother, Scott, has found cover at the other end of the underpass from you, trying to peer out from around a column to assess the situation. But he’s forced back into hiding by a spray of bullets every time.

You catch sight of Deucalion, dragging himself across the pavement for cover as he bleeds out. You take a steadying breath, crinkling your nose at the strong scent of blood, and follow Peter, darting across the open space. He ducks behind a metal barrel, and you manage to throw yourself behind another pillar across from Lydia and Malia. When there’s a break in the gunfire you drop to your knees, crawling out from cover to get to Deucalion, pointedly ignoring the look of admonishment Peter sends you. 

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Thanks to @aftgexchange for hosting this event, and here’s my gift for @dancyon !

Andrew had always believed that his business was his business only, so Nicky’s idea of creating a Twitter account for him was one of many that Andrew was not interested in seeing come to fruition. That is, until Neil joined Nicky’s crusade, of course. Matt helped Nicky convince Neil that social media would be a fun way to engage with fans, which would help make him more visible to pro scouts. Seeing as it came from Matt, Neil was pretty open-minded about it from the beginning. After about a week on Twitter, Neil took it upon himself to make Andrew an account too. The only reason Andrew allowed this was that Neil made the Twitter handle @aminyard03, which was almost identical to Aaron’s @aminyard05, simply to aggravate Aaron and make it that much more confusing for everyone else.

Andrew used it sporadically and infrequently, but he did use it. Checking out what the foxes were saying could sometimes stave off boredom, and it was also a good way to make sure they weren’t spreading any information about him that he hadn’t OK’d.

A while back, Nicky had tweeted a picture of Neil leaning on Andrew as they slept through one of the foxes’ movie nights with some stupid caption that basically outed them to the world. Andrew was going to kill him. However, Neil had calmed him down and, after some thought, they’d decided to take advantage of the fact that they wouldn’t be asked the ever-popular questions about girlfriends from the media. It worked out in the end, but Andrew made sure to keep tabs on his cousin just in case.

In his effort to do so, he noticed a tweet from Nicky about gathering the foxes from their summer vacations to take a day trip to the beach. Apparently, Dan and Nicky had planned the whole thing and just needed to find a day when everyone was free to go. Andrew wasn’t sure Neil would be interested, what with his history of beach trips, but Neil had reassured him that he’d enjoy it if they were with the team. And so the date was set for the next Wednesday.

“I’ll stay and wait with Andrew,” Neil told Matt as he helped load the truck. They’d packed towels, sunscreen, drinks and snacks, and beach chairs they’d managed to rent from one of the school clubs.

“No you won’t,” Andrew said, tossing a bag carelessly into the truck. “You keep an eye on Kevin until I’m finished with Bee.”

Neil frowned at Andrew, but didn’t argue. After both Matt’s truck and Allison’s trunk had been filled, the foxes began piling in. Since they were down a car, illegal seating arrangements had been made. Much to Aaron’s chagrin and Andrew’s amusement, Aaron was forced to sit on Nicky’s lap in Allison’s car with Renee, Dan, and Katelyn, while Matt took Kevin and Neil.

Andrew threw his half-hearted salute their way as the cars pulled out of the parking lot before driving himself to Bee’s office.

After a pleasantly uneventful session, Andrew took his time getting to his car. Despite his lack of protest, he hadn’t had any real desire to go to the beach. It would just be hot, sandy, and miserable. Settling himself behind the wheel, he was about to leave when a notification popped up on his phone. It was just someone tweeting at him, which he didn’t usually care about enough to check since people were always tweeting at their team, but combined with his procrastination of joining the foxes at the beach, he went ahead and opened up the app.

The tweet he was tagged in read “OMG I THOUGHT HE WAS DATING @aminyard03?!?!” with a picture attached that gave Andrew pause. The photo appeared to be Neil kneeling over someone on the beach. It was hard to tell what was happening because it was taken from behind Neil, but Andrew would recognize that bright orange shirt anywhere. Whoever Neil was with, they were definitely close to be kissing. Hence the caption.

