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Gordon Murray designs world’s first flat-pack vehicle to send aid to remote areas

A two-wheel drive off-road van made from plywood, the Ox is aimed at remote areas of the world like Africa, where transporting food, equipment and other supplies over rough terrain is difficult.

The body parts, seats and windscreen are all flat and fit into the same box, and Murray says that it’s simple enough that a team of three non-experts can fully assemble an Ox in less than 12 hours.

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who would win

Ambulance stats:

  • electrical defibrillators
  • various weaponized medical equipment
  • ability to heal itself
  • lighter, more easily maneuverable
  • more calls per day so more XP

Fire truck stats:

  • water cannon
  • pack of spotted dogs
  • steel armor
  • small arms weaponry (axes, crowbars)
  • the color red

DFTBA is moving warehouses, again… on to bigger and better things! But before we pack the truck up again, we need to get rid of the thousands upon thousands of shirts we have sitting around the warehouse (because no one wants to move all those shirts again, and that means a great deal for you guys).

So, until everything is sold out, all Gildan fabric shirts (the vast majority of our shirts) are on sale for $10 each! That’s, like, half price for most of these.

We hope to sell every shirt we have in stock on Gildan fabric before we move in two weeks. So head over to now and pick up some of the shirts you’ve been wanting while they’re only $10. It is very unlikely we will ever run a sale like this again, as this is our first site-wide sale of this kind in the five years we’ve been operating.

This is a pretty big deal.

*Please note this sale does not include American Apparel shirts from Charles Trippy, the HPA, or Rhett & Link. This sale is limited to Gildan fabric shirts, which represent the majority of the shirts carried by DFTBA.


Pigs, like dogs, cannot sweat, and must rely on panting to cool themselves down when they cannot escape the heat. This is why leaving a dog in a warm car can become an emergency so fast (although it is of course dangerous for anyone on a hot day). #thesavemovement started giving water to the pigs regularly during vigils after being appalled at seeing the many babies trapped in the slaughtertrucks suffering and dying of heat-stroke during a particularly bad heat-wave in an extra hot Toronto summer. This video was taken on August 4th where it was above 30C, a temperature that would feel that much hotter inside a packed, metal truck. Perhaps less of the pigs would experience this specific kind of pain if they had access to water while on the trucks, but all farmed animals, no matter what the weather, are driven days without food, water, or even rest. So when the pigs see that we have water, even on a cool day, they all clamour to get as close as possible. And on a hot day, their desperation is horrific to watch, as they all try their hardest just to be able to lick the water off the sides of the truck (although amazingly they never fight each other over it, whereas I know many humyns who would trample each other for lesser reasons); we try and provide water to those who appear in the worst shape; on this day one pig drank three water-bottles-full and still wanted more, but have only minutes before we are forced to move, and they are off to the gas-chambers. Picturing the ones that we couldn’t reach is one of the hardest parts of attending a vigil. But as the movement gets bigger, we can give more pigs the water and love they deserve, and by sharing their stories and showing people they matter, we can change the way us humyns think, until eventually there are no more sad, baby pigs that need our help. Get involved in making this future arrive sooner rather than later by joining a vigil, or starting a new Save group in your area (visit for information), and most importantly, by living vegan!
#govegan #adorableanimals #love #showcompassion #animals #dog #food #diet #foodie #restaurant #animalrights #animalliberation #peace #ecofeminism #speciesism

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southeastern virginia gothic
  • there isnt a day that goes past that you dont pass by a person in a navy uniform. no one ever seems questions why the uniforms are a century out of date.
  • old houses line the streets in various states of disuse. sometimes, out of the corner of your eye, you see women dressed in blood stained white aprons standing in the windows. when you turn your head, theres nothing.
  • you are in the wal-mart parking lot, packing away bags, when teenage boys streak past in their rusty pick-up, the red, white, and blue of the confederate flag waving frantically in the wind. you notice the rifles in their truck and pack faster.
  • you can hardly drive a mile without passing by a church. there is always a cheerfully bright 7-11 in between them, with blank faced and blank eyed customers filling their cars or sipping on slurpees.
  • at night, when you are trying to sleep, you hear the sound of a train on tracks. you once looked up how far the sound of a train is supposed to travel and find it to be 3 miles. you live 10 away from the closest set of tracks.
  • in the summer, there are people on the roadside selling homegrown fruits and vegetables out of the backs of their trucks. you notice their dark, hungry looks and drive faster.
  • you go to the boardwalk, once and only once. it had been a good until you noticed that not every one who went into the water came back out. you ask a girl in bright clothes what the floating things are. she smiles and says “oh, those are just weeds. nothing to worry about.” you leave immediately and never come back.
  • day after day, jets fly overhead. they shake everything; your house, the windows, your very bones. you spend a whole, cloudless day watching for it, only for it to never appear. though its not there, the hum rattles your bones enough for one to fracture. you no longer question it.

practice-safe-hex  asked:

Riley had enough time to change out of his sweaty uniform and into cargo shorts and a tank top; he didn't really want to distract Tanner with his sweaty body while they were supposed to be getting ready to leave. His truck was already packed, just waiting for Tanner and anything he wanted to bring. "Hey," he caught up with his boyfriend and grinned. "Ready to go?"

