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Squabble - [EXO] Chanyeol!Au

[A/N] Been awhile since I’ve written the bae of all baes. This is how I talk to my 5′9″ BFF, he just texted me, awhile ago after one year of avoiding each other. LOL  /it’s complicated/ guess he missed me and finally snapped. /he will never admit that/

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There is a lot kinds of presentable Chanyeol. There’s the specks Chanyeol, the sleepy Chanyeol, the bad boy Chanyeol, and striped Chanyeol.

But the best Chanyeol of all Chanyeol, had to be the needy and astoundingly confused, Chanyeol–who is making his way to you. About an hour ago.

You slapped your phone to your ear and heard a dial tone. “Dude. Where are you?” You hisses, frowning at the passing cars, lorries and trucks. Some motorcyclist whistled at you and you took the que to back away from the main road. “To be honest with you…” he sighed heavily, “I’m not sure.”

You clenched your jaws and shut your eyes. “Have you ever been on a bus before?”

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