Andrew sighed and dropped his phone into the cup holder next to him.

Neil “doesn’t swing” Josten is going to get himself into trouble if he can’t keep people from taking his actions out of context, he thought. Brushing off the photograph, Andrew started up the car and made his way to the beach. Despite his nonchalant attitude toward the tweet, he couldn’t help but notice the way his body stiffened as he drove, his grip on the steering wheel steadily tightening, his teeth clenching.

By the time he parked at the beach, Andrew’s whole body was tense. He slipped his phone into his pocket and massaged his shoulder, cursing his body’s reaction.

The foxes weren’t hard to find. They were set up close to the stairs, by far the largest group there. The chairs were set up in a semicircle with a few towels laying out in front of them, occupied by Allison, Renee, and Nicky. There was an open chair between Neil and Aaron, with Kevin, Matt, and Dan on Neil’s other side, and Katelyn to Aaron’s right.

Andrew walked over and plopped down into the empty seat next to Neil, who hadn’t taken off his now-damp orange shirt and black armbands. Neil looked over at Andrew and his lips immediately blossomed into a small smile. Andrew felt the tension in his body start to drain. Mustering up his most apathetic expression, Andrew pulled the tweet from earlier up on his phone and wordlessly tossed it to Neil. Caught off guard, Neil almost dropped the phone in the sand.

Upon seeing the picture, the corner of Neil’s lip quirked upwards. Andrew side-eyed him and the corner of his own lip quirked downwards.

Of course Neil would be amused. The picture was obviously not what the fan made it out to be.

“Next time, don’t let your obsessed fans twist the story,” he said in an attempt to sound more annoyed than relieved, but Neil could see right through him.

“Do you want me to tell you the whole story?” Neil offered, trying to school his smirk back to neutral.

Andrew shrugged.

“Matt and I were swimming and a big wave came and knocked this unconscious guy into me,” Neil started, gesturing at the photo before tossing the phone back to Andrew. “Matt helped me carry him out, but the lifeguard wasn’t paying attention and Matt doesn’t know CPR, so I did it myself.”

Andrew glanced over at Neil again.

“What a hero,” he scoffed.

Neil’s smile softened.

Gazing at Andrew, he murmured, “I’d save you too.”

Andrew held his gaze, his bored expression unchanging.

You already have.

His eyes flicked down to Neil’s lips and back again.

“Yes or no?”

Neil looked around at the other foxes and raised a brow at Andrew, but none of their teammates were paying them any attention, so Andrew didn’t move. Neil’s smile didn’t fade as he leaned in further and murmured his affirmation against Andrew’s lips.

The kiss was short, but Andrew’s body finally relaxed as his lips pressed into Neil’s. Neil ran a feather-light touch down Andrew’s arm that might have made Andrew shiver had it not been so hot outside. When they split apart, Neil’s grin had only grown. Andrew huffed, but didn’t say anything about it.

Later that night, Andrew received yet another Twitter mention. He’d about had it with social media for the day, so he planned to delete the notification and head to bed. Then he noticed that it was from his cousin, which was never good. He could already feel the headache forming. Rubbing the bridge of his nose with a sigh, Andrew pulled up the app and read the tweet by @nickyhemmick, which said “ah, young love! @aminyard03 @neiljosten.” Attached was a picture of the kiss Andrew and Neil had shared on the beach.

Since Nicky had been sitting right in front of them, the quality was really clear. Andrew took a moment to appreciate how Neil’s lips were curled upward in a smile and how calm his own expression was. He saved the photo to his phone—not that he would ever tell Nicky that—and went to track down his cousin. He was still going to kill him.
Mogadishu truck bomb: 500 casualties in Somalia’s worst terrorist attack
By Jason Burke

At least 500 people are believed to have been killed or seriously injured in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia, in one of the most lethal terrorist acts anywhere in the world for many years.

The death toll from Saturday’s attack, which involved a truck packed with several hundred kilograms of military-grade and homemade explosives, stood at 239 on Sunday but is expected to rise as more bodies are dug from the rubble spread over an area hundreds of metres wide in the centre of the city. At least 300 people were injured, according to local reports.

Rescue workers on the ground said it would be difficult to establish a definitive death toll because the intense heat generated by the blast meant the remains of many people would never be found.

Please pray for Somalia.

Goodbye (Mike Wheeler x Reader)

Originally posted by scheggiadivetro

Request: Can you do a mike wheeler x reader regarding the following angst starter prompts “You love someone else other than me anyway.” and “I think this is where I should say goodbye.”? Have a nice day!

Authors note: I hope you enjoy this!!! Feedback is appreciated!!!

Moving was always hard, leaving the town you had so many memories in and people you loved. You had to start over in a new city, meet new people and make new memories. Today was the last day you had in Hawkins, the moving trucks had packed up all your things and your house was empty.

You and the party took one last trip to the arcade, playing your favorite games and just spending your time together. Even though you were laughing and having a good time, your heart still felt heavy and your eyes still filled with tears.

It hasn’t really hit you that you would probably never see your friends again, never be able to hug them or talk to them in person. You were moving to Colorado, your dad got a job offer that paid more money so he took it.

As you watched Dustin play the arcade game, you let your mind wander back to all the memories you shared with everyone. From the late night D&D tournaments to the sleepovers and movies nights, to making new friends and saving a girl, to falling in love with your best friend. You thought about Mike’s big brown eyes and his kind smile, his brave soul and open heart, his stubborn nature and his willingness to sacrifice himself for his friends.

Over the years you’ve known him, you always knew he was the one. You had falling in love with him through the late night conversations and fight interdimensional monsters, you would follow him to the ends of the earth if you could.

As the day was winding down to an end, the sun setting beautifully in the sky, you and the party left the arcade and headed to your home. Tears were flowing down Will and El’s cheeks, promising they would call you soon, Dustin and Lucas were arguing over god knows what, Max held you tight saying she was glad to have met you and Mike, oh Mike, he had the softest smile on his lips and tears were filling his eyes. The party gave the two of you some room to talk one last time.

“Im going to miss you Y/N.” Mike sniffled, trying to hold in his tears.

“Me too.” You could feel the stray tears falling down your cheeks. Mike took a small step closer to you, wiping at your cheeks.

“Stop crying, you’re going to make me cry.” Mike lets out a chuckle, blinking away his tears. You laugh too, leaning into Mike’s hand.

“I love you, ya know Y/N/N. You’re my best friend…” He whispers out, voice cracking slightly. You pull away from his hand, giving him a sad smile.

“Mike, I love you too. But you love someone else other than me.” You watch as his eyes hold a confused gaze, lips turning into a slight pout.

“I think this is where I should say goodbye.” You croake out, giving him one last kiss on the cheek. You walk away from him, waving goodbye to the party as you hop into your family car and drive away from Hawkins for good.

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anonymous asked:

camping trip in college!! the boys never camped back home and they're so excited to do such an "american" thing. would they love it? be terrible at it? over pack? under pack? go swimming in a lake? find some wildlife? would phichit be a glamper? what about hiking? or trying to fish? tent makeouts?? sharing a sleeping bag??? making hot cocoa and snuggling in front of the campfire????

Phichit says to Yuuri that he wants to try out as many “American” things as he can while they’re at school, and Yuuri is the one to suggest camping

They borrow a bunch of camping stuff from friends, including a truck

They absolutely over pack due to everyone’s favorite anxiety ball Yuuri

They greatly underestimate how annoying the bugs would be, especially because they picked a camping spot near a creek

Please picture Jock Yuuri with his biceps out carrying wood for a fire 😏

Despite neither of them ever making a campfire, Phichit is surprisingly good at starting them. He read about different log formations, “teepee” one being good for just a typical bonfire of smores and “log cabin/ platform” being good for cooking food, and has a knack for getting them lit quickly.

