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boxpolice  asked:

For the headcanon asks, I wasn't sure if you wanted it for OC's or for characters, so I thought I'd do a mix. :) 12 and 15 for Vivienne, and 17 and 18 for Eurydice.

Ah, it could have been either/or. I don’t mind either way and thank you for sending them!


12. Jewelry headcanon

Vivienne is the type of person who buys literal trucks of jewelry but sparingly wears any of it. Let’s not kind ourselves, she could wear any type of metal or gem and it would be amazing but she’s simply uninterested in adorning herself. First, too much jewelry is tacky and while many nobles might weigh themselves down with trinket after trinket, Vivienne is well aware that the best statement one can make is to wear one stunning piece of jewelry and let people gawk at it. Second, jewelry can hinder one’s ability to work. Too many clunky rings could distract during a spell or a necklace could get caught on something while she fights. She doesn’t have the time to appear incapable because of a jewelry malfunction.

All that and, of course, Vivienne doesn’t need too much jewelry. I mean look at her. Case closed.

15. Singing headcanon

She knows a few songs from her younger days but it’s not as if you’ll ever hear them. Her singing voice is soft and it demands attention even when it cracks but, again, you won’t ever here that. Only a select few have ever heard her sing in the dead of night and all those poor dears? They died–not because she killed them but because she couldn’t save them and this was the only comfort she could have ever offered them. 

But you’ll never hear that either. 


17. Soft spot headcanon

She has two soft spots: animals and her baby sister, Aegle. Nothing else has been able to consistently get hugs, smiles, and laughter from Eurydice. I repeat, animals and Aegle make Eurydice laugh. Do you understand what a miracle that is. Eurydice doesn’t laugh, she stares at something with a arched eyebrow, shrugs, and says ‘amusing’. 


18. Favorite possession headcanon

I was trying to rack my brain for something better but, nope, the only thing I can come up with is Cullen’s coin. People don’t give things to Eurydice–they usually don’t see a point to because her responses are so ‘lackluster’ to them. Anything her siblings gave her, like flowers or drawings, were liable to get lost or die because of their life style. Anyone who gave her something either had a motive underneath or she didn’t care enough about their gift to consider what it might mean.

Then Cullen springs up and he gives her this super important thing–like it’s a piece of him in her hand and she can almost feel his heart beat in it. This coin has been every where with him, it stayed with him while he was tormented and shredded apart. He trusts her with it. Eurydice can’t bear the thought of it ever leaving her. As soon as she gets a chance, she makes a chain for the coin and wears it proudly around her neck. When Cullen’s not there to lead to clarity, that coin is and she’s never letting it go.