Tanner turned around as he was done filling the cooler with food and sandwiches. “yeah… I’m so excited.”

things we know about sv!lois
  • favorite band is white snake
  • has a weekly poker game with her police contacts
  • grew up all around the world
  • the only fucking college student to be kicked out for drinking
  • once told dr. fate his helmet was nice and he said thank you (this slays me ok)
  • fought off her dad’s swat team WHO CAME AFTER HER WITH A HELICOPTER
  • and won
  • (ok she had clark’s help but STILLLL SHE FOUGHT THEM OFF WITH HER BARE HANDS lol)
  • succesfully blackmailed tess (who tried to kill her the last time they met) into giving her her job back
  • dug up chloe’s grave JUST to make sure clark was right about it being empty
  • started smoking when she was 14 and quit when she was 19
  • is left handed
  • amanda waller went to lois with classified information to publish because she respected lois’s work
  • was told as a teenager she’d marry a guy who liked to fly and wear red capes
imagine the marauders taking Harry to 9 3/4
  • Lily: you have everything?
  • James: of course he does I helped him pack his trunk
  • Lily: that's why I'm asking.
  • Sirius: don't forget about girls, especially the ones in your own house.
  • Remus: *just rolling his eyes at everything Sirius has to say before telling him to do his best in subjects*
  • Harry: *gets on the train*
  • James: I'm not gonna cry, I'm not gone cry, excuse me *leaves*
  • Lily: nerd
  • Sirius: *starting to cry because Harry's left and James is crying* I'm going to check on my manly friend.

APPARENTLY THEY DON’T TEACH ABOUT OKLAHOMA BOMBING IN SCHOOLS   Timothy McVeigh’s anti-government resistance is today the mainstream ideology in Republican party

On April 19, 1995, a pair of former U.S. Army soldiers parked a rented Ryder truck packed with explosives outside a federal building in Oklahoma City. The blast killed 168 people and injured more than 500 others, and the attack is the worst homegrown terror attack on American soil.
The bombing came only two years after the first attack on the World Trade Center.
Former U.S. soldier Timothy McVeigh was convicted on 11 counts of murder, conspiracy and using a weapon of mass destruction in the blast, and was later executed. The other ex-soldier, Terry Nichols, was convicted on similar charges and sentenced to life without parole, because the jury deadlocked on the death penalty. The two were motivated by contempt for government, the hatred sharpened by the 1993 federal raid on the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas

What I need..

I just want to escape this town.
I want to get a truck.
Pack everything I can in it..
Drive to a town I’d be happy..
And stay… Away from this stupid place.
Somewhere my happiness might count.
Somewhere I could be real and it count.
Somewhere I might be recognized.

One unhappy guy.

Raleigh/Durham | The Road Trip

We’re on a cross-country road trip to take pics for our upcoming cookbook!

You guys. Raleigh and Durham quite literally brought out the welcome wagon for us. With six food trucks packed into one day, this was one of the busiest cities on our schedule. So imagine our surprise when hearing the food truck owners had banded together and decided to drive to us! Instead of navigating and parking in an unfamiliar city, food trucks pulled into the parking lot of the Durham’s Department of Human Services every hour like clockwork, ready to cook, chat, and smile for our cameras. And, without fail, every single food truck owner lavished praise on at least one, if not all, of the other chefs we were about to meet. It was an incredibly touching example of solidarity we haven’t seen before or since on this trip, not just amongst food truck owners, but with the city itself. You know a community has got it together when the Department of Human Services (an entity that, in other cities, isn’t a resource so much as a dispenser of red tape and arbitrary rules) lends their parking lot for a food truck gathering. Very impressive, Raleigh and Durham!

A huge thank you to the food trucks who rearranged their day to come out and meet us:

Barone Meatball Company: Stephen Dewey brought his entire family out (even his mom!) to show off his moist, flavor-intense gourmet meatballs. And who says you need meat for a good meatball? His Black Bean and Corn Balls held their own alongside his more traditional offerings.

American Meltdown: We heard Paul and Alycia Inserra referred to by several other owners as the nicest people in the business. We have to agree. These former New Yorkers warmed us up with friendly conversation and some incredible grilled cheese sandwiches, like the Beer n’ Bacon Melt.

CJ’s Street Food: Mark Thomas credits the Mission St. Cookbook and David Chang’s Momofuku Cookbook for his playful, versatile approach to Asian cooking. “You know what, they took a chance,” he says. “If they’re playing with their food, I can play with mine.” Judging by the way he was immediately trading food with other chefs the moment he arrived, his risk paid off.

Porchetta: Nicholas Crosson and Matthew Hayden know their way around a pork shoulder. And they should, they go through at least four a shift. Crusted in rosemary, these beautifully tender cuts of meat make for some juicy, delicious sandwiches. You can’t miss their truck. The artwork is as stunning as their food.

Café Prost: A special thanks to Stephan Bayer for giving us hands-on experience in rolling and twisting our very own pretzels. It gave us a new appreciation for the hundreds he goes through in a day. There’s nothing like a hand-rolled, fresh-baked pretzel, trust us.

Deli-icious: The first thing we noticed stepping into Deli-icous with Susan Tower and Ty Parker was the smell of fresh vegetables. Which is kind of Susan’s calling card. Everything that goes into her dishes is fresh and vibrant. She rightfully calls her Watermelon Gazpacho a “garden in your mouth.”

Pie Pushers: Due to timing, Mike and Becky Hacker got an entire day to themselves. We ended up meeting in their serene, wooded backyard right before a winter storm swooped in. The first thing we noticed upon entering their trailer: the gigantic pizza oven. The oven may clock their trailer in at 8,000 lbs, but it makes a beautiful pizza with a crispy, yet fluffy, crust.

It was such a treat meeting everyone! We ended up staying in North Carolina an extra day due to icy roads and general winter mayhem, but we were still sorry to leave. Especially when hospitable folks like Derek and Claudia Toomes are letting us camp out in their home. Thank you Derek and Claudia for the homemade breakfasts, the ready cocktails, and your wonderful company. Next up: the Nation’s Capital!