Phichit insists they make smores

They leave their phones in the truck so they don’t waste the charge and to have in case of emergencies. But they do bring a disposable camera for the novelty of it all. They both assume it’s going to be a little bit of a train wreck, so they want to document it if they can. Phichit gets some great shots of Mountain Man Yuuri attempting to spear fish and then fall into the water. Yuuri captures bead head Phichit and Phichit gets one of Yuuri with slightly curly hair since the humidity is so high.

Skinny dipping in the lake 😏👍

Phichit isn’t necessarily a glamper, but he really dislikes everything about feeling unclean. They stay there for a long weekend, and they can’t exactly shower when they’re there? (Aside from swimming) He hates how there’s always dirt under his fingernails and always feeling grime on his skin from dried sweat and just being out in the forest

Neither of them have the heart to kill any woodland animals so they bring all their food with them. They still try to fish for fun though.

Phichit SWEARS one night a turkey stuck its head in their tent while Yuuri was sleeping

One day while hiking, they pass a really cute family of deer with two adorable fawns. A different day they get chased by geese.

The first night, Phichit is cold and asks to snuggle up into Yuuri’s sleeping bag. They sleep just spooning like that. The next night it’s Yuuri who crawls into Phichit’s sleeping bag and kisses his neck until Phichit meets him with lips

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Can i ask for some bros helping their s/o out during a panic attack? Class has been stressing me out OTL ALSO i love love love you guys' writings! Thanks for the hard work ❤

My personal apologizes for the stressful classes, anon. I can totally relate to that 😳

With that said, I hope you can find a small means of escape through Leigh and I’s writing!

I’ve found that literature is a good way to step away from it all 💕


Song: “Beach Baby” by Bon Iver


You weren’t exactly sure what it had been to set you over the edge.

Between the extra shifts you had been picking up in between classes, the endless deadlines drawing near, and the stress of maintaning your relationship with the prince, you had been worked to the bone for what felt like an eternity.

Sure, you had been managing, what with can after can of energy drink and minimal eating to stay awake and get everything done.

But you can only manage for so long, and everybody has their tipping point.
A long awaited Friday night date with Noctis just so happened to be that tipping point.

You had been looking forward to it for weeks, your excited red scribbles of pen scrawling out each coming day on the calander, anxiously counting down.

Knowing how hard you’d been pushing yourself, all of the guys had chipped in to make this a special night.

Gladio and Prompto had offered to go on a hunt and score some extra Gil to pay for expensive ingredients, whilst Ignis had taken the role as chef to prepare the meal.

They wanted to make sure you didn’t lift a finger.

You felt like a princess, being taken care of by everybody to have a relaxing night with your boyfriend.

You should’ve been at ease, in the comfort of your and Noctis’ shared apartment, sitting across his smiling face illuminated only by the soft light of flickering tea candles.

But you weren’t.

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omg remember that time when the desert wolf (corinna?) came around and found malia trying to disconnect the tv things from the trucks, when the pack was playing the lacrosse charity game, and she immediately figured out that stiles was the one for malia? like even a character who was there for like 20 minutes knew, but oh wait, srydia is not fan service and it has been building up even since s1 PLEASE


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collab with @rapmoniepapi !! Go follow her for part 3!! actually follow her anyway shes dope af

the next part will be on her account, then switch back to me.

Summary; You’re friends with a group of trouble makers, ‘junkies’ as the town calls you. But one day… it gets all too much.

part one part two

Jin dropped me off at the bus stop, 5 minutes before the last bus came.

“Thank you, Jin,” I said smiling, “I’ll text you when I get home?”

“Please,” he responded, grabbing my hand, “are you sure you want to go home?”

 "Unfortunately, I have to,“ I responded, squeezing his hand, "I’ll see you tomorrow!" 

"Bye, (y/n)!” he yelled towards me as I shut the truck door. 

As I turned, I heard his slowly pull out and onto the street. As I neared the bus stop, I saw someone else sitting there. He looked mysterious and cold, his black hair was shining, with the sun setting, and him and his all black outfit didn’t help with me thinking he’s closed off. As I sat down next to him, I saw his head snap up, and him sniff the air. 

“You smoke?” he asked, his head tilting, a slight smirk on his face.

“Let me guess, I smell like it?” I asked, sighing, “My parents are gonna kill me. Great." 

"I got some cologne, if you wanna use it,” he held up his backpack, “I smoke, too. I always bring it with me to mask the smell,” he set his backpack back down, opened up and handed it to me, “here." 

"You are such a blessing to me right now, you don’t even know,” I grabbed the bottle from his hands, spraying it a few times on me, and handing it back to him, “thank you.”

“Of course, cutie. I try and help other smokers not get in trouble,” he said, chucking, “I know the pain of it," 

"How do y-” I got cut off by the bus pulling up, and as the doors open he stood up, along side me, stood back a second, and let me go on first. 

“Thanks, cutie,” I said, winking, and I got to see him blush. 

Score for me.


The bus ride was not long enough, as I dreaded getting off the bus, but unfortunately, as I got off the bus and started walking towards my home, I could just feel the negativity already. 

‘You can do this, (y/n), you’ll be okay.’ I thought to myself as I took a deep breath, walking into my house. 

“WHERE THE FUCK HAVE YOU BEEN? HAVE YOU BEEN WITH THOSE HOOLIGANS AGAIN?” my mother screamed as soon as the door shut. 

“You don’t need to know my business,” I snapped back at her, “not like you care,” I said, muttering the last part. 

“What did you say to me?!” she yelled again, yet this time, she raised her voice even more, starting to scare me even more, although, I remained silent, and stood still. 

“Answer your mother!” Oh, great. My dad is in on this now, I’m not getting out of this one without a fight. 

“I said, Not. Like. You. Care.” I said, basically spitting every word at her.

“Of course I don’t! You smoke! You drink! You hang out with those hooligans all the time! You’ve become a disappointment to this family.” She said, rolling her eyes.

I felt my heart and stomach drop. I knew I was a little messed up, everyone is, but I didn’t know she hated me to this extent. It felt as it I couldn’t breathe and I needed to get out. I started jogging towards our glass door we keep in the back, and I felt my dad push me into it and it shattered. He’s never gotten violent with me before, and not only did he make me feel embarrassed, but I felt pain, and humiliation as I heard them laugh at me. I picked myself up, and ran to my room, crying. I pulled out my phone, fumbling as I did so, and pulling up Namjoon’s phone number. 

“Yo (y/n), you miss us already?” He said, his voice cheerful as ever, and all I could get out were choked sobs of, “Namjoon,” and “Help, please." 

"Stay where you are, and stay on the phone with me, okay baby? Calm down, Jin hyung, Hoseok hyung and I are running to the truck. Are you home?” He ask, his voice now having worry, but I detected a slight underlying of anger. 

“Yes, I a- oh my god.” I said, looking at my hand, another choked sob coming through. 

“(Y/n)? What is it? (Y/n)?” He said, and I heard a slight, “Step on it, hyung." 

"I’m bleeding, oh my god, he- he-” I stammered, trying to catch my breath but just to start crying again. 

“What did he do?” I heard the anger more evident in his voice now. 

“He pushed me into our glass door, and it shattered and I’m bleeding, oh my god.” I said, my voice hitching. 

“(Y/n). We’re here, Jin hyung is gonna come get you, and bring you to the truck. Hoseok hyung gonna pack your stuff, and I’m gonna have a little chat with your parents.” He said, hanging up.