truck guy

I went to the farmer’s market yesterday and at the honey guy’s booth and there were all these bees just hangin out.  Checking out the beeswax tabs, floating around the honey jars, not being aggressive, just really gentle and investigating or something

and as he was giving me a sample of the wildflower honey one of them landed on his hand and he just took a drop from the jar and dabbed it on his hand for the bee, and when I asked if they were his bees he said “No, but they show up every time I come out, I think they just know my truck” and this guy is well-known among the local bees and lets them sit on his hand and eat his honey and I just really like the bee guy


“All the money I had saved up from working in corporate America, I invested in the food truck, I gave the guy my whole life savings. As we were driving home, things started going wrong with the food truck. My head gasket blew out on me. The transmission went out. Stick shift went out, Generators went out. A friend of mine put it on social media and then people started coming.”

- Gregoire Tillery, founder of We Dat’s Chicken and Shrimp, the only African-American owned business on Canal Street.

Interview with the owner Gregoire here

The Kawaii Creations of Small Business Owner Truck Torrence

This post is in celebration of National Small Business Week in the US.

“If you like cute junk, I’m your guy, ” says Truck Torrence (@100soft), a “kawaii” (cute) pop artist based in Los Angeles. His company’s name, 100% Soft, comes from how he sees his art: “I really love being able to take something, whether it’s a person, character or food, and distill it down to its basic core elements that make it both recognizable and really cute.” Before dedicating 100% of his energy to 100% Soft, Truck was a graphic designer and web developer in the music industry. “It wasn’t until another artist friend of mine encouraged me to make my Instagram account public and share more art that I started to take it more seriously and see that I could actually maybe do something bigger.”


This is the greatest fucking thing I’ve ever seen.


Lucas Till’s Q&A with Bay Area HQ on Monster Trucks (which is now available on DVD), Taylor Swift’s You Belong With Me video and MacGyver.

BTS - Spine Breaker Mv


  1. Director - Kim Namjoon
  2. Assistant Director - Jung Hoseok
  3. Dance Director / Stylist - Kim Seokjin
  4. Camera - Jeon Jeongguk
  5. Food Truck Guy - Min Yoongi
  6. Mental Carer - Kim Taehyung
  7. Luggage Man - Park Jimin

Everyone is in the MV.

Highlights of the MV

  • Filmed in the Hotel in Chile in which our beloved crew was staying.
  • Yoongi emerges from behind suitcases.
  • Jimin rich man. Taeyhung somehow poor???
  • Jimin tucked in bed with high-tech shades.
  • Taehyung swag,on the floor…
  • Namjoon goes in and out of an elevator. Hopefully does not break the elevator button.
  • Group shots in the restaurant, elevator and in front of a mirror.
  • Pearly jacket from BS&T performance (WHERE ARE THEIR MANAGERS)
  • EatJin
  • Sassy Jeon drinking water
  • Hoseok in washroom, rapping, with shades, and possible tummy issues.
  • Spine Breaker Chicken Dance.

Behind the scenes

  • Praising ARMY
  • Jungkook’s high pitched giggles
  • Choreographer Jin creating chicken dance.
  • Happy square dance.
  • Namjin bumping while dancing feat. lone Jeon
  • Just Shoot Anywhere.
  • The hotel probably baffled by whatever is going on.
  • Everyone is Derping


Lots of love to all the dorks.

Strong Power Thank You.

Lightning Bolt Soulmate!Barry Allen x Reader Part Four

Fandom: The Flash

Characters: Barry Allen, Reader, Caitlin, Cisco

Word Count: 795

A/N: I know it’s been a long time and hopefully you guys don’t hate me after the long wait, but finally, here is part four.

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four

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If you are comfortable telling someone to ‘kill themselves,’ you desperately need to take a step back and take a look at yourself. You’re okay with someone dying by your words. You’re okay with being a murderer.

You’re okay with killing someone.

[Which yes, by the way, if you tell someone to kill themselves, and they do, you can and will be convicted of murder. Look it up.]
If that doesn’t bother you, you need to get the fuck away from me and other people and seek therapy.

Your actions and words have consequences.

Taste your words before you spit them at others.

And to those of you who receive these kinds of messages, because I know I have followers who do, let me let you in on a little secret.

Ignore them. Do it. Completely 100% ignore them. You know how your parents might have told you this when you were younger? It’s true. Psychologically, these people get bored of someone who isn’t feeding them with responses, so the best thing you can do is just delete their messages, and move on. [Also BLOCK THE ANON! This will block their entire IP address so they can’t make new blogs to harass you! This will also show you their blog name if they had a blog!]

Because this does something huge: It takes away their control. Yes, every time you respond to anon hate or KYS [kill yourself] anons, you are handing them a little bit of control over you. Don’t let them have that. They’re just sad people behind a computer. They cannot hurt you unless you let them. I know their words hurt.
I do.
But you can’t let them have that power over you. It’s as easy as deleting them, blocking them, not responding. They will move along, dissatisfied they couldn’t get to you.

Keep on trucking, guys. And please, even if you doubt that’d work… try it. Try it for me. And give it time.

Please feel free to reblog this, and spread it around. It needs to be heard and it needs to be